Wedding dresses – Inner Book Shop Fri, 18 Jun 2021 18:59:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Wedding dresses – Inner Book Shop 32 32 The Knightsbridge Shop where you can get an amazing personal style wedding dress for just £ 300 Fri, 18 Jun 2021 15:24:08 +0000

Planning a wedding is notoriously expensive, and the dress alone can add thousands of dollars to the bill.

While the perfect wedding dress is a staple of the dream day, spending a month’s salary or more on something you will only wear once can sting a bit for some brides.

However, a store in Knightsbridge has created the perfect solution to the wedding dress problem.

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The bridal boutique also offers designer clothes like Chanel, Dolce Missoni and Susannah.

In a first for London charity shops, the Octavia Foundation The Knightsbridge branch has launched a wedding dress boutique, offering new and used wedding dresses donated by famous bridal designers and members of the public.

The Bridal Department offers a personal styling service for high-quality second-hand wedding dresses from top designers, some of which have never even been worn, and they all cost a fraction of the price of a dress from a store. of conventional marriage.

At Octavia, brides-to-be will benefit from expert advice and the exceptional service you expect from a bridal shop, while also having the ability to browse high-quality dresses, vintage heirlooms and accessories in one space. private and decorated.

This means that you will still enjoy the full experience of buying a wedding dress, but also the added benefits of helping the environment and the community by buying more consciously.

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Benefits of buying pre-owned wedding dresses

While a charity store might not be your first choice for buying a wedding dress, there are huge benefits to buying second-hand clothes – even for one of the most important dresses in your store. life.

Of course, saving money is a huge draw: some of the dresses in the Octavia boutique offer savings of almost £ 1,000 based on retail prices.

For example, one dress was selling for £ 1,300 but is on sale at Octavia for just £ 450, and another was originally priced at £ 900 but is selling for £ 300.

Octavia Bridal Shop
The dress worn by this model was originally priced at £ 900, but Octavia is selling it for just £ 300

Besides being more affordable, second-hand shopping also has huge social and environmental benefits.

Every penny of profit raised through Octavia Retail goes directly into their work in the community, which includes inspiring confidence-building projects for young people, employment and training support for local residents, and community programs. friendship for older and isolated members of the community.

Surprisingly, the fashion industry is in fact the second biggest polluter in the world – beaten only by the oil industry – and 10,000 clothes are sent to the landfill every five minutes.

While fast fashion and rapidly changing trends are the main culprits of this level of pollution, a wedding dress that will only be worn once is probably one of the most unsustainable pieces you can buy.

It is estimated that a single wedding dress uses 9,000 liters of water in its production, and cheaper wedding dresses are often made of plastic-based materials that are shipped around the world and can be made in factories. with poor working conditions, resulting in a huge carbon footprint for a garment that will only be worn for a few hours.

Octavia Bridal Shop
A beautiful one-of-a-kind wedding dress could be yours for a fraction of the price, while also helping the community and the environment with mindful shopping.

Buying a second-hand wedding dress is an easy and fun way to make a wedding more lasting and find something unique and unique for the big day.

While finding that a perfect wedding dress is essential for many brides, there is no reason not to consider giving new life to a pre-loved or vintage item – especially when designer brands from bride such as Jenny Packham, Ulrich Encler and Jesus Peiro can be purchased at a fraction of the retail price.

Of course, you can always have the dresses altered to better suit you and your personal style, giving you a lot more freedom to create the wedding dress of your dreams.

Andrew Adair, head of retail at Octavia, said: “Finally, we are breaking out of the restrictions and being able to reunite with our loved ones for pre-lockdown style nuptials.

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“The opening of our bridal boutique couldn’t be better placed to support brides-to-be, offering them the chance to enjoy the magical experience of a bridal boutique in our flagship store.

“With their keen eyes, our stylists are excellent fashion matchmakers and have a knack for determining what will suit the tastes and needs of each client.

“For those who have searched unsuccessfully online, our store might be the perfect place to discover the perfect ‘borrowed’ something and pick up a unique dress for a fraction of its original price.

Plus, every purchase will go towards our life changing work with local communities, allowing brides to help their handbag, the planet and the community at the same time.

Appointments can be made by calling Octavia’s Brompton Road store on 020 7581 7987, Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Mom transforms wedding dresses to help parents who have lost their children Thu, 17 Jun 2021 15:45:07 +0000

A team of people work tirelessly to help grieving parents come to terms with the loss of a child.

The pain and emptiness that comes with losing a child may never heal, but Wirral Wings employees have helped hundreds of families in unique ways.

The association uses wedding dresses and other items of sentimental value for a family and transforms them into funeral clothing for babies.

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Rachel Seager set up Wirral Wings in 2019 and told ECHO that they are now helping a variety of people – even procuring wedding dresses for a woman who wanted to marry her partner after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She said: “I just asked people on Facebook if anyone had a wedding dress of a particular size and we ended up taking her 25 different dresses to try on so she could marry her true love before her. death.”

Rachel Seager’s wedding dress that launched Wirral Wings

The charity started with Rachel’s beloved designer wedding dress she was reluctant to donate after her marriage broke up.

She said: “It was this gorgeous blush satin dress, and I didn’t really want to give it to charity, I felt like I was imparting bad karma if someone else wore it for their own. marriage and I didn’t want to burn it down as some have suggested. “

When Rachel, of Rock Ferry, saw that some charities were making clothes for stillborn babies out of wedding dresses, she knew that was what she wanted for her dress.

She said: “But they were all based in London or the south and I wanted my dress to fit babies here.

“So I thought I was good at business and organization, but I can’t sew or do something like that – so I posted a message on Facebook and within an hour I had a team.”

Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings - a charity that helps people who have lost a child
Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings – a charity that helps people who have lost a child

Rachel, 42, continues to be blown away by the support and hard work of the Wirral Wings team, she said much of their motivation comes from their own personal losses.

The mom of six (Delenn, 23, Paris, 17, Velvet, 15, Eden, 13, Kenya, 12 and Obi, three) said: “These are the most amazing women I have. have never met, they just want to help as many people as they can.

“A lot of this is because they don’t want other people to feel the same pain as them, which unfortunately we find there is still a stigma around baby loss today. .

Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings - a charity that helps people who have lost a child
Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings – a charity that helps people who have lost a child

“I feel like during the lockdown it was worse than usual with a lot of women who lost babies during this time feeling isolated and lonely.

“Some people sent messages in the wee hours of the morning – which is a warning sign in itself – and they said they couldn’t talk about their grief and were told things like” you are young “,” you will get over it and have more “.

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“And that’s really not acceptable. As long as you know you’re pregnant and this baby becomes your child and a lot of parents just want them recognized.

“They want us to recognize that their baby existed.

“We need to break down this stigma around losing babies and people need to ask grieving parents if they want to talk because 99% of them will want to talk about their baby.

“Even if you don’t know what to say, listen, this is so important.”

Rachel also said that while the work is worth it for all the wonderful comments, sometimes people’s stories can really hit home.

She said: “Sometimes it really hits the whole team.

Clothing made for deceased babies by the Wirral Wings team
Clothing made for deceased babies by the Wirral Wings team

“We’re all good at picking ourselves up, but some of their stories are so heartbreaking.

“But the number of messages we get saying ‘thank you’, and sometimes just a thank you for acknowledging that their baby existed.

“We have comments on Facebook from women who say they wish a service like ours existed when they lost their child years ago when they were just given their babies in a plastic box. without a birth certificate and were told to get over it.

“We have contacted women like this in the past and prepared special gifts for them – one of them even said it helped her finally tell her other children about the brother they had never heard of. talk and she then hosted a memorial service for him.

“You cannot underestimate how much people need this time to deal with their loss and grief.”

She added: “We are now getting requests of all kinds and we are trying to help as best we can.

“We have no limit, anyone suffering from the loss of a child at any age, or any loss, if we can help, we will.”

Learn more about Wirral Wings via their Facebook page here.

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Dear Abby: Wedding plans cover almost everything Wed, 16 Jun 2021 16:01:58 +0000

DEAR ABBY: I am getting married and my fiancé’s daughters, 19 and 21, are at the wedding party. I bought the dresses they wear, which are light and flowing. I told the girls that on the wedding day I don’t want them to wear thong underwear. The eldest then went to her father and told him that she did not want to wear regular underwear. He told her she could wear whatever she wanted. I tried to tell them that as young girls there are times when you don’t wear a thong, and under a flowy dress there is. It’s a day of their life. How can I get my message across? – THE WISE BRIDE TO PHOENIX

DEAR WISE BRIDE: Explain to your fiancé why you are concerned that his daughters are wearing thong underwear under their bridesmaid dresses and, when you do, be graphic. After that, if he still feels the same, accept it. Then pray that no slippage occurs while they dance and that no strong gusts of wind occur when the wedding photos are taken.

DEAR ABBY: I am dating a lady and committing to our relationship, but every time I visit her in her apartment she expects me to take her dog out. The building has a policy that if the dog poops you have to pick it up and get rid of it, so they have bags in different places.

I don’t like to do it. I grew up on a farm where we had dogs, but I never would have thought of picking up their poop. It disgusts me. OK, so I’ve been doing this for a few years, but I don’t want to do it anymore. But if I say that or don’t, she’ll think I’m not committed to her. What should I do? – DOG WALK IN TEXAS

DEAR DOG WALKS: Defend yourself. Because you feel so strong, tell her that from now on you are going to walk her dog together or that she will have to do it on her own. You may have been raised on a farm, but now you are part of a community with ordinances against leaving excrement on the streets. Your dedication to this person should not be based on your willingness to do a task that they should have done on their own.

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I have a little argument and we are asking for your help in resolving it. We live in an age where we commonly experience “conversations” with robocalls, virtual assistants (Alexa and Echo), and phone routing software. All of this technology is powered by artificial intelligence. So since we are talking to machines, do we have to follow the rules of etiquette with these robots? My wife insists that we should say “Thank you” and “Please” to these software creations, while I say no way is necessary. Your thoughts? – THINK IN MONTANA

DEAR AT HIM: While not required, I know of at least one AI “helper” who would recognize the courtesy.

Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby at or PO Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Abby shares over 100 of her favorite recipes in two booklets: “Abby’s Favorite Recipes” and “More Favorite Recipes by Dear Abby”. Send your name and mailing address, along with a check or money order for $ 16 (in US dollars) to: Dear Abby, Cookbooklet Set, PO Box 447, Mount Morris, IL 61054-0447. (Shipping and handling costs are included in the price.)

Jeanne Phillips

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Sofia Vergara Stuns In Bodycon Dress In Adoring Pics With Joe Manganiello Tue, 15 Jun 2021 15:47:45 +0000

Jenni McKnight

Sofia vergara marked a special occasion on Monday alongside her husband Joe manganiello – and she went all out with her outfit!

the Modern family The star looked phenomenal in a bodycon strapless floral midi dress by Veronica Beard to celebrate her first birthday with Joe.

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Sofia shared a wonderful love photo with her partner as they ate a meal on a ‘date night’. Captioning the romantic picture, she kindly wrote: “Feliz first date anniversary @joemanganiello 7 años luuuv uuuuu. “

Loading the player …

WATCH: Sofia Vergara stuns in strapless beach dress

Her fans were quick to react to the couple’s birthday photo, with one writing: “All the love in the world for you two!”

A second said: “The most amazingly gorgeous couple !! #Goals,” and a third added: “No way it’s been seven years! OMG congratulations!”

Sofia and Joe tied the knot on November 21, 2015, and two days later shared the most amazing photo of herself wedding dress – a dress that took 1,657 hours to make the eye!

MORE: Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello: Check Out All The Best Photos From Their Wedding

WATCH: 11 Famous Brides With Colorful Wedding Dresses: Victoria Beckham, Kaley Cuoco, Gwen Stefani & More


Sofia and Joe celebrated their first birthday

The jaw-dropping gown was a custom design by Zuhair Murad and it featured a strapless sweetheart neckline, intricate lace application, and a dramatic skirt with a puffy train.

Grazia reported that it took 32 people 1657 hours to make the dress, and it was adorned with 350 crystals, 11 pounds of sequins, and seven pounds of pearls.


Sofia looked gorgeous in her strapless dress

Talk to Martha Stewart Weddings Of her bridal look, the star said at the time: “Your wedding is not the time to try new things – you are going to have these photos forever. My body looks better when I have a fitted dress with more support. I’m 43, so I can’t really go looking for something too crazy. I have to choose what looks good on me. “

Sofia’s wedding dress was spectacular

The princess dress matched well with the rest of the day which felt like a real fairy tale. Their aisle was a flower wonderland with white flowers lining the path and hanging above, and their wedding breakfast space was decorated with huge displays of pink roses.

The 400 guest list included celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Read more HELLO! American stories here

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Princess Diana’s fashion evolution shows just how versatile her style is Mon, 14 Jun 2021 18:29:31 +0000

Princess Diana is the epitome of timeless style. The late Princess of Wales was well known for her elegant approach to royal attire. From floor-sweeping ball gowns to ultra chic column dresses, there hasn’t been a royal affair she hasn’t stolen the sartorial limelight. Catherine Walker, David Sassoon, Christina Stambolian and Stephen Jones are just a few of the British designers Diana has regularly collaborated with to create her most iconic high-end fashion moments, including her famous Revenge dress.

But it wasn’t all Cinderella dresses and tailored outfits at the Met Gala. Princess Diana also knew how to follow the common path and dress casually. In fact, more often than not, it was his everyday clothes that got people talking. During the 1990s, she was somewhat of a trailblazer in the sport, wearing biker shorts with oversized sweatshirts to run errands. And, truth be told, while that exact look is now back in fashion – calling Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid – no one can quite pull it off like Diana.

Without a doubt, Princess Diana was one of a kind, which made her sudden death in 1997 even more tragic and heartbreaking. His legacy continues to live on thanks to the charitable work of his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

As for Diana’s personal style, it also remains a source of inspiration for fashionistas around the world. Members of the royal family, including Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, frequently pay tribute to Princess Diana with their ensembles.

Coming up, see Princess Diana’s total fashion transformation from her early years as a young princess in the ’80s to her stunning looks as a philanthropist and global jet setter in the’ 90s.


May 6, 1981: Princess Diana’s relaxed country look

Anwar Hussein / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Prior to their marriage in July 1981, Diana and Prince Charles spent time together in Balmoral, Scotland. The future princess wore an Inca jersey sweater with green corduroy pants and Hunter boots, and posed with their dog Harvey at the Craigowen Lodge estate.


July 29, 1981: Princess Diana’s wedding dress

Mirrorpix / Mirrorpix / Getty Images

Designed by husband and wife team David and Elizabeth Emanuel, Princess Diana’s wedding dress was intricately embroidered with sequins and antique lace. She also wore a 25-foot train and a 153-meter tulle veil.


June 22, 1982: Princess Diana’s new mum green dress

David Levenson / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

When Prince William was born in London, Diana wore this emerald green polka dot dress with a white bow on the front. She accessorized with red flats. the Red color was poignant because it represents passion, love, power and adventure, all the feelings one might associate with becoming a new mom.


September 16, 1984: Princess Diana’s second baby outfit

Anwar Hussein / Getty Images News / Getty Images

When Prince Harry was born, Diana appeared in a red dress with long sleeves and gold bracelets. Perhaps as a nod to Prince William’s birth, she repeated the same red dishes, which only underscores their importance to her boys.


November 9, 1985: Princess Diana’s White House Dress

Tim Graham / Corbis History / Getty Images

During her visit to the White House, Princess Diana wore an evening gown designed by Victor Edelstein and showed off her dance moves with John Travolta. As for accessories, she opted for a chic pearl choker.


June 29, 1988: Princess Diana’s floral dress

Princess Diana Archives / Hulton Royals Collection / Getty Images

During a charity polo match at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor, Diana stepped out in a vibrant flowered Bellville Sassoon dress. Matching blue heels completed her look.


July 27, 1989: Princess Diana’s ballet dress

Princess Diana Archives / Hulton Royals Collection / Getty Images

By attending a performance of Swan Lake by the Bolshoi Ballet at the London Coliseum, she wore a pink and white evening dress by Catherine Walker.


March 21, 1990: Princess Diana’s yellow skirt suit

Tim Graham / Tim Graham Photo Library / Getty Images

While visiting a school for the deaf in Yaoundé, during a three-day visit to Cameroon, she chose to wear a pink and yellow Catherine Walker costume with a hat designed by Philip Somerville.


July 22, 1991: Princess Diana’s LBD

Princess Diana Archives / Hulton Royals Collection / Getty Images

At a film premiere in London, Diana remained classic in a little black dress designed by Bellville Sassoon. She finished the look with black teardrop earrings.


September 24, 1992: Princess Diana’s Fiery Red Ensemble

Princess Diana Archives / Hulton Royals Collection / Getty Images

She opted for all-red when attending the film’s premiere Like a woman in London. A matching clutch and heels, as well as a diamond necklace, created the ultimate glamorous moment.


March 1993: adjustment of Princess Diana’s ski slopes

Princess Diana Archives / Hulton Royals Collection / Getty Images

While on a ski vacation in Lech, Austria, Princess Diana opted for a red puffer jacket and fitted black leggings to hit the slopes. White mittens and ski boots complete this sporty ensemble.


August 24, 1994: Princess Diana’s biker shorts

Anwar Hussein / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Princess Diana was spotted wearing a pale blue sweatshirt, pink cycling shorts and crisp white sneakers as she left the Chelsea Harbor Club in London. Tortoiseshell sunglasses add a touch of sophistication.


November 20, 1994: Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress

Princess Diana Archives / Hulton Royals Collection / Getty Images

Diana wore a black Christina Stambolian off-the-shoulder dress to attend a Vanity Show party at the Serpentine Gallery in London. Why is it called the robe of revenge? Because she wore it that very evening, Prince Charles confessed to his longtime affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.


June 27, 1995: Princess Diana’s backless dress

Princess Diana Archives / Hulton Archives / Getty Images

To attend a dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park in London, she wore a pale blue halter neck dress by designer Catherine Walker. She paired the look with a clutch and matching heels.


December 9, 1996: Princess Diana’s Met Gala Look


In her only appearance at the Met Gala, Diana arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for the Costume Institute ball, wearing a navy blue silk dress that skimmed the floor. She wore a matching silk dress and sapphire jewelry.

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How to organize a micro-wedding in Hong Kong Sun, 13 Jun 2021 22:51:08 +0000

Are you planning to have a small wedding celebration? We tell you all about micro-weddings. (Photo: Unsplash)
By Annie Simpson

By Annie Simpson

June 14, 2021

With changing social distancing restrictions and international travel still out of reach, many are choosing to put the brakes on the traditional party and opt for a smaller micro-wedding – here’s how to plan an intimate micro-wedding in Hong Kong.

It’s no surprise that after more than a year of the Covid-19 pandemic, weddings with hundreds of guests are becoming a thing of the past. While factors such as location and budget have always been key in planning a wedding, the ongoing pandemic has thrown the wedding world into disarray. Ever-changing restrictions have led to a reduction in guest lists, not to mention the impact of not being able to accommodate people from abroad. The result? A micro wedding, the latest trend to hit the wedding world.

We describe exactly what a micro-wedding is and how to plan one. Read on to find out all you need to know and if a micro-wedding is right for you.

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There is some debate over exactly how many guests a micro-wedding should have – some say to be truly “micro” it shouldn’t have more than 20 guests, although others are still considering parties. up to 50 micro.

In short, it is a smaller wedding in size, besides being generally more relaxed and shorter than a traditional wedding celebration. It differs from a runaway, as it goes beyond a quick and simple registrar ceremony with just your witnesses in tow – thinking more of the side of a full wedding, just on a smaller scale.

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Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

If you are looking for a small wedding focused on the guest experience and don’t mind skewing the tradition, a micro wedding might be the right choice for you.

The main advantage of choosing a micro wedding is that you don’t have to worry about being tied to a traditional wedding day and all that that entails. The smaller scale and the more personalized and intimate nature allow you to have a celebration that is unique to you, and you can opt out of formalities such as cutting cakes, throwing bouquets, first dances and speeches. they don’t resonate with your values.

While micro-weddings aren’t necessarily less expensive than a traditional style day out, you can choose to spend your budget money differently. A smaller guest list and a more intimate location can allow you to enjoy personalized menus, unique experiences, wedding gifts, decoration and more because you won’t be able to cater for a large number. . You will likely spend more time with your guests, be more relaxed, and feel less constrained by schedules and formalities.

However, it’s always worth considering the downside of choosing a smaller wedding before committing to it. If you’ve always dreamed of a big fairytale wedding, is changing your plans right for you? There is also the family to consider – if you have a larger family who may not all be able to attend, will opting for a smaller celebration offend or hurt feelings?

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Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

Just because your wedding is small doesn’t mean that there won’t be a lot to plan yet, so don’t rule out having an organizer just because you’ve opted for a micro-celebration. There are many wedding planning experts in Hong Kong who will be able to help you create the day of your dreams, no matter the size.

Of course, you can always do this yourself, but a planner may be able to bring in their expertise in recommending everything from caterers to florists, makeup artists, etc., so you should always take this into account if on your schedule. is charged.

See also: How to Plan Your Wedding: Expert Advice from a Top Organizer in Hong Kong

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

Although smaller, finding your venue will likely be one of the biggest decisions you make when planning your day. Understandably, a micro-wedding doesn’t lend itself to spacious ballrooms, but it does mean you can go for more unique venues.

Whether it’s a secluded beachfront location, private kitchen, outdoor space, or even your favorite restaurant, there are countless unique places in Hong Kong that you can customize.

When travel restrictions ease, destinations are also well suited for micro-weddings, due to the smaller guest list.

See Also: 13 Alternative Wedding Venues In Hong Kong For A Unique Celebration

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

A micro-wedding will likely only have 20 guests and not 200, so your wedding party will only be made up of your loved ones. Think: immediate family, your closest friends and those who are most important to you, and avoid inviting your first cousin or coworkers unless you can imagine the day without them. The smaller nature can also mean that you have to reconsider allowing more, unless you’ve known them for a long time.

See also: Planning events in times of social distancing: how to choose your guest list

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

Micro-weddings tend to be a bit more casual than traditional weddings, but the beauty of them is that you make the rules. Getting married in an intimate and sophisticated evening venue? It’s the black tie! Or if your location is a little more low-key and outdoorsy, you can relax formal dress codes however you see fit.

The same goes for the bride and groom. While many of us have dreamed of walking down the aisle in a traditional white dress, the choice is yours. Whether you go for a different color, a modern style, a suit, or something completely different, it’s your day, and most importantly, you feel comfortable.

The smaller nature of the ceremony can also mean that you are leaving without bridesmaids and groomsmen, or that you are having a smaller wedding party. Many brides now allow their bridesmaids to choose their own dresses or stick to a particular color scheme, rather than going the traditional way of matches. The same goes for groomsmen, with many ditching tuxedo belts and ties in favor of more modern, more casual styles of suits. As with all decisions about planning a micro-wedding, you can choose a wedding as traditional or as unique as you want.

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Cork couple enjoy intimate wedding ceremony and reception in the trunk of a car Sat, 12 Jun 2021 15:05:22 +0000

Covid has disrupted the plans of many over the past year and many couples have had to postpone or drastically change their marriages.

While some couples have chosen to move their date, others have decided to organize smaller ceremonies with fewer guests in unusual settings.

Heather O’Leary and Barry Murray, both from Cork, are one of those couples who opted for a scaled-down event.

Heather spoke to Live RSVP on the course of their day, including receiving them from the trunk of their car!

You can see more fabulous photos from Heather and Barry’s big day in the gallery below.

The reception

“We had a little reception in the trunk of the car – Barry’s mom surprised us with personalized cupcakes and champagne.

“Then we had coffee at one of our favorite cafes, Pink Moon, and had a take out for the evening.”

The dress

“I was at a wedding salon in Castlemartyr and there was a girl there, she was getting rid of all her wedding dresses and she had exactly the dress I wanted!

“I went to Alterations by Kate in Ballincollig to make some changes – there was a mesh on the chest and I asked her to cut it and put cap sleeves on it. She also made a matching mask.

“The leopard print jacket is from A-Wear and I’ve had it since I was 15!”

The strong points

“My friend and her girlfriend were waiting for us outside the registration desk, which was a nice surprise.”

Hair and makeup

My sister and I searched for some Hollywood wave YouTube tutorials for my hair, she gave it a try and then did it the same day!

I did my makeup, my mom’s makeup and my sister’s makeup!

The stressor

We got engaged in February 2019 and started planning the wedding that year – we had planned to get married on July 20, 2020. We wanted to have about 60 people at the reception and then 30 more in a row.

Then, obviously, Covid happened. We both lost our jobs in March 2020 and took out a loan to pay for the wedding. I had sent out all the invitations, hand cut them and wax sealed and everything …

The restrictions kept changing and we had to keep changing our plans. In the end, we decided to get married on our own and invite only our mothers and one sister each. In the end, it was a relief to just focus on ourselves.

Heather is a vegan blogger – follow Vegan is the new black for recipes and more.

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18 Best Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses – Gorgeous and Comfy 2021 Fri, 11 Jun 2021 22:49:34 +0000

Lulus / ASOS / Show me your mumu

So you are looking for a maternity bridesmaid dress. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! It is always an honor to be invited to be a bridesmaid for someone’s wedding, whether it is a close family member or a friend. That being said, the role of bridesmaid is a big responsibility. Not only are you tasked with standing next to the bride on her wedding day as she says “yes” to the love of her life, but you also have to play the part, which also means buying a beautiful dress from. bridesmaid. as shoes and accessories to go with it.

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In a normal setting, that’s a lot to prepare, but playing “bridesmaid” when you expect it makes things a bit trickier. No matter where you are during your pregnancy, whether it’s the first trimester or the third trimester, anticipating how you will look and feel on the bride’s wedding day can be a bit tricky, as can finding the right dress that’s right for you. will adapt to your growing and potentially nauseous baby (thank you, morning sickness).

The good news: There are more options than ever to shop for bridesmaid dresses and so many flattering and indulgent styles and cuts that you are almost guaranteed to find something you love and something you love. , you and your baby. .

Here are some of the best maternity bridesmaid dresses that will flatter you no matter where you are in your pregnancy.

Best Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

Glitter makes the world go round. Especially at a wedding. This shade of taupe blush is feminine, pretty, and goes with just about anything, making it a popular bridesmaid dress color – you can pair it with any color scheme the bride chooses! With its t-shirt top and V-neck, it is both casual and sexy, and its flowing skirt is pure magic. (And breathable too.)

$ 109 AT ASOS

This maternity dress can easily be worn as a bridesmaid dress to provide maximum comfort and flattering style for a mom-to-be. It is made from a rayon and spandex material which is stretchy and soft and is available in a wide range of sizes from small to extra large. Plus, with over 40 colors and prints to choose from, you really can’t go wrong.

$ 37.95 AT AMAZON

If you’re a plus size mom-to-be, you’re looking for a special dress that flatters all of your curves, including your latest addition. This dress, available in 16 different colors, features a double V-neck, short ruffle sleeves, a wrap front, and an empire waist so it sits just above your stomach for a complementary fit.

$ 54.99 AT AMAZON

This off-the-shoulder maternity dress is longer than the floor, with a slim fit that flatters both your baby’s tummy and the rest of your figure. It comes in 14 different colors to suit almost any wedding palette and is so affordable, it can’t be beat.

$ 31.99 AT AMAZON

While not necessarily a maternity dress or even a full-fledged bridesmaid dress, this long cocktail dress works well. It comes in 14 different shades and is made from high quality polyester and spandex, which is both lightweight and should keep you comfortable. It is also available in sizes ranging from X-Small to 4X-Large Plus.

$ 49.95 AT AMAZON

Floral prints and weddings go hand in hand, which is why we love this blush floral number. It’s an off-the-shoulder style, but with a strap, so you don’t have to worry about your wardrobe malfunctioning. The skater skirt is airy, as is the high quality polyester material.

$ 50 AT ASOS

With over 3,000 4-star ratings, it’s clear that this maternity dress will appeal to everyone. It’s made from a comfortable yet flattering polyester-spandex material and features an off-the-shoulder fit that’s feminine without being overly revealing (it’s not that revealing, it’s quite your style!) . It is available in 19 different colors and prints.

$ 41.95 AT AMAZON

If you’re not looking for anything fancy, this simple maxi dress can work wonders as a bridesmaid dress for someone waiting. It fits so many sizes and shapes, and ranges from small to 3X-Large. It’s also available in 38 (yes, really) different colors and prints to match the color scheme the bride has in mind.

$ 35.99 AT AMAZON

This maternity maxi dress is an ideal choice for a bridesmaid dress. It is made up of a floral lace top and a flowy chiffon bottom that drapes beautifully over a growing baby bump. While not available in as many colors as some other bridesmaid dresses, it does come in six shades: light blue, pink, navy blue, purple, red, and white.

$ 34.99 AT AMAZON

Since most bridesmaid dresses are long, it’s hard to find one that will keep you cool on a hot summer day, especially if you’re pregnant. This one does a great job thanks to its sleeveless fit and rayon-elastane fabric. It’s also available in multiple colors and provides size measurements so you can be sure you’re picking the right one.

$ 32.99 AT AMAZON

You just can’t strike the sleek silhouette in this Empire Maxi Dress from Show Me Your Mumu. It offers all the coverage a mom-to-be could ask for and gently cradles a growing baby bump with the touch of a soft, springy empire band. It comes in tons of gorgeous shades and comes in sizes XXS to 3X.


Simple, yes. But it does mean that it will be easier to match it with the other bridesmaids and you can easily accessorize it. This classic maxi dress is available in 34 different colors, is made of polyester and comes with spaghetti straps. Our favorite detail is the sweetheart neckline and vintage bow at the waist that highlights your tummy.

$ 221 A DESSY

The off-the-shoulder short sleeves of this gorgeous full-length bridesmaid dress distract from your growing baby, which some expectant moms may appreciate. You can choose to have it in an extra long length if you are on the larger side and can choose from one of 20 different shades.


If you’re comfortable forking out a little extra for a super flattering bridesmaid dress made with high quality lace, consider this maternity dress from Tiffany Rose. It features a scalloped surplice collar and sheer cap sleeves. The only downside is that it only exists in one color: dark navy blue.


This plus size bridesmaid dress is perfect for a mom-to-be with its empire waist and flattering polyester material. The deep v-neckline doesn’t drop too low and the waist ties up so you can easily adjust the fit. Sizes range from 14 plus to 26 plus.

$ 29.99 AT AMAZON

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t feel sexy in your bridesmaid dress. This one, designed for maternity photoshoots, largely combats the stigmatization of matrons. With a deep v-neckline and empire waist, this dress is super flattering for expectant moms. It’s made of a lightweight material that’s both breathable and sweat-wicking, which is a huge plus, and it comes in 13 different colors.

$ 33.99 AT AMAZON

If you are looking for a maternity bridesmaid dress that you can wear long after the wedding, this is a great option. It comes in 19 different colors and prints, all in the same color block style that is super flattering for a growing tummy, and comes in sizes from small to extra large.

$ 37.95 AT AMAZON

You may be familiar with this women’s fashion site, which recently added bridesmaid dresses to their repertoire. “With universal colors, textures and fits, Lulu’s is a wonderful, cost-effective option for bridesmaids who want to look chic but also want to wear their dress again for another occasion,” says Kylie Carlson, owner of The Marriage Academy. This dress flatters many figures, with its sweetheart neckline and pleated, layered bodice. And, because it’s well placed and high on the waist, it can easily accommodate a baby bump in the first or second trimester.


Are you looking for more fashionable purchases to accompany you during pregnancy and beyond? Check out our fashion page.

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Mother Bee Maternity Sleeve ¾ Ruched Maternity …

$ 37.95

Ever-Pretty Plus Size Evening Dress for Women …

$ 54.99

Molliya Maternity Long Stretch Maxi Dre …

$ 31.99

KOH KOH Formal dress with short sleeves and v-neck

$ 49.95

Sweater with cowl neck and on the shoulder …

$ 41.95

Women’s Xpenyo Maternity Maxi Dress

$ 35.99

Vivinew Maternity Long Dress

$ 34.99

Maternity Ruched Sleeveless Dress for …

$ 32.99

Emily Empire Long Dress

$ 188

Amsale Fall Maternity Dress

$ 290

Eden lace maternity dress

$ 425

Nemidor Women V-Neckline Plus Size Br …

$ 29.99

Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Maxi Dress

$ 33.99

Maxi Maternal Sleeveless Shirred Color Block …

$ 37.95

Lulus With All My Heart Slate Blue Pleated …

$ 88

Maya Maternity Tulle Bridesmaid Dress

$ 109

Maya Floral Off Shoulder Maternity Dress

$ 50

Dessy Collection Maternity Bridesmaid Dr …

$ 221

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Just a bunch of cute maxi dresses under $ 30 to wear on a loop this summer Fri, 11 Jun 2021 16:38:20 +0000

Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and offers that we love. If you too like them and decide to buy through the links below, we may receive a commission. Prices and availability are subject to change.

When it’s hot and humid, getting dressed in the morning can feel like a chore. Do you want to look extra fly in a layered look and run the risk of sweating like crazy, or do you want something simple that will keep you cute and cool?

For those days when you go for the latter, it’s important to have a good rotation of long dresses to put on. They are great for the summer because they look classy on their own, but you can also dress them up dressy or casually depending on where you are heading. Want to stay relaxed for brunch? Pair your long dress with a Jean jacket and classic white sneakers. Need to dress up a bit more for a summer wedding? Wear your maxi dress with trendy heels and earrings.

If you don’t yet have maxi dresses that you love, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of affordable options up for grabs this summer. Below, check out a bunch of fabulous maxi dresses under $ 30 that you can wear all season.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Short Sleeve Maxi Dress, $ 29.50


If you’re looking for maxi dresses under $ 30, head to Amazon. This maxi dress is super comfortable, and it’s available in seven classic colors.

All In Favor Knit Maxi Dress, $ 29.97


This affordable maxi dress features an elastic waistband that adds definition. It comes in seven prints and patterns, and for under $ 30 you can afford to get more than one.

Universal Thread Women’s Sleeveless Ruffle Dress, $ 23.99 (Original $ 29.99)


How pretty is the sunny yellow color of this Long dress with universal thread? If this shade does not suit you, there are other colors to choose from. Bonus: this maxi dress is available up to a size 4X.

MakeMeChic Bohemian Long Dress with Short Sleeves and Slit Pockets for Women, $ 20.99 – $ 29.99


As you restock your household essentials on Amazon, be sure to add this maxi dress to your shopping cart. It has major bohemian vibes and will work great for weekend runs or even as a blanket at the beach.

T Tahari Sleeveless Crew Neck Twist Front Maxi Dress, $ 24.97


The twisted detail on this maxi dress makes it more special than most. Choose from two different striped or neutral gray options.

A New Day Women’s Sleeveless Ruffle Hem Dress, $ 22.39 (original $ 27.99)


If you need a maxi dress for a special occasion this summer, feel free to shop this ruffle style at Target while it’s on sale for just $ 22.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Long Tank Dress, $ 29.50


Your summer wardrobe isn’t complete without a simple tank top style maxi dress, and this one from Amazon is perfection. It comes in three different prints and a few solid colors.

Abound V-neck knit maxi dress, $ 19.97


This V-neck maxi dress is super versatile. Flip-flops or flat sandals will give it a casual look, while heeled mules are a way to make it look more formal.

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As the pandemic eases, the wedding industry is booming Thu, 10 Jun 2021 21:55:11 +0000

Planning a wedding is never easy.

Today, men and women rushing to get married after vaccination in the United States face a shortage of flowers, special clothing and food, and places to celebrate their weddings.

As the pandemic eases and restrictions are lifted, wedding planners and service providers say they have started pushing their dates back to late 2022 and early 2023.

Anna Noriega owns a wedding planning business in Miami, Florida. She said the easy COVID-19 vaccinations and testing made it possible to hold weddings with many guests. This has led to more demand for his business than ever before.

“We’ve been out of trucks for some dates this year and it has never happened before,” said Ben Goldberg. He is the co-founder and president of the New York Food Truck Association.

He provides food for weddings. People want to “have the weddings they had to postpone during COVID,” he added.

Adding to the haste, some got married quietly, without celebration, during the pandemic. Now they want to have a big, expensive event.

Namisha Balagopal from Emeryville, Calif., Got engaged to Suhaas Prasad in 2019. They had planned a traditional South Asian wedding for 320 guests with events over five days. This couldn’t have happened under the pandemic restrictions, so they quietly married only a few family members.

27 year old man the bride is planning a big wedding celebration for August 15 in Park City, Utah. “It’s just a very big part of our culture,” she said of the wedding. “In the end, it was really important to our parents.”

FILE – Anita Galafate checks wedding dresses at a store in Rome on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Couples in the United States are rushing to the altar amid a boom in immunization-era weddings has places and other sellers in high demand. (AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino, File

There is also an increased demand for special wedding attire for the bride, often referred to as a wedding dress.

David’s Bridal has 282 stores in the United States and more in the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico. The company has 300,000 dresses in its stores due to all of the wedding cancellations or delays from the past year.

Maggie Lord is vice president of David’s. “It’s going to be a unprecedented wedding season this year, ”she said.

Wedding ceremonies in the United States usually take place on weekends. But Lord said people “have ceremonies on Thursday evenings or ceremonies on Friday afternoons just because of the number of people getting married this year.”

“90% of brides this year are looking to get married in outdoor venues,” Lord said, as there are fewer restrictions.

Justin Warshaw runs the large international wedding dress company Justin Alexandre Group. He saw demand for wedding dresses increase by 593% compared to the same period last spring. “People want to celebrate with their family and friends and take charge of their lives,” he said.

Competition for venues to host a wedding and other services has driven up prices in some areas.

Anna Price Olson works for Bride magazine. She said the companies that provide food and flowers for weddings are often small. They have to hire more people to meet demand and pay more for goods like flowers. “To do this, in many cases, they have to charge more,” Olson said.

Tirusha Dave is the owner of Bravura Brides, the company used by Balagopal to plan their celebration. Dave said she has managed three weddings in 2020. So far, she has already planned 11 weddings for this year with 250-300 guests invited to each.

“I think everyone is ready for things bounce back, but just in a safe way, ”she said.

I am Susan Shand.

The Associated Press reported this story. Susan Shand adapted it for Learn English. Hai Do was the editor.


Words in this story

wedding – nm a ceremony in which two people get married

location nm the place where an event takes place

the bride – nm a woman who has just married or is about to get married

unprecedentedadj. never done before

bounce) v. quickly return to a normal state after a difficult situation or event

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