November 25, 2022

Bookstores and book clubs in the movies. ??

If you miss meeting and discussing all things bookish (and sharing a few bottles of wine!) With your book group right now or browsing your local bookstore, you may be living indirectly through these. movies.

You have a mail (1998). In this romantic comedy, the owner of a chain of bookstores falls in love via email with the owner of a small independent bookstore around the corner. Neither realizes that their online pen pals are in fact their real business rivals. With Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Watch on Netflix.

The Bookstore (2017). In a village of the 50s, a young widow (Emily Mortimer) dares to open a bookstore and meets the opposition of the disapproving inhabitants. This Slow Burner is a study of how difficult it is for a stranger to overcome suspicion. Available on Netflix.

The Jane Austin Book Club (2007). Jane Austen’s novels are discussed each month by six Californians in their book club. Life imitates art because their situations mirror those of the characters of Emma, ​​Pride and Prejudice, etc. An ensemble cast includes Emily Blunt, Maria Bello, and Hugh Dancy. Rent on Amazon.

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society (2018). World War II is over and the writer (Lily James) befriends an islander from Guernsey who writes about the German occupation and the ingenious ways the islanders deceive invaders, including the introduction of a literary and potato pie society. Intrigued, she goes to Guernsey to put their story on paper and falls in love. Available with Amazon Prime and on BBC I Player.

Notting Hill (1999). In real life, could a movie star walk into a bookstore unnoticed, buy a book and then fall in love with the whimsical owner. Well probably not, but this romantic comedy put the real Notting Hill on the map and Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant are a lovely couple. Rent on Amazon.

Funny Face (1957). Funny Face begins in a bookstore, the shy owner is played by the alluring Audrey Hepburn. Fred Astaire is a photographer who needs a bookstore as a backdrop for a shoot, ends up taking a reluctant Audrey to Paris instead on a modeling assignment. A romantic musical. Rent on Amazon.

Dan in real life (2007). Romantic comedy-drama starring Steve Carrol as a lonely widow and a single father who makes a connection in a bookstore (Juliette Binoche), only to later find out that she is his brother’s girlfriend. Rent on Amazon.

Book Club (2018). In this fun film, four longtime friends discuss The Fifty Shades trilogy when they meet at their book club. The racy romance soon inspires them not only to spice up their sex life, but also to give love another chance. Delighted to see Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen together in one movie. Watch on Netflix.

What are your favorite movie libraries?

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