25 Unique Ways To Incorporate Greenery In Your Wedding Decor

Flowers are among the most important details when it comes to decorating your wedding, but going green is a tasteful and versatile alternative that will make a huge statement. Putting some greenery in your wedding decor still allows you to bring the outdoors indoors, but instead of vivid and overwhelming hues, the natural hue creates a classic, crisp and clean look.

From eucalyptus and ferns to ivy and succulents, the choices are limitless. Playing with greenery gives you the ability to add dimension, texture, and shape to your nuptials. Whether you exchange vows in front of a vine-covered archway, dine at tables draped in garlands, or serve a cake topped with fresh leaves, garden-style decorations will enhance every part of your big day.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a glam, bohemian, tropical or modern wedding; lush greens are a gorgeous addition to any theme. There is also a lot of room for creativity when it comes to selecting how much greenery you want to include. Keep it simple with a few branches or go for a hanging greenery installation. You can also explore the seasonal options depending on the time of year you are getting married. Think fragrant pine for cold weather and eye-catching monstera leaves for balmy temperatures.

Not only is this verdant plant a stunning decoration, it is also an economical option. Greenery is usually sold in bundles, while flowers are sold by the stalk. Example: you get more for your money. And, since greenery spans your entire space, you’ll have a powerful impact for less money. If you’re looking for ways to turn all heads without breaking the bank, these new greenery ideas won’t disappoint.

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