Alex Bowman sells ‘Hack’ t-shirts for charity that pokes fun at Denny Hamlin’s comments

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After losing his mind as he ran for victory in October at Martinsville, Denny Hamlin said Alex Bowman was “a hack” in a bitter post-race interview. If developments since then are any indication, being a “hack” is something Bowman and his fans embrace – as long as it helps a good cause.

After his victory at Martinsville Speedway and this showdown with Denny Hamlin, Bowman’s official store began taking pre-orders for a new T-shirt that simply reads “HACK” in the purple colors of his No.48 Chevrolet. The shirts proved to be an instant hit, with over 2,300 pre-orders received Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks to the success of the shirts, Bowman announced that a portion of the sales will be donated to local animal shelters.

With seven laps to go at Martinsville, a side-to-side battle for the lead between Bowman and Hamlin ended badly as Bowman slid down the track at the entrance to Turn 3, cutting Hamlin to the left-back and the sending off the race. . Hamlin was furious afterward, interrupting Bowman’s victory exhaustion before making the comments that spawned Bowman’s new T-shirt.

“It’s just a hack. Just an absolute hack,” Hamlin remarked. “He gets his ass kicked every week, and he’s fucking terrible. He’s just terrible. He sees an opportunity and he grabs it, but obviously he has the fastest car every week and he finishes 10th.”

This is the second time this season that Bowman has celebrated a victory with a T-shirt. After his first win of the year at Richmond, Bowman pulled out a “Nobody Loves Us Anyway” shirt based on a response to his team manager, who teased him about lackluster burnout. Bowman’s victory at Martinsville was his fourth of the season, breaking his career-best mark after winning just one race in 2019 and 2020.

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