November 25, 2022

5 Things to Look for in a Good Publisher : New Book Authors Publishing

Championship Rounds, Round 2 by Bernard Fernandez

Rebranding Remy Reilly by Jackie Campbell

Rebranding Remy Reilly by Jackie Campbell

Justifying Shakespeare: A Theater Manager's Study of William Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.

Justifying Shakespeare: A Theater Manager’s Study of William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

5 Things to Look for in a Good Publisher : New Book Authors Publishing

New Book Authors Publishing – A publishing house for serious authors.

— Authors edition of new books

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 7, 2022 / — For authors who have always dreamed of publishing a children’s book, a single page of text can be edited and formatted into a colorful 24-page children’s fiction with illustrations. To write a children’s book, an author will need a wonderful idea, great characters, and a message that children will embrace and love. The next step is a great editor.

Whether a writer has dreamed of publishing a fictional novel, self-help or inspirational book, cookbook, textbook, philosophy or politics, there is no better time than the there for authors and writers to share their ideas, and not just on social media. media or in the comment section of a blog or news story where an idea may receive a fleeting glance or be shared thousands of times, and attributed to the public domain. Social media comes and goes (think Myspace, Friendster, Vine and other platforms), but a book is forever.

Authors love working with the authors of new books because…

1. Editors and publishers go above and beyond to create a beautiful book.
2. Publishers understand that each author and book is unique.
3. The editorial team really enjoys working with authors.
4. The publishing team understands the importance of good marketing.
5. No call centers, inexperienced customer service reps, impersonal “author kits,” infomercials, or 800 numbers. Editors and publishers know each author by name. Authors will always communicate with a member of the publishing team who can always answer questions related to the publication.

Publication of authors of new books does not only publish authors whose goal is to become a best-selling, top-selling or even a mid-level author. For many authors, the goal isn’t always a spot at the top of a bestseller list. Some authors have written books for loved ones, to document family or personal legacies, or simply to document important lessons or information for future generations. New Book Authors publishes authors from all walks of life as well as people with different goals, ambitions and dreams.

Once a submitted manuscript is approved and the process begins, New Book Authors Publishing will format, edit the manuscript for errors, and design the book’s layout and cover. New Book Authors will publish the manuscript in paperback and e-book form (hardcover option is available) and distribute it widely to major book retailers like Amazon Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Walmart, etc. . New Book Authors is a full-service publisher. Authors of new books will actively market the book to the public for interested authors through the marketing program. New Book Writers will also help authors establish a footprint and understand the business of book publishing. Authors retain 100% of their publishing and distribution rights and also retain 100% ownership of their copyrights. Authors will be able to view their sales in real time via their author dashboard. New book authors will also submit books to the Library of Congress for a Library of Congress control number.

Be careful:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…not so much when predatory publishers copy content and use it in their advertisements to entice or trick authors into thinking they are publishing a book with New Book Authors Publishing. When visiting the website, please look for the following in the web address: ,, If it doesn’t say “Authors of new books”, be careful when clicking on those links to avoid phishing websites that look like publishing new book authors in their web ads on Google, Bing, and Google. other search engines. Search


New Book Authors Publishing accepts manuscripts. When submitting a manuscript, please submit a final draft. New Book Authors does not accept incomplete or unfinished manuscripts. If the manuscript is accepted and the process begins, authors of new books will review and correct errors and typos before the manuscript is published. However, New Book Authors is the last pair of eyes that should see the manuscript before it goes to print, so authors are expected to have read and edited their manuscripts to the best of their abilities before submitting them and should submit their best work.

New Book Authors reserves the right to reject manuscripts which may require a large number of corrections or which are not at the appropriate stage to begin the publication process. Please review the entire website before submitting a manuscript.

Questions? Fill out the form on the Publish now page and someone will respond immediately. Readers can find books published by New Book Authors Publishing at Explore the Authors Magazine @

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