November 25, 2022

Amazon has wiped out countless bookstores, now it’s coming to your vinyl store

While physical media hasn’t been Amazon’s strong suit in recent years, it’s easy to forget that the company started life as an online bookstore when the Kindle revolution was just around the corner. a sparkle in Jeff Bezos’ eye.

However, it’s still somewhat surprising to see Amazon attempting to cash in on the vinyl revival with a new record-of-the-month subscription service in the United States. And, in some ways, that’s no surprise at all.

The $ 25 Vinyl of the Month Club, like so many vinyl subscription services, looks like a service for people who want a record collection, but don’t really care about the music to keep it themselves. Or, as Amazon says, “the music lover who loves analog sound”.

Amazon promises each month an album from the “golden age of vinyl”, which it classifies in the 1960s and 1970s. It will be “handpicked by the experts at Amazon Music”.

So what can users expect in the United States? Well, the likes of Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis and ABBA, to begin with. Since some of the classics sell for over $ 30 in the US, this will probably work just fine.

You can expect an album a month, skip a month if you don’t like this offer, and return anything you don’t like as long as it’s sealed and unused.

Confidence Building – Chris Smith

It’s a little surprising that Amazon doesn’t try to sell record players with that too. It would seem like a much more compelling deal if users were locked in for a few years and paid a nice hub as they go.

However, Amazon is going straight into selling records that you can easily get from any record store around the world. Please do so instead.

Vinyl stores are thriving in cities across the United States and beyond, bringing new life to communities where there aren’t as many physical stores anymore. There you will find all the Led Zep, Abba and Pink Floyd records that you could hope to see the most. Plus something that’s a little less, well, basic.