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Marks and Spencer shoppers were wowed by a floral midi dress after spotting it online.

Street giant Marks and Spencer has an army of fans on its social media, eager to keep up with all of its latest stock and product launches.

The retailer is known and loved for its wide range of trendy clothing, housewares and accessories, as well as its wide range of food, beverages and household essentials.

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Marks and Spencer ‘insider’ Sam Briones caused an Instagram sensation after sharing a photo of herself wearing the brand’s high-neck floral midi tea dress.

The dress, which costs £ 39.50, features an all-over floral print and comes in a classic fit in a trendy midi length. The dress features a high neckline and empire line bodice, along with ruffled cuffs on the long sleeves and a subtle zip and button closure at the back.

Captioning a carousel of images showcasing the dress, Sam wrote, “This dress from the #anythingbutordinary collection this season is another cute option as we move into the cooler temperatures. Holly Willoughby also wore this dress during the recent press conference and loved it!

“The dresses are really great because you can pair them with boots and layer them with a sweater or cardigan. Yet another midi dress that is a bit longer on me as I’m only 5’2 and I am wearing it. I especially love the elastic cuffs with this dress.

“I was immediately drawn to these boots when the first one appeared online and they certainly don’t disappoint !! I love their color and the fact that they are patent. The block heel provides comfort to this Chelsea style, which is great for me as I don’t wear heels often. “

The dress proved popular among Marks and Spencer fans, racking up hundreds of likes. Buyers shared their thoughts in the comments section.

Pat said, “M&S you are anything but ordinary these days. Nice clothes.”

Jennifer said: “Hubbie just bought me these boots for my birthday.”

Helen said: “Such a beautiful look on you”.

Lorraine commented: “Marks and Spencers are doing well this season… so many great things in store right now….”

Alison said: “She looks fabulous! I love this dress too, especially the buttons and details on the back. It’s so comfortable to wear too.”

Lisa tagged a friend and added: “this one looks cool!”

You can purchase the dress from the Marks and Spencer website by clicking here.

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WATCH: 2021 Ryder Cup fans dress up as Vikings, Abraham Lincoln, cowboys and more at Whistling Straits https://innerbookshop.com/watch-2021-ryder-cup-fans-dress-up-as-vikings-abraham-lincoln-cowboys-and-more-at-whistling-straits/ https://innerbookshop.com/watch-2021-ryder-cup-fans-dress-up-as-vikings-abraham-lincoln-cowboys-and-more-at-whistling-straits/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 21:00:55 +0000 https://innerbookshop.com/watch-2021-ryder-cup-fans-dress-up-as-vikings-abraham-lincoln-cowboys-and-more-at-whistling-straits/
Ryder Cup 2021 Vikings of the United States

The 43rd Ryder Cup between the US and Europe kicked off on Friday and, as usual, fans brought intense passion with matching outfits. American fans flooded the Whistling Strait with red, white and blue while Europeans wore their fair share of blue and yellow to represent the continent’s flag.

A fan disguised as former US President Abraham Lincoln while another wore a Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Robinson uniform, two nods to the tournament’s return to America for the first time since 2016. The Americans’ victory in this Ryder Cup is their only victory in the last five meetings with the Europeans. Another fan keen to show off his American pride wore a mask of a bald eagle, the country’s national bird.

The American Marshals, a fan group created during the 2008 Ryder Cup at Valhalla Golf Club, wore red, white and blue Viking outfits to honor the location of their first tournament. According to the Marshals website, they’ve worn American-inspired Viking outfits to every Ryder Cup since 2008.

On the European side, some fans dressed in yellow and blue overalls that looked straight out of a Super Mario game. Americans responded with star and stripe tracksuits, cowboy hats, and temporary American flag tattoos on their faces.

Ryder Cup fans have long brought silliness and fun to planning their outfit for the tournament, and players have started to do the same. On Thursday, Rory McIlroy and his European teammates wore plastic cheese heads to appease the litany of Wisconsin fans – most of whom they suspect are also Green Bay Packers fans – at Whistling Straits.

This might be a good strategy considering how powerful the American fans are.

The Ryder Cup takes place Friday through Sunday at the Whistling Straits Golf Course in Kohler, Wisc. Fans can watch on Golf Channel and NBC or stream on fuboTV (try free) and RyderCup.com

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Thrifty couple save thousands on their DIY wedding – from eBay dresses to country bouquets https://innerbookshop.com/thrifty-couple-save-thousands-on-their-diy-wedding-from-ebay-dresses-to-country-bouquets/ https://innerbookshop.com/thrifty-couple-save-thousands-on-their-diy-wedding-from-ebay-dresses-to-country-bouquets/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 05:00:00 +0000 https://innerbookshop.com/thrifty-couple-save-thousands-on-their-diy-wedding-from-ebay-dresses-to-country-bouquets/

The couple, from Harby in Nottinghamshire, used second-hand websites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace to bring their dream wedding to life while keeping costs down.

Thrifty Alex, 33, even grew her own bouquet of flowers to walk down the aisle in front of their 130 guests.

After getting engaged in 2019, Alex, a store supervisor, and Dan, 38, a factory maintenance manager, wanted to tie the knot on a low budget while also saving for a home renovation.

But four-year-old Samuel’s parents estimate that their clever tricks saved around £ 15,000 – and it was the perfect day.

Alex said: “People can pay thousands and thousands for their dream wedding, but we couldn’t justify it.

“Doing everything ourselves was ten times more stressful, but the end result was amazing.

“We were nervous, but the end result is better than we could ever have imagined.

“We have managed to keep budgets low and always have the perfect day – I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

Alex and Dan had put their wedding preparations on hold for two years due to the pandemic – before deciding to take the plunge and set a date in March.

In order to juggle an expensive renovation of their three-bed detached house alongside their wedding, they decided to take a thrifty approach where possible.

They celebrated the wedding at their home on August 21.

With the date set for August 21, everyone was on deck for the couple, alongside their friends and family, to pull it all together in the ultimate DIY mission.

But despite the odds against them with a guest list of 130, the couple’s spending amounted to just over £ 4,000 – miles below what many couples choose to spend on their big day. .

Alex said: “We just couldn’t justify using the money for the wedding when we knew it was needed for our house.

“I searched online and saw a lot of people saying their wedding cost over £ 20,000, and we weren’t going to spend that.

“But at the same time, we really wanted to get married, so we wanted to do both.”

The couple celebrated their service at a local church – for a total fee of £ 536 – before everyone took a five-minute walk home.

They organized the reception in the back garden.
They organized the reception in the back garden.

They cut music costs by taking their own sound system and using a free seven-day YouTube trial to stream it – and avoided paying for an orchard because their friend at church offered to step in for free. .

The outfits worn by the couple, their son and their bridesmaids were secondhand on sites – with Alex getting her own dress, a Kenneth Winston originally worth over £ 1,500, for a theft from just £ 220 on Facebook Marketplace.

Alex added: “I had to pay an extra £ 60 to have the dress altered by a seamstress – but it was still a lot.”

The huge marquees erected in their back garden were borrowed from friends for free, with £ 160 spent on fairy lights to give it a cozy feel.

Their giant three-tier cake was baked for free by a devoted family member, as a wedding present – while Green-Fingered Alex grew his bouquet in their own garden using seed packets totaling a handful. of books.

Their cake was baked and donated by a family friend.
Their cake was baked and donated by a family friend.

Her homemade bouquet consisted of an arrangement of cosmos, lavender, eucalyptus, baby’s breath and achillea.

The food on offer was a buffet to feed their 130 hungry guests – prepared by their loyal bridesmaids the night before – and included Mediterranean-style dishes including baked salmon, antipasto skewers, and a bean salad.

Shopping at Aldi they got the whole thing for £ 400 – around £ 3 per head – plus bottles of their own brand Pimms and prosecco for a total of £ 130.

Buying most of their decorations from stores such as The Range and Dunelm, they outfitted everything with candles, chalkboards, banners and hay bales for under £ 200.

Entertainment included hiring a local musician for £ 150, a photo booth for £ 275 and a children’s bouncy castle for £ 50.

The total cost of the wedding came to around £ 4,030 thanks to their thrifty approach – instead of the tens of thousands that many spend on their perfect day.

Alex said: “It was ten times more stressful doing it yourself than paying someone else, but the end result was better than we imagined.

“We are fortunate to have such supportive friends and family.”

The couple enjoyed the best of both worlds by celebrating their wedding while renovating their home – and Alex revealed that the thousands of pounds they saved have already been put to good use.

She explained, “Earlier this year we knocked down a wall in our house and built a new dining room.

“We also had a new terrace installed and the lawn re-grassed.

“Just six weeks before the wedding, we also had a new aisle installed. “

The outfits worn by the couple, their son and their bridesmaids were secondhand from sites
The outfits worn by the couple, their son and their bridesmaids were second-hand sites.

The newlywed parents went on a week-long honeymoon to Cornwall with four-year-old Samuel before returning to married life to continue their renovations.

Reflecting on their journey, Alex said: “Part of it was me who was stubborn and refused to pay for something we could do on our own – but it paid off!

“It’s fabulous to have had this level of creativity.

“We wouldn’t have changed anything!

For more stories of where you live, visit InYourZone.

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Marks and Spencer share ‘cute’ fall dress, but fans can’t look away https://innerbookshop.com/marks-and-spencer-share-cute-fall-dress-but-fans-cant-look-away/ https://innerbookshop.com/marks-and-spencer-share-cute-fall-dress-but-fans-cant-look-away/#respond Thu, 23 Sep 2021 11:14:25 +0000 https://innerbookshop.com/marks-and-spencer-share-cute-fall-dress-but-fans-cant-look-away/

With the first day of fall officially behind us this week, it’s time to accept the warm weather fading and say goodbye to our summer dresses and sandals.

As always, Marks and Spencer is on the go and ready to help their clients make the transition to fall, releasing their new season of the Anything But Ordinary collection.

A star of the collection is the high neck floral midi dress, which is available for purchase for £ 39.50 and has already been purchased by Holly Willoughby.

Yesterday, M&S Insider Sam shared a post of the monochrome dress, but buyers couldn’t look away from one thing.

READ MORE:“I tried the new Ghost line from Marks and Spencer and I feel so ready for a Christmas party”

Posing in the dress, Sam wrote: “This dress from the #anythingbutordinary collection this season is another cute option as we move into the cooler temperatures.

“Holly Willoughby also wore this dress at the recent press event and I loved it on her!

“The dresses are really great because you can pair them with boots and layer them with a sweater or cardigan.

“Yet another midi dress that is a bit longer on me as I’m only 5’2 and love it!

“I especially like the elastic cuffs with this dress.”

Describing the dress on its website, M&S said, “This delicate tea dress has an all-over floral print for a fresh, feminine feel.”

Buyers were quick to declare their love for the dress, available in sizes 6 to 24, with one saying, “M&S, you are anything but ordinary these days. I love the dress.

Despite this, customers couldn’t take their attention away from the boots Sam wore, which are also available for purchase for £ 69.

Sharing his enthusiasm for the Chelsea Block Heel leather ankle boots, one fan wrote: “Love love love the boots!

Another had already bought a pair, saying, “My husband just bought me these boots for my birthday” along with a love-struck emoji.

It’s safe to say that Sam’s decision to coordinate the sleek dress with the Chelsea boots has been proven successful and will certainly inspire many to rush to replicate his outfit.

Fall may not be in full swing just yet, but that shouldn’t stop M&S buyers from moving forward to make sure they look glamorous as the days grow. colder.

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See “9-1-1” Star Angela Bassett’s Stunning Dress at the 2021 Emmy Awards https://innerbookshop.com/see-9-1-1-star-angela-bassetts-stunning-dress-at-the-2021-emmy-awards/ https://innerbookshop.com/see-9-1-1-star-angela-bassetts-stunning-dress-at-the-2021-emmy-awards/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 17:47:48 +0000 https://innerbookshop.com/see-9-1-1-star-angela-bassetts-stunning-dress-at-the-2021-emmy-awards/

Give us a second. We always pick our jaws off the ground after seeing 9-1-1 Star Angela Bassett at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards.

The award-winning actress, producer, director and activist continues to stun at the graceful age of 63. She recently walked the red carpet at the 2021 Emmy Awards in a gorgeous dress designed by Greta Constantine. The black and pink ensemble was accompanied by Gismondi jewelry, a Tyler Ellis clutch and classic Louboutin heels. Let’s just say Angela was absolutely radiant as Hollywood came together to celebrate the best in TV and filmmaking.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

Angela showed off her stunning looks (and impressive biceps) on Instagram. Of course, the actress got some well-deserved attention from fans and celebrities in the comments to her post. Another actress, Viola Davis, simply said “Perfection❤”. Juliette Lewis left a sweet note that read “That hair, that dress, that face, that EVERYTHING.” More and more fans attacked her comments with flaming hearts and emojis while her husband, Courtney B. Vance, wrote: “There you go my baby! As beautiful as it gets! #Shesmine”.

Jay L. ClendeninGetty Images

73rd Primetime Emmy Awards

Rich FuryGetty Images

Angela’s Night on the Red Carpet Just Arrives at the FOX Season Premiere 9-1-1 where she plays Athena Grant of LAPD. The hit show now in its fifth season explores the breathtaking experiences and situations of first responders, including police, firefighters and dispatchers.

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to see where the season (and Angela!) Takes us.

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Promotion offers free wedding dresses to frontline workers https://innerbookshop.com/promotion-offers-free-wedding-dresses-to-frontline-workers/ https://innerbookshop.com/promotion-offers-free-wedding-dresses-to-frontline-workers/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 23:34:51 +0000 https://innerbookshop.com/promotion-offers-free-wedding-dresses-to-frontline-workers/

Choosing the perfect wedding dress can be difficult and expensive, which is why some Bay Area companies have come together to provide free dresses to frontline workers for their wedding days.

FOX 13 News was there when Destiny Lee first saw herself in a wedding dress on her big day.

“Oh, that’s beautiful. Oh, my God!” she said laughing. “Do you know how much wedding dresses cost? It’s like the most important thing on a bride’s list.”

She helps distribute The Regent wedding dresses to frontline workers. The entertainment venue has partnered with Satin and Lace Bridal Boutique to make the big gesture to some of the community’s most important members.

“We have between 50 and 60 dresses. So we have dresses left at the end of the season and, you know, you can keep them, you can keep them forever,” said Alison Farman, owner of Satin and Lace. Wedding boutique. “But why not bless someone who has worked very hard for the community with the dress?”

Businesses are happy to help women on their special day.

“These are couture dresses. These are next level wedding dresses. Some of them are worth around two thousand three thousand dollars,” said Shannon Keil, CEO of Regent. “So they’re not just like your basic, run-of-the-mill dress. They’re beautiful, handcrafted, beaded, stunning dresses.”

For health care worker Elizabeth Nickerson, the gift is a nice gesture from the community.

“We all chose to go into healthcare because we love it, but it’s nice to have a little recognition from our community. And who doesn’t love a free wedding dress?”

The group offers more than 50 dresses. To be eligible for a dress, someone must write an essay on why the person deserves it. In addition, the companies are hosting a lunch for the dress winners later this month.

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“Fashion is resistance”: Afghan designers defend traditional clothing https://innerbookshop.com/fashion-is-resistance-afghan-designers-defend-traditional-clothing/ https://innerbookshop.com/fashion-is-resistance-afghan-designers-defend-traditional-clothing/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 12:36:11 +0000 https://innerbookshop.com/fashion-is-resistance-afghan-designers-defend-traditional-clothing/

* The designers, the emigrants present traditional Afghan dresses * The colorful patterns contrast with the plain burqas from head to toe

* Dress code for students sparks fears of wider crackdown By Sonia Elks

September 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Kabul-born fashion designer Anjilla Seddeqi has long drawn inspiration for her formal wear collections from the bright, intricate and embellished traditional garments of Afghan women. But now, with the Taliban returning to power, she and other Afghan immigrant women are standing up for the rich sartorial heritage of their home countries to protest a new dress code for female students and help women affected by the movement’s return. .

“I feel like what the Taliban are trying to do is eradicate Afghan women from mainstream society and then eradicate our culture as well. And that’s part of our dress,” he said. said Seddeqi, 39, by phone from Australia, where she moved as a child. “They have to be called out all the time… Silence is not an option,” said Seddeqi, whose bold and colorful evening wear designs are cut in brocade and silk.

Since coming to power in mid-August, Taliban officials have sought to persuade the world that they had changed since their harsh fundamentalist rule of 1996-2001, when women had to cover themselves from head to toe. They say women will be able to study and work outside of their homes, but the new higher education minister said earlier this month that female students should adhere to an Islamic dress code, including the religious hijab veil.

It was not clear if that meant scarves or mandatory face coverings. Soon after, Afghan women living outside the country began posting photos online of themselves wearing bright traditional dresses – their hair and faces uncovered.

“I think any kind of expression through fashion is going to be very, very limited,” Seddeqi said of the commission for the students. “Afghan women will have to obey a standard dress code. That’s what this signals to me.” Seddeqi, who trained as a lawyer before pursuing a career in fashion, said she has always sought to showcase the design and textile traditions of a country that is rarely the subject of wholesale. positive headlines in global media.

“All people have seen in the West is war and destruction, so for me there was a purpose to show another side of Afghanistan – the human side, the culture and the traditions.” Afghanistan is one of the largest producers of cashmere wool in the world, according to the Business of Fashion research group, and many Afghans work as skilled craftsmen in embroidery and beadwork.

FASHION WEEK Fashion designers of Afghan origin are also putting their skills to work for Afghan refugees and those still living in Afghanistan.

As London marks fashion week, which runs through Tuesday, Anglo-Afghan designer Marina Khan plans to hold a charity sale of clothing and accessories from her brand Avizeh, which mixes vintage pieces with stylish clothing and accessories. new models. Khan, 29, born in London to Afghan parents, said she hoped Avizeh would encourage young women of Afghan descent to embrace their heritage.

“At first it took a lot of courage for a lot of people to start wearing the local clothes. Now a lot of girls have kind of got it back,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. She said women’s clothing should not be controlled by men, but added that the many Afghan women who prefer to wear a veil should have their choice respected. Traditional Afghan dresses are also modest and revealing, she noted.

Khan also tapped her company for community support work, like teaching Afghan refugee women how to start a business and promote themselves online. Like Seddeqi, she also hopes to work with more female artisans in Afghanistan as they face increasingly reduced opportunities to work under the new Taliban government.

There are reports of women being fired from their jobs at home and many fear a repeat of the Islamist regime of the 1990s. However, Seddeqi said it gave her “a lot of hope” to see Afghan women inside. from home and living abroad protest efforts to curtail their rights and restrict their freedoms.

In a patriarchal society, fashion offers women a precious chance for expression and visibility, she said. “I am really happy to see other Afghan women arguing that what is imposed by the Taliban is not traditional dress,” Seddeqi said of the virtual campaign under hashtags including #DontTouchMyDress.

“It’s a form of resistance.

(This story was not edited by Devdiscourse staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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Melinda O’Donoghue Designs Highly Demanded Wedding Dresses at Home in Gurley, North West New South Wales | Canberra weather https://innerbookshop.com/melinda-odonoghue-designs-highly-demanded-wedding-dresses-at-home-in-gurley-north-west-new-south-wales-canberra-weather/ https://innerbookshop.com/melinda-odonoghue-designs-highly-demanded-wedding-dresses-at-home-in-gurley-north-west-new-south-wales-canberra-weather/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 08:00:00 +0000 https://innerbookshop.com/melinda-odonoghue-designs-highly-demanded-wedding-dresses-at-home-in-gurley-north-west-new-south-wales-canberra-weather/

news, latest news,

It can make or break any bride’s big day. Guests will remember its color, pattern, and every last stitch long after the celebrations are over. By her admission, there is “something magical about a wedding” and despite carefully and carefully handcrafted wedding dresses for over two decades, Melinda O’Donoghue is still thrilled to be a part of the experience. In the front room of Gurley’s homestead in Kirramingly, near Moree in northwest New South Wales, the hum of a sewing machine will fill the house as it is busy making clothes. dresses for brides-to-be across the state and beyond. Brides from all over New South Wales and as far away as Queensland, Perth and even America have asked for Melinda’s help to create the perfect dress for their big day. “Every bride is different and every dress is different,” Ms. O’Donoghue said. “For some women the first concept may be exactly what they are looking for, while for others it may take up to 10 attempts.” Either way, I will continue until I see this certain expression on their face that lets me know they like this. It can be subtle, but every bride has the same look and when you see it, you know it. husband Des. “After I left school, I worked in retail before going to the Canberra Institute of Technology, but I still sewed,” Ms. O’Donoghue said. was sick and I met my husband during it all and he asked me to marry him after only two days. “He is from Cann River in Victoria and three days after our wedding we moved to Bellata before moving to our 28 acre block here in Gurley and raising our children William and Kate.” Brides from across the NSW and Queensland area walked down the aisle in a dress created by Melinda, who she said had found it the same way. “I’ve never really done any advertising so anyone who comes to me is by word of mouth,” she said. “I think it’s a real privilege to be given such an important job on a couple’s big day.” I always love being there during the day to help dress the bride because there is always a lot going on. and having someone there specifically focused on helping you look your best in dress is so helpful. “Usually I’m one of the last people to see the bride before she’s taken down the aisle and for me it’s one of the most special moments that touches me every time.” A sewing teacher at Moree TAFE during the week, Melinda’s works were honored last year in the form of an exhibition at the Bank Art Museum, Moree (BAMM). “The show was so special because it featured around 80 dresses from the 20 years I did it as a retrospective,” she said. “Myself and a local artist Jo White did it together which was so much fun and overall I think we had more visitors than the Archibald.” It was an epic seven-hour exhibit. weeks in which all the dresses were sent to me by the bride who wore them, so it was really special for them to see their dresses again too. We did tours several times a week and it was so nice to see so many visitors coming to BAMM and Moree in general. “It was really nice to do something for our local tourism, albeit in a modest way.” Like many corners of the industry, Melinda has faced many obstacles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Planning a wedding can be so stressful anyway, so seeing how much more difficult this pandemic is making for couples really makes me feel for them,” she said. “For me, it hasn’t been that bad, but with so many people postponing their weddings to early next year, I’m going to be pretty busy in January and February.” However, I really don’t mind , I just hope things can get back to normal for everyone’s big day a bit. The dresses Melinda creates are as different as the brides who wear them. No two colors or patterns are the same, but each leaves the crowd of family and friends watching the bride wear it down the aisle remembering it until the last point. magic in a marriage.


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Mindy Kaling makes statement in neon dress and holographic heels https://innerbookshop.com/mindy-kaling-makes-statement-in-neon-dress-and-holographic-heels/ https://innerbookshop.com/mindy-kaling-makes-statement-in-neon-dress-and-holographic-heels/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 16:41:43 +0000 https://innerbookshop.com/mindy-kaling-makes-statement-in-neon-dress-and-holographic-heels/

Mindy Kaling has gone daring for her latest look, worn on the eve of the 2021 Emmy Awards.

The “Never Have I Ever” creator posed for Instagram in her closet with stylist Hayley Atkin, wearing a vibrant Alex Perry dress. The vibrant set included Perry’s neon green Corin dress, which featured a fitted midi skirt and a draped sweetheart neckline. Kaling was accessorized with sparkling Candy Ice earrings and a daring Djula ring, as well as an embossed pink L’Afshar mini bag.

More New Shoes

When it comes to shoes, Kaling has chosen an equally daring style to pair her dress: the Dassy pumps by Andrea Wazen. The pointy toe style featured pale pink ankle and slingback straps, as well as 4.1 inch stilettos. However, the most prominent feature of the pair was their holographic PVC toe, which enhanced the elegance of the look. Although Kaling’s pair are sold out, similar styles sell for $ 480 on AndreaWazen.com.

Neon dresses have a moment, now that in-person events have picked up. However, Kaling isn’t the only star to jump on the shiny trend. Diane Kruger, Eiza Gonzalez and Ciara all wore vibrant neon dresses by Prabal Gurung, Versace and Dundas at the 2021 Met Gala and its various afterparties.

The creator of “Mindy Project” never shies away from a bold look, often wearing outfits in bright colors, glamorous textures and cheerful prints from brands such as Oscar de la Renta, Retrofete and Tory Burch. In fact, she even wore a fully printed outfit to Burch’s Spring / Summer 22 runway at New York Fashion Week. Kaling’s upbeat wardrobe also includes a range of coordinated colorful sandals and pumps from top designers such as Stuart Weitzman, Christian Louboutin and Aquazzura. When not on duty, she can also be spotted in Hoka One One sneakers, Adidas slides and Kate Spade low-heeled sandals.

Add a pair of holographic heels to your next look, inspired by Kaling.

Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Buy: Jessica Simpson Pirrie Pumps, $ 89.

Credit: Courtesy of DSW

Credit: Courtesy of DSW

Courtesy of DSW

Buy: Steve Madden Medayo pumps, $ 70 (was $ 99).

Credit: Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Credit: Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Buy: Schutz Shary sandals, $ 138.

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Launch gallery: Mindy Kaling’s celebrity shoe style

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Instagram pioneer daughter freaks out over her dress https://innerbookshop.com/instagram-pioneer-daughter-freaks-out-over-her-dress/ https://innerbookshop.com/instagram-pioneer-daughter-freaks-out-over-her-dress/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 19:53:00 +0000 https://innerbookshop.com/instagram-pioneer-daughter-freaks-out-over-her-dress/

Some commenters on Paige Drummond’s Instagram post showing her in an ’80s-style ball gown gave Paige a very’ 80s compliment… whether they realized it or not. The “pretty in pink” comment made by a few Instagrammers echoed the name of the 1980s film that solidified Molly Ringwald’s status as the quintessential teenager of that decade (via Variety). Mom Ree Drummond is old enough to remember the movie and the year it was released. “Seeing you in that dress is… amazing,” Ree Drummond commented on her daughter’s post. “1986 to the end !!!”

Many reviewers thought the “glam comfort” sneakers Paige chose to wear for her “prom night” were “fire” (using the emoji) or “adorkable” (which is a good thing). Other people who seemed to have first-hand knowledge of real 1980s balls had slight criticisms of the overall appearance. About those sneakers: “No,” @ jennifer_linney12 commented. “The ’80s would have had dyed matching pumps. Ask your mom about that.”

One of Paige’s friends who attended the event commented, “Does anyone know how much hairspray we used? Some savvy commentators in the ’80s made it clear that no matter how much, it wasn’t enough. “The hair would have been A LOT bigger,” @tiffanyhudson commented, “but you’re all gorgeous!”

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