Blake Shelton on snubbing friends from Gwen Stefani’s wedding: ‘Get Over It’

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s nuptials in Oklahoma were missing several famous faces like Adam Levine, but the former had an explanation as to why they weren’t invited.

“So I’ve had awkward conversations with, with so many of my friends since it’s’ Oh, oh yeah. I read you all. Yeah, I read about it. How was it ? “” Shelton, 45, explained in a recent press release about her ceremony to Stefani, 51. “You know, I was like, ‘Look, you know, we kept it small, get over it, you know, it’s not about you.'”

Although Shelton did not name Levine or anyone, it is clear that the 40 or so guests present at the July 3 ceremony were all part of the couple’s inner circle. The affair including Stefani’s three children with ex-Gavin Rossdale, Kingston, 15, Zuma, 12 and Apollo7. When it comes to fashion, Stefani rocked not one, but two Vera Wang custom wedding dresses on her big day. One of them leaned more to the classic side and was paired with a hand-embroidered veil, which bore the names of her three children, as well as the names of her and Blake.

For Stefani, the frontman of No Doubt has also started talking about the big day with the press. “It was literally the greatest moment… one of the greatest moments of my life, obviously,” Stefani said during a recent episode of the Tell me about it with Jade Iovine Podcast. “It was beyond what I thought it was going to be.” For now, Stefani is reveling in gratitude. “I feel so lucky. One of those things that you think about a lot in your life is that you don’t know the future and you don’t know what’s going to happen, but I feel like my trip spiritual has really guided me to this place and place of peace. Now I have to figure out how to do the rest of my life. “

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