Addison Rae would have talked about Bryce Hall with P * rnstar Dana Wolf?

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall were seen together several times before they officially broke the news that they are together. In October 2020, they both confirmed they were exclusive. Fans were thrilled to hear this news. Although their relationship was short-lived. After just five months of breaking the news to their fans, the celebrity couple broke up. There were many rumors circulating on the internet that Bryce Hall had cheated on Rae. And this is one of the reasons for their separation. People have said Bryce Hall cheated on Addison Rae on a trip to Las Vegas. But Bryce denied the allegations, tweeting this:

No one knew the truth, but everyone was somehow hoping the news was somewhat true. Addison Rae did not comment on this whole situation at the request of the paparazzi.

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Are Addison Rae and Dana Wolf on good terms?

Recently, Dana Wolf shared a screenshot of her alleged conversation with Addison Rae on her Instagram Story. Bryce Hall is rumored to have cheated on Addison Rae with adult content creator Dana Wolf on a trip to Las Vegas. And the couple broke up because of it. Bryce Hall has denied the cheating allegations and Addison has not commented on the situation. Regardless, Dana posted a screenshot of her alleged conversation with Addison on her social media and captioned it as follows: “Me and Addison are on good terms“. In the screenshot, the two were friendly with each other. Even though Dana only posted part of Addison’s and her chat, fans put two and two together and figured out what the celebrity and the adult content creator were all about. According to fans, the screenshot doesn’t really prove Bryce Hall cheated on Addison Rae. As both have not commented on the situation. If the news was true, Addison would at least have said something about it.

In the screenshot, Addison thanks Dana Wolf and in response Dana said she felt bad for her. The adult content creator also asked Addison that if she has any questions, she should let him know. To which Addison replied that she would. The famous TikToker Addison also asked Dana a few questions regarding Bryce. According to Addison, she was just curious as to why she is questioning Dana.

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