November 25, 2022

9 online book clubs to join now

Yes, that’s right, online book clubs are a thing. As the world increasingly seeks online entertainment – from online garden tours and outings to virtual choirs – it’s no surprise that book clubs have also had to adapt, bringing the shared joy of reading from pubs and community centers to our own, separate, lounges.

Books have the unique power to absorb, distract and entertain. They are always there to lean on, to escape and to unite.

And since the start of containment, their popularity has only increased. A survey by The Reading Agency showed that one in three people in the UK have been reading more since the start of the lockout.

While reading itself can be a solitary activity, there’s no denying the joy that comes from sharing our reactions to a good, or even a bad book. So, with that in mind, here’s our pick of the best online book clubs you can join. Happy reading, bookworms!

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Reese’s Book Club

With over 1.5 million Instagram followers, Reese Witherspoon’s one and only online book club provides monthly suggestions for manageable engagement, perfect for bookworms with busy lives. Each month, Reese chooses a book she likes with a woman at the center.


Enlightened team of ladies

Originally based in London, this all-female book group migrated to Instagram, where it became an “isolated book club”. Sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest information about the event, in the form of old and new book recommendations.


The Guardian Reading Group

Send your reading suggestions to reader and editor, Sam Jordison, and on the first Tuesday of each month he will host an online discussion, explaining the story of the chosen book, answering questions and even hosting live chats with the reader. ‘author. The titles chosen are extremely varied – from the classics of Charles Dickens to the comic writing of Nina Stibbe.


Oprah’s Book Club

The American powerhouse is arguably the reigning queen of digital book clubs. Oprah has been gathering readers online since 1996, which means there’s a brilliant catalog to browse!


London Lounge

The London Salon Book Club LIVE is what it says on the box. Sign up to enjoy a book club discussion with the author himself during a live Q&A event. Future authors include Juno Dawson, Sir Bob Geldof and Rachel Joyce – and many more!


OKHA online

Billed as “the black and queer book club,” OKHA events and discussions focus on literature, poetry and plays by black, African, Caribbean, Afro-Latin, trans, queer writers. and not binary. While the coronavirus means the group is currently unable to meet in person, their online presence is thriving, with book recommendations and live Q&As with authors.


Our shared shelf

Founded by Emma Watson, this Instagram community focuses on intersectional feminist literature. As Emma herself pulled out of the group earlier this year, the hashtag #ourssharedshelf is going strong for heated and heated discussions.


Good reads

If you’re not yet familiar with the online book lover‘s paradise that is Goodreads, where have you been? The site has a huge range of book groups to join. Just go to the homepage, click Best for Book Clubs, then Community, then Groups, and a whole new world awaits.


Good Housekeeping Book Bedroom

Well, we couldn’t not mention our own book group, could we? Every month we choose a book, discuss it in our lively Facebook reading group – and even give away free copies. With constant reading discussions, recommendations, and a friendly, inclusive community, if you love reading and GH, this group is for you!


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