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But it’s told in such a way that it’s heavy, but I’m ready to go because the world around it is so beautifully made and constructed. And so you get lost in the beauty of it instead of just the trauma of it. And I think that’s still what YA and fantasy can allow us to do. Sometimes adult books can just say, okay, well, here’s the tragedy and that’s it. It’s reality. Stick to it and we don’t want to hear anything else.

But the fantasy allows you to be in a difficult mess but in a beautiful setting. And so you can have both. You can have love affair and you can have friendships and you can have all immigration matters and be undocumented and [having] same sex [attraction] and like not being able to have space, yet there is something absolutely beautiful in the world that is being built around him. This therefore makes it more digestible and easier on the heart. I can’t even tell you, it arrived in the mail yesterday. I literally went mad. I was like, it’s here. I texted the author, I said it was here. And I’m like, I jumped in. I miss my friends and this is what YA can do for you.

MC: This energy is unmatched in this series. I love him so much.

KD: I love Cazadora. She did a great job with it.

MC: So exciting. Lale, what are you most looking forward to reading next?

THE: So a book that I can’t wait to read and I’ll admit I don’t actually know anything about it other than the fact that my friend I meet in Antigua is already here and was like, I just finished this book and I put it aside for you. And his The Paper Palace, which I think is a book by Riverhead.

JDM: Indeed, it is. Indeed, it is.

THE: By Miranda Cowley Heller. And again, I really don’t know, other than that people seem very excited to read it. And he’s waiting for me on a beach.

JDM: I think this is a great beach read. It’s a great beach read. Do you just want the basic premise?

MC: Yes, give us the synopsis.

JDM: It opens – and these are the first two pages, so it’s not a spoiler – a happy married woman hosts a dinner party with her mom, husband, kids, as well as her childhood best friend and ex. -lover, Jonas, his wife, his children. And she and Jonas escaped from dinner and they fucked against the wall of the booth. And then they came back to dinner.

THE: I am sold.

MC: Sorry, the first two pages?

JDM: Yes.

KD: So wait, is that like a … Yeah, I’m here for it all. So what’s the underlying, what is it tackling? What problem does she address in this book?

JDM: Well, I don’t want to spoil Lale too much, but that’s basically what do you do when you have two choices and want both of them, but they’re in conflict? And I think that’s a question that maybe emerges from the pandemic when you say, who do I want to be on the other side of this? Some people make life changing decisions. I don’t know about you guys, I have several friends who got divorced during the pandemic. Others who have met and are getting married. But like, what version of myself, that really woke us up. There’s only one life to live, who do I want to be? And it’s easy when one choice is good and the other is bad, but what about when the two are really attractive, but in total conflict. So, she secretly maintains this love for Jonas since she was little. One tragic thing that I won’t say more about is a reason they never really got together, but she always wondered what it would be like to be with him. In the meantime, she is married and happy, she has these children. Will she throw it all away now at 50? Like hard, hard. Lale has to read 300 pages to find out what she’s going to do.

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