June 26, 2022

BookClub Raises $6M in Seed Funding to Grow Author-Led Book Clubs

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BookClub​, a platform created to scale author-led book clubs, demonstrates that even in the midst of a pandemic, there is funding to be had with the announcement of their $6 million fundraising round of dollars. The confluence of shelter-in-place, political unrest and changing educational standards has sparked increased interest in finding new ways to connect people to learn and discuss. BookClub is the first platform designed to connect readers directly with the author to learn together and inspire life-changing conversation.

The founding team includes David Blake, Eric Sharp, Emily Campbell, the co-founders of Degreed and the first chief product officer, respectively.

Maveron led the round, with participation from GSV Ventures, ​Signal Peak Ventures​ and ​Pelion Venture Partners​. Mike Levinthal also joined the round as a private investor. BookClub will use the funds to establish a portfolio of authors on the platform across fiction and non-fiction book titles, create cinematic video experiences with authors, and create a unique community platform for one-on-one interactions. with authors and book groups.

The BookClub experience will be unlike anything available to authors and readers today. On their platform, authors can join your personal reading group, lead virtual focus groups, share exclusive interviews, participate in video Q&As and more; bring their content to life for readers who want to dive deeper into text with ultimate authority.

“One of the surprises revealed in the dataset built at Degreed is that people learn more over their lifetime from books and authors than from any other source, including colleges and professors. which makes authors the largest group of experts in the world,” said David Blake, CEO and co-founder of BookClub. “Where almost every category of expert (professors, engineers, athletes, celebrities, etc.) ) have a platform to evolve and share their expertise, authors do not. Nowhere is there a dedicated house to bring authors and readers together. Our video-based learning platform is dedicated to fostering these conversations. It builds community, allowing club members to feel like they’ve been privy to the authors’ biggest secret while writers can share their work in an entirely new way.

The need for the BookClub experience has become more evident amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Opportunities for authors to promote their work and meet fans at book signings, conferences and events are gone. At the same time, many readers experience a growing sense of social isolation as they spend more time at home. BookClub will help, bringing authors and readers together for meaningful interaction during COVID and beyond.

“Over the past few years, online book clubs have taken off. Even celebrities like Oprah and Reese Witherspoon jumped on board. We’re excited to scale the model in a way that gives all authors the chance to participate,” said Jason Stoffer of Maveron. “Since the start of COVID, it was clear that it was time for a new model, one that opens up new opportunities for authors and readers. We first met CEO David Blake ten years ago and he is a visionary pioneer in the field of education. We are thrilled to support David and his team to build a business that will delight millions of consumers around the world. »

To stay up to date on BookClub as the company prepares for launch, join the waitlist by visiting ​bookclub.com​.

About BookClub

BookClub is the world’s first virtual book club platform run by authors themselves. Video-based and mobile-first, BookClub offers readers and writers a whole new way to connect and discuss books. The company was founded by veterans of education, technology and the production industry. It is backed by Maveron, GSV Ventures, Signal Peak, Pelion Venture Partners and individual investors including Mike Levinthal. For more information, visit bookclub.com.

Authors and publishers can inquire at ​[email protected]​.