Aries x Lee Jeans collaboration is perfect for Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa

Reworked amalgamations of the swirling logos of Aries and wavy Lee Jeans are adorned on T-shirts – one version shows the Lee font housed inside the architectural emblem of Aries. Elsewhere, the raised unisex silhouettes exemplify the marriage of Aries’ streetwear roots and Lee’s legendary denim heritage. “We have a lot of denim in our line, but we’re less known for that than for our jersey styles,” says Prantera, referring to the jersey. long-sleeved skater that has become a signature of the Aries brand. “We love creating denim and it gave us the opportunity to show off a part of the line that normally goes under the radar.”

Roberto Timperi

Italian art photographer Roberto Timperi – famous for his ‘documentary-style portrait of the Italian underground’ fly to the wall – photographed the collaboration’s high-contrast campaign, which will include a new photo book titled Vuoi released alongside launch. He appealed to his usual subjects, whom he captured, worked with and befriended during his career, to wear the pieces for the new season.

Roberto Timperi

Cult Aries items are just as readily available on luxury e-comm sites as they are from specialist streetwear vendors and the realms of Depop and Vinted, a testament to the vast consumer base that Prantera has amassed over the years. years. Prior to founding Aries in 2012, Prantera herself ran a heritage youth culture brand, founding London label Silas in the 90s.

Roberto Timperi

Nearly a decade spent forging Aries’ cool girl meets streetwear DNA with founding colleague Fergus Purcell, who is just as appealing to a hypebeast as he is to someone looking for a great t- shirt, resulted in a niche empire that lives among legacies. by Supreme and Stüssy. Aries dominated the nostalgic streetwear zeitgeist, attracting Gen-Z icons including Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa – time will tell soon if either has reserved any pieces from the collaboration.

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