November 25, 2022

Best Bookstores in Southern Cumbria – as you chose

Here are some of the best bookstores in Cumbria chosen by our readers.

1. Fred’s Ambleside bookstore

The popular bookstore located on the main street of the village of lakes has won a loyal following of book lovers. A recommended stop if you are in the area.

David Thomson said: “For me it’s Fred’s Ambleside.”

2. The bookseller Sam Read

The Grasmere Bookstore, located at Broadgate House, this five-star rated business is a must-see for local readers who want to find something new to read, or an old classic.

Rachel Ashburner was among those who distinguished him.

3. Water stones

The Waterstones branch in Portland Walk, the chain of bookstores with branches across the country, is a must visit the next time you’re in Barrow. With good reviews this is a must visit if you want another good book.

Nathan Burns said: “Waterstones in Barrow is probably the best.”

4. Timeless author services

The Redshaw Avenue Bookstore can feature stories of all genres. Located in Roose in Barrow, this is a highly recommended store to try if you are looking for something to read. Lily Jameson said, “Out of Time is a big store. ”

BOOK: What is your favorite bookstore? (Pixabay)

5. The works

A chain of discount stores that offers books, as well as a host of other items such as art supplies, games, and stationery.

Alan Welding said: “The work at Barrow.

6. Ambleside Bookstore

Need a nice afternoon read, an old classic or an in-depth history book? This shop is full of stories, adventures and non-fiction from hundreds of authors.

David Morris said: “The Ambleside Bookstore. I’ve been buying books there for ages.

7. Harlings Books

Located on Crellin Street in Barrow, this bookstore can help you get lost in books of all kinds.

Melissa Fallow said, “Harlings is a good one.”

READING: What are you reading right now?  (Pixabay)

READING: What are you reading right now? (Pixabay)

8. Suttons Bookstore

The Sutton Boutique in Ulverston is a Market Street business and caters to a wide range of authors and genres popular with book lovers.

Aaron Copper said, “The Suttons Bookstore for me.

9. WHSsmith

WHSmith’s Barrow branch is a popular outlet in the city and a highly regarded representative of the national chain. Bernard Orseny said: “You can never go wrong at WHSmith.”

10. The book hut

One of the many market stalls in the town of Ulverston. Stall 20 specializes in books of all types and genres.

Linda Harris said, “I love the books I get at the market. The Book Shack is a good book.