Brian K Vaughan announces return of Saga in January 2022, at NYCC


Announced at the In conversation with Brian K Vaughan panel at New York Comic Con, as part of a video chat between Brian and Fiona Staples, they announced the return of Saga, with Saga # 55 released by Image Comics on Jan 26, 2022. “Other than my own family, collaborating with Fiona Staples on Saga is the most important thing in my life, so I can’t thank readers and retailers enough for their patience,” Vaughan said. “I think our next 54 issues will be even more shocking, weird and spectacular than the first 54, so we can’t wait to be back on the shelves at your local comic book store soon.” Staples added, “I really missed connecting with readers through the pages of Saga, so I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and be back in that world. The next arc is already going to places I never imagined. I am so grateful that we can continue to do this! “

Saga # 55 will be a double number and will remain at the cover price of $ 2.99, and without cover variations or renumbering. “Saga launched at Image on the company’s 20th anniversary in 2012, so it seems more than fitting that the series is returning to stores just in time for our 30th anniversary next year,” said Eric Stephenson, director of creation and editor at Image Comics. “I can’t think of a few better ways to celebrate what Image is than by once again welcoming one of the most incredible storytelling teams in comic book history as she embarks on the second. half of a true epic in the making. “

Brian K Vaughan announces return of Saga in January 2022, at NYCC

Saga tells the story of a husband and wife, Alana and Marko, from long-war alien races, fleeing authorities on both sides of a galactic war as they struggle to take care of their daughter, Hazel, born at the start of the series, who tells the series as an invisible adult. The first issue of Saga was published in March 2012, but was discontinued with Saga # 54 in July 2018. As one of the best-selling comics in the direct market, retailers really missed it. In a recent solicitation for the Saga box set, Vaughan said, “Hey, retail friends! BRIAN K VAUGHAN here, interrupting your regular solicitation to say THANKS for your eternal patience while FIONA STAPLES and I worked hard during the second half. of Hazel’s epic journey. We promise exciting news is coming, and we wanted to offer your customers a cool new way to catch up on our award-winning Eisner series: this beautiful box set, bringing together all nine of our best-selling commercial paperback collections in one affordable package. . We believe this is the perfect way to introduce our weirdly wonderful world to all “mature readers” who have not yet tried SAGA. Thanks again, and we can’t wait to spruce up your booths with more numbers very soon! “And it turns out he wasn’t kidding… Saga is coming back in January. See you later. Maybe this is the number. the most sold of Saga nowadays.

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