May 25, 2022

10 virtual book clubs to join now

Written by Jordan Garafola
Book clubs have long been a favorite event for readers to attend and discuss their favorite books with local readers. With the majority of 2020 now locked out, like many social events, book clubs have had to jump into the digital space to keep operating.

However, online book clubs are not a new concept to many, with some very popular virtual clubs developing before the closings. Although there are famous celebrity clubs like Oprah’s Book Club 2.0, Reese’s Book Club or Read With Jenna, many readers have already banded together and created their own clubs on various online platforms.

If you’re up for some bookish talk from the comfort of your couch, but want the personal touch of your local club, then rest assured, as we’ve rounded up 10 established virtual book clubs that you need to join now!

1. Various thorns

Diverse Spines is a monthly book club that highlights the literature of black women and women of color. The Instagram page is filled with book recommendations, author discussions, and highlights. A one-year reading challenge is also offered!

Founded by Jamise Harper @spinesvines in 2018
Or: Instagram #diverse
When: Bio updated with the date of discussion, with messages for the discussion.
Current reading: July 2020 “Americanah” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Join to: Follow the page and sign up every month.

2. EnbyBookClub

Enby Book Club promotes “reading beyond binary” and supports non-binary creators. This club is dedicated to the stories of non-binary / genre protagonists, giving recommendations for representation. With guest hosts for monthly book discussions and readings.

Founded by Jesse @bowtiesandbooks in 2019
Or: Instagram
When: Check the biography and publications for updates
Current reading: July 2020 “No Man of Woman Born” by Ana Mardoll
Join to: Follow the page and subscribe to the publications for the latest reading.

3. BookofCinz Reading Club

Book of Cinz Book Club (aka Read Caribbean) was established to promote awareness of Caribbean literature and authors. The club meets in person (Trinidad and Tobago) and online, via Zoom.

Founded by Cindy Allman @bookofcinz in 2019
Or: #ReadCaribbean Book Club
When: Zoom on the last Tuesday of each month
Current reading: July 2020 “Where there are monsters” by Breanne Mc Ivor
Join to: Visit the site and subscribe to the newsletter

4. #spivysbookclub

This club mainly takes place in the Facebook group to accommodate their many members, and is now a hub for all things books. Find chat choices and messages using Group Topics, Frequent Discussions with Authors, and Takeovers.

Founded by Ashley Spivey @ashleyspivy in 2019
Or: Facebook
When: Monthly and several books
Current reading: Harriet Walker’s “The New Girl”
Join to: Join the group and read

5. Femi.books

An international feminist book club that reads all feminist books, including fiction, non-fiction, new releases and classics.

Founded by Lisa @ femi.books in 2020
Or: Instagram chats via Slack #femibooksclub
When: Every 6 weeks
Current reading: July 2020 “The color purple” by Alice Walker
Join to: DM page for more details to join the chat via Slack

6. The democracy of the book

Hosted primarily in the public Facebook group, The Book Democracy is an active monthly book club, where members vote the books, and there are lively challenges and contests with prizes.

Founded in 2018
Or: Facebook group
When: Monthly, survey results published monthly
Current reading: June 2020 “The Sundown Motel” by Simone St Hames and “Beach Read” by Emily Henry
Join to: Join the Facebook group and start reading!

7. Let’s read Rant Repeat

Let’s Read, Rant, Repeat Book Club is a monthly club organized by two passionate readers. The books are still fiction but vary monthly by genre, release date, and author. Readers join group chat and discuss books on live chat.

Founded by Allie @ Speakingof_books & Jordan @readwithwine in 2019
Or: Instagram #letsreadrantrepeat
When: The 3rd Sunday of each month on IG Live.
Current reading: July 2020 “The Mothers” by Brit Brennett
Join to: Follow the page and subscribe every month

8. The Stacks Book Club

The Stacks podcast is a book podcast and hosts a book club every two weeks. Book choices are announced and then discussed with a guest host in the podcast. The accompanying Instagram posts are a great place for readers to leave their thoughts on the book.

See also

Book club started in 2018
Or: #Thestacksbookclub stacks
When: Every two weeks the website has details.
Current reading: July 2020 “Breathe: A Letter to My Sons” by Imani Perry
Join to: Subscribe to the podcast!

9. The Women Who Read Podcast

The Reading Women podcast aims to “take back half the library” by promoting literature by and about women. In addition to running a free podcast with book discussions and author Q&A: The Reading Women hosts an annual Reading Challenge & Book Awards.

Their book club is hosted quarterly for podcast patrons, via Google Hangouts.
Or: Reading women
When: Hosted quarterly for patrons
Current reading: Q2 2020 “Nevermoor” by Jessica Townsend
Join to: Become a boss, check the website for details.

10. Audiobook Club

A new virtual club,, launched in April of this year, choosing a new audiobook for reading and discussion. sales support local independent stores in their audiobook sales partners with a well-known book review that hosts buddy reading, discussion post, and video posts for the audiobook.
Or: Instagram #LibrofmAudiobookClub
When: Advertised on their IG page and blog post every month
Current reading: July 2020 “The groom will keep his name” by Matt Ortile
Join to: Follow their page and subscribe to the post every month.

And finally, a special mention goes to The Last Bookstore – typically hosting several book clubs per month on their premises, they’ve gone online for the pandemic. While this may only be a temporary measure, the number of inclusive and specific clubs is hard to ignore.

The last bookstore

  1. The Thing in the Labyrinth Horror Book Club
  2. Queer book club
  3. Book Club Ficcion In Spanish
  4. The Afrofuturism Book Club
  5. Feminist Book Club
  6. Gothic book club

Check out their website’s events page for more details and check out the range of clubs!

Can’t find a club that matches your reading interests? Now is the perfect time to start yours! Unlike local clubs which require time and members with similar interests, online book clubs are the perfect way to connect with like-minded readers from anywhere in the world.

As we move into a new month, now is a great time to join an online book club!

Do you have any other recommendations? Tell us in the comments below!