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Pool / Max MombyGetty Images

Kate Middleton’s younger brother, James Middleton, married Alizée Thevenet earlier this month in a ceremony in a beautiful French village on the French Riviera. It sounds like fairytale romances: Prince William, Kate and their children were in attendance, as were the rest of Middleton’s team, of course, and the couple had their dogs, Ella and Mabel, playing the role. of bridesmaids. This last part is important, because without the help of James’ dog Ella, he might never have met his wife.

This story, which comes from royal expert Zoe Forsey on the podcast, Pod Save the Queen (and caught by Express) is a truly classic encounter. In 2018, James and Alizee were both at the same “posh private members club” in London, according to Forsey, and James had taken Ella with him. Although she was a good bitch at first, sitting at James’s feet she got up for a drink of water and “got distracted” by a woman in the corner of the bar, so she went. say hello doggy style. The woman, of course, was Thevenet.

But here’s the best part: When James went to apologize for the puppy’s intrusion, according to Forsey, “Alizee actually thought he was a waiter and just ordered a drink.” Obviously, the mistake was fixed and the couple got engaged in 2019.

This month’s wedding has been a long time coming as the couple have had to postpone their wedding several times due to pandemic containment. Thevenet wore his stepmother Carole’s wedding dress to her own wedding, story Hi! Magazine, “It always bothered me that wedding dresses were only worn once and so it was amazing to give a second life to such a beautiful dress.”

Is it sweet?

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Exclusive Look at Jinjara Mitchell’s Custom Wedding Dress Process Fri, 24 Sep 2021 20:03:45 +0000

By now, we’re sure you’ve seen the gorgeous beach wedding of Jinjara Mitchell and Jordan Connor. The acting duo said “yes” to family, friends and loved ones on September 4, 2021, at the Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino, British Columbia. From the decor to the beach to the wedding vows, everything was just perfect for their big day. Plus, and one of our favorite details of the whole wedding, was fashion. Jordan donned a black Lazio tuxedo from Suitsupply, but the real star of the breakout was Jinjara, who wore a custom ball gown designed by famous bridal brand, Anne Barge.

Courtesy of Anne Barge

If you’re like us, you probably can’t forget how gorgeous and ethereal Jinjara’s dress was – and for those wondering how she created her dress, get ready because you’re in luck! We chatted with Jinjara and Shawne Jacobs, Creative Director and Owner of Anne Barge, about everything that went into creating this personalized wedding masterpiece.

For Jinjara, choosing to work with Shawne was a natural decision. “I chose to work with Anne Barge because their dresses capture a certain timeless aspect of wedding dresses that I really love. Their dresses are beautifully designed and have that feminine quality that I really wanted too,” shares the actress. . “I have always dreamed of wearing a dreamy, fluid and feminine dress, and I could never have imagined working with another [designer]. ”

After an initial visit to the designer’s boutique in New York, before the pandemic, Jinjara and Shawne immediately began the process of designing a unique and timeless look. “I first got in touch with Anne Barge via email, and from there I went to their store in New York with my sister, where we tried on some of their dresses and pieced together different aspects. from my favorite dresses to create my own unique wedding dress, ”reveals Mitchell.

Courtesy of Anne Barge / Design by Tiana Crispino

My dress was more beautiful than the one I imagined in my head!


The designer and actress agree that visiting the salon was an integral part of the whole process. “We love meeting the bride to ask her several key questions: Where are you getting married? What type of marriage are you planning? In what season are you getting married and where? How many guests will be present?“said Shawne. “All of these details play into the decision of the dress. [And Jinjara] wanted a formal dress but not too formal. ”

Brides, take note! From the start, Jinjara communicated her expectations and desires for the perfect dress, and her clear vision paid off! After a few virtual follow-up and fitting appointments, Anne Barge’s team delivered a unique and breathtaking look. “My dress was more beautiful than the one I imagined in my head!” the bride gushes.

Some of my favorite moments are when I ask a bride to try something for me. It might not be what she thinks she wants at all, but the moment she tries it her eyes light up.


In addition to effortless teamwork and concise communication, Jinjara and Shawne had fun throughout the sartorial journey. They also entered the process of being open-minded and enthusiastic about creating a dreamy look, which Shawne believes all brides should embrace when finding or designing the perfect wedding dress.

“Keep an open mind while shopping. Some of my favorite moments are when I ask a bride to try something for me. It might not be what she thinks she wants at all, but the moment she tries it on, her eyes light up, “says Creative Director Anne Barge. “Don’t be afraid to try new shapes and shapes on your search.”

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Rare Norman Hartnell fashion illustrations for Princess Anne up for auction Fri, 24 Sep 2021 12:26:47 +0000

The collection for sale also includes legal documents relating to the controversy, including Sir Norman’s passionate rebuttal of allegations and details of an earlier dispute he had with the journalist who wrote the article, Peter Baker, earlier that year. Another document from the managing director of Norman Hartnell Ltd, a certain George Mitchison, alleges that Baker “stalked” him in his office and made aggressive phone calls. While the letters provided in evidence at the time show that the company had requested a quote for the insurance, this was a routine action “in accordance with the usual practice in effect on such occasions”, Mitchison said.

Sir Norman’s illustrations


Ewbanks partner Andrew Ewbank revealed: “It would have been an extremely shocking claim at the time … To make such a claim about a royal wedding would have caused enormous distress and embarrassment, but after the scandal and the fallout from the Townsend affair which had kept Princess Margaret in the headlines for much of the early to mid-1950s, it would have been seen as a particularly vicious attack and one that would undoubtedly have put Hartnell’s affairs and royal mandates in danger.

The entire lot will be auctioned as part of Ewbank Vintage Fashion and Textiles sale on November 11.

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Wedding dresses and financial priorities Thu, 23 Sep 2021 17:20:00 +0000

We make our way to the hospice. We buy giant televisions and iPads. Our children are wearing beautiful clothes thanks to high interest credit cards and payday loans. We buy homes we don’t need, refinance them for extra spending money, and declare bankruptcy, often leaving them full of garbage in our wake. Savings are the enemy of our being. JD Vance

We are now in the middle of Sukkot. The Great Holy Days are over. Hopefully we have managed to get back to our core values. Due to the increase in the number of corona, our synagogue decided that while the services were allowed indoors, it would be best if we kept them outside. It was really amazing and moving and after Yom Kippur many people I prayed with said it was the most moving Yom Kippur they have ever had. We must have had 300-400 people in a side street in Jerusalem. Keep in mind that in a normal year without a crown, we would have around 130 participants inside. Nuns and laity together in the street and on the sidewalks without frontiers separating them, praying at sunset and then waiting in anticipation for the shofar to signal the end of the day, was such a strong demonstration of national unity that was so sorely lacking in our situation. Many devotees and neighbors have commented that whatever the crown situation next year is, we should organize outside services for Yom Kippur because it was so unifying and powerful.

The etrogim Sukkot preparations and branches for the lulav. (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)

But enough about Yom Kippur, we are already halfway to Sukkot. As I mentioned before, Rabbi Benjamin Blech describes the holiday and writes: “Sukkot was the time when, in the agricultural society of yesteryear, the farmers were the richest for the whole year. It was harvest time. The attics were full. He continues: “They needed to remind, in a festival aptly named” the season of our joy “, that true happiness does not come from our possessions but from our priorities, not from what we have but from whom we. We are, not from our homes, which provide physical comfort, but from our families with whom we create eternal bonds of love and affection.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is that we spend a lot of time with the family. All the children are at home at the same time, and even the most mundane activities become fun because they are all done together. A few nights ago it was almost midnight and we were all sitting down and someone turned on the TV. We attended a show called “Say yes to the dress” and it was decided by the majority (something not common with us!) That this would be the show to watch. The principle of the show is that the brides go with a few friends and family members to buy the wedding dress of their dreams. It’s full of drama because inevitably someone at the party says something mean about one of the dresses that has been tried on, then the bride gets all emotional, and you can relate to the rest. It usually ends well. In the episode I watched, the bride was asked what her budget was and she said, “My dad said the budget was $ 3,000 but it’s my wedding and I’ll spend what I got.” want. If the dress costs $ 9,000, he will have to pay for it because I want it.

Needless to say, I got really angry and think my kids had a blast watching me watch the show. On so many levels, it was a terrible message. Surely I’m guilty of watching crazy TV over the years, but this time it feels like 30 minutes of my life has been totally wasted and I’ll never get it back!

It’s all about priorities. Do not mistake yourself. I am not against creating wealth and trying to make money. After all, my job is to increase client wealth. I wrote about these two famous stories here. One is that of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton. On his deathbed, he said he “blew it up”. Here is a billionaire who started this amazing business, but as he died he realized he wasn’t spending enough time with his family.

The second story is about Chuck Feeny, co-founder of retail giant Duty Free Shoppers. Feeny has spent 38 years donating all of his billion dollar fortune to charity. Years ago, he set aside $ 2 million for his retirement and that of his wife and started giving the rest to charity. Last year he finished!

Let’s use the rest of this vacation to focus on using our money for the things we really need. Just a few days ago we could all pray together. Corona left a lot of trouble financially. Maybe we should give up a little luxury and help those in need. Let us remember the lesson of Rabbi Blech, “that true happiness does not come from our possessions but from our priorities.

Chag Sameach.

Aaron Katsman is the author of the book Retirement GPS: How to Navigate Your Way to A Secure Financial Future with Global Investing (McGraw-Hill), and is a Chartered Financial Professional in the United States and Israel, and helps people who open investment accounts. in the USA. For more information call (02) 624-0995, visit or email

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Laurie and Damon had a brilliant backyard wedding in Chi-Town Wed, 22 Sep 2021 20:46:16 +0000

Photo of Emily Mélissa

When Damon first laid eyes on Laurie while driving his car down the street one evening, he was so mesmerized by her beauty that he turned around so as not to miss the chance to log in. with her.

The year was 2008, the place was Chicago, and the beauty was a fashion designer and future Project track competitor (Season 14) Laurie Underwood. She was hailing a cab when wine entrepreneur Damon Russell walked past. The next thing she knew was that he was introducing himself.

“When I first saw Damon after turning his car around, the energy I felt changed my life and of course it did,” she said. at ESSENCE. “Love will always find you in the right place at the right time.”

The two had their first date the next night, and as Laurie says, “the rest is history”. They fell in love and started a family with Damon’s son, Daemond, and their daughters, Journe and Makemba. In 2016, Damon proposed on a Venetian gondola ride while the couple were on a trip to Rhode Island.

As beautiful as these years have progressed, planning the wedding would bring great stress and even greater obstacles. The couple were originally scheduled to get married in Florida, but when the pandemic hit in 2020 they had to postpone their nuptials and return to the drawing board. Despite the planning challenges, their situation allowed them to be creative and think outside the box when it came to saying “yes”. They decided to get married in a place already filled with a lot of love: at home, in their garden.

“We decided to plan and design our own wedding,” Laurie said of the Aug. 14 nuptials. “Damon designed a waterfall which was presented as the focal point of the ceremony, a floating terrace to elevate us as the bride and groom, and an elongated pergola, used during the reception.”

Showing greater resourcefulness, Laurie, the mastermind behind the Laury Bride bridal line, crafted her own wedding dress. She opted for it to be black. Every unique touch, from the big things, like getting married at home, to the small ones, like the bride and groom wearing unconventional clothes while the guests wore white, contributed to the wedding of Laurie and Damon’s dreams.

“Damon and I have been together for a long time, so traditions were abandoned and we were grateful to have the marriage we would be happy about; from the style, to the venue, to the family-style vegan dinner, to the look and feel of an affair we have planned together in our home, ”she says.

Check out the gorgeous footage from their intimate South Chicago home wedding, learn more about how the day unfolded, and learn more about their overall love affair.


Photographer: Emily Melissa Photo
Wedding dress and jewelry, bridesmaid dresses: Laury Bride
Groom’s jacket: custom made by the bride
Hair: bdemerittebeauty
Make-up: Siobhanwrightbeauty
Set: The couple and Trudy Underwood
Coordinator of the day: Victoria Beaty
Caterer: Majani Vegan
Cake: CakesbyDria

You want your marriage to count for inclusion in Bridal bliss? Email us some wedding photos and the story of your big day, along with some quotes, to

SUBJECTS: Black Love Weddings Bridal Bliss Wedding Planning

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Alizée Thevenet wore her stepmother Carole Middleton’s new wedding dress for her big day Wed, 22 Sep 2021 09:16:00 +0000

When Alizée Thevenet married James Middleton this summer, she did so in a very special dress, which also served as a loan. The bride walked down the aisle in a dress that actually belonged to her stepmother Carole Middleton, who wore the dress on her wedding day in 1980.

Thevenet explained that not only did she love the dress when she tried it on, but that she wanted to give it new life, rather than buying something new to wear for just one day.

“My borrowed something was actually my dress from my mother-in-law Carole who last wore it 41 years ago on her wedding day in June 1980,” she told Hello! “While talking about dresses with Carole and sharing ideas during the lockdown for inspiration, I tried on her wedding dress and fell in love with it.”

“It suited me perfectly and was exactly what I wanted. It always bothered me that wedding dresses were only worn once, so it was amazing to give a second life to such a beautiful dress. ‘

The dress in question was as casual and understated as the wedding. It was an off-the-shoulder style with beautiful brocade details and a loose fit.

The couple married at Bormes-les-Mimosas town hall on the French Riviera in September, before heading to a beachside reception, where they were surrounded by friends and family. , including James’ two sisters, Pippa and Kate.

Photo credit: Ian Gavan / GP – Getty Images

Like many couples, Middleton and Thevenet had been forced to postpone their wedding date multiple times due to the pandemic and lockdown restrictions, so they were delighted that they finally had the opportunity to formalize things.

“Mr & Mrs Middleton,” the groom wrote on Instagram. ‘Yesterday I married the love of my life surrounded by family, friends and of course a few dogs in the beautiful village of Bormes-les-Mimosas. Words cannot describe how happy I am.

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THE OUTNET x Jenny Packham Launches Glamorous Bridal Collection Tue, 21 Sep 2021 16:38:22 +0000


Luxury online retailer THE OUTNET has announced its collaboration with British design house Jenny Packham to offer the modern bride a selection of the brand’s best contemporary styles. In an exclusive interview with Town & Country, Jenny Packham explains how this collection is meant to “reflect the mood of our time – a desire for a more contemporary aesthetic.” The dresses are some of our finest silhouettes with delicate pearls and whimsical details. And the diversity within the collection was essential for me. The collection, available now on THE OUTNET, truly offers something for every bride, from intricately pleated princess-like tulle to minimalist and delicate lace, to intricate beading or funky feather trims and sequins. The perfect dress for your upcoming nuptials is available at the perfect price, with just one click.

Each piece in this glamorous capsule collection is inspired by the beauty of nature, with a selection of dresses bearing the appropriate name of a wild flower. There is the Lotus, a long, elegant cape dress that exudes romance. Then there’s the Bird of Paradise, a show-stopper feathered dress that’s perfect for dancing the night away. The list of wild flowers is long, magnolia, tulip, wild orchid and jasmine. Jenny highlights her favorites from the collection as “Wild Orchid for an informal urban style wedding and Honey for a country wedding”.

This collaboration with THEOUTNET is timely for Jenny Packham. After witnessing a record increase in online sales over the past year, the brand decided now was the perfect time to reach the bride online and THE OUTNET was the perfect place to do it. With wedding dresses increasingly accessible online and the global pandemic, today’s bride is stepping away from the traditional boutique experience and, instead, browsing online for the dress. Packham explains, “Consumers have evolved and developed a savvy eye for styling at the push of a button. The luxury of shopping online creates an exciting new experience for the bride.

Jenny Packham’s special collaboration with THE OUTNET is now available to buy online and below are our absolute favorites!

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Wild Orchid tulle-paneled crepe midi dress

Amaryllis embellished tulle-paneled chiffon wedding dress

Embellished Chiffon Wedding Dress with Cape and Bloom Back

Bird of Paradise embellished and feathered tulle mini dress

Tulip crystal-tulle-paneled crepe midi dress

Magnolia crystal-and georgette-paneled satin wedding dress

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James Middleton’s wife wore her stepmother Carole Middleton’s wedding dress in 1980 Mon, 20 Sep 2021 17:12:00 +0000

When James middleton and Alizee Thévenet got married last weekend, it seems the bride had no problem finding her “something borrowed” for the big day as she explained this week that she was actually wearing her step-in-law. mother Carole middleton1980 wedding dress.

Regarding her choice of dress for the ceremony, the bride confided Hi!, “My borrowed something was actually my dress from my mother-in-law Carole who last wore it 41 years ago on her wedding day in June 1980.” Thevenet then revealed that she first tried on the dress during the lockdown as she and Middleton stayed with her parents at their home in Bucklebury, Berkshire. “While talking about dresses with Carole and sharing ideas during the lockdown for inspiration, I tried on her wedding dress and fell in love with it,” she said. “It suited me perfectly and was exactly what I wanted. It always bothered me that wedding dresses were only worn once, so it was amazing to give a second life to such a beautiful dress.

Thévenet and the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge got married last weekend in an intimate ceremony held at the French vineyard Chateau Leoube in front of 50 guests, including Kate Middleton, Prince william, and their three children. According to a source who spoke to the Daily mail, “Château Leoube makes exceptional wines, notably rosé, known throughout France and abroad. It is therefore natural that the guests were served with wine from Château Léoube, which they drank while clinking glasses to James and Alizée. Many bottles of wine were drunk. Everyone had fun. “

After their engagement in 2019, James told the Telegraph that he first met Alizée when her cocker spaniel approached her in a private club in 2018, just a few months after entering treatment for depression. They had originally planned to get married in 2020 but have postponed twice due to the pandemic. The bride and groom both shared the good news on their Instagram accounts last weekend with Middleton writing, “Words can’t describe how happy I am.”

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Black wedding dress trend grows during coronavirus pandemic Mon, 20 Sep 2021 13:45:13 +0000

Vera Wang says there is nothing wrong with black wedding dresses, and a growing number of brides seem to feel the same way.

The 72-year-old bridal designer spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about her use of the dark hue in previous collections, including her standout fall 2012 and spring 2019 collections.

“A lot of people were shocked – they said it was depressing to have brides in black. I said, ‘Not at all, it’s sexy,'” Wang told the fashion magazine. “So of course a lot of brides adopted him.”


Brides have embraced the color enough that other luxury designers are adding black to their collections, including Maggie Sottero, Leanne Marshall, Galia Lahav and Marchessa.

The trend has even had an impact on Main Street with mass retailers and boutique designers embracing the color.


Experts at wedding clothing retail chain David’s Bridal have observed a shift in demand among pandemic brides.

“We are certainly seeing an increase in the number of brides considering alternative styles or colors, like black dresses, in line with the trends we are seeing during the pandemic of non-traditional styles,” said Laura McKeever, Senior Bridal Director , brand PR, philanthropy and communications at David’s Bridal.

THE Groom doesn’t like the bride’s dress and asks REDDIT if he happens to say: “little disappointed”

“Pre-pandemic ‘black wedding dresses’ weren’t even ranked in our search terms last year and they’ve doubled in the past 12 months. We’ve seen a 3.7-fold increase from last year in black wedding dress sales, ”she told Fox News. “The pandemic has pushed many brides towards smaller events and more casual or non-traditional cuts and styles – jumpsuits, short dresses, for example – to the point that we have launched a boutique of little white dresses and expanded our assortments of. colors last year to provide more. of these options for weddings and pre-wedding events. Dozens of our styles are available in a number of colors so that brides have the option of having the wedding dress they like in a color other than white. “

Data from search engines on Google Trends shows that online queries for black wedding dresses have more than quadrupled since January 2004.


The term is currently at its peak, likely due to the approach of the fall season, which officially begins on Wednesday, September 22.

According to Google-based analytics, the five states with the highest search volume for black wedding dresses are Kentucky, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Kansas, and Idaho.


Data from search engines on Google Trends shows that online queries for black wedding dresses have more than quadrupled since January 2004.

Wang’s representatives did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.


Wang told Harper’s Bazaar that her social circle’s fashion choices inspired her to use the color black in her wedding designs. She also noted that her friends inspired her to use nude colors in her previous collections.

In her own words, “This is what all of my girlfriends wore.”

]]> 0 Brownlow Medal 2021 Red Carpet: Best & Worst Fashion Looks | Pictures Sun, 19 Sep 2021 23:03:45 +0000 Last night at the 2021 Brownlow Awards, a soccer star’s glamorous girlfriend stole the show by wearing a $ 5,000 wedding dress with a sexy thigh-high slit.

It’s the most glitzy night on the calendar for AFL players and their partners.

But while players ditched their team colors for sleek suits, all eyes were on their other halves, with a WAG stealing the show with its demanding ensemble.

Georgia Mitchell graced the red carpet at Optus Stadium in Perth alongside her soccer star boyfriend Sam Collins in a puffy wedding dress that featured a racy thigh-high slit.

The paramedic wore a bespoke Karen Willis Holmes design with strong shoulders and a plunging neckline. The dress costs $ 4,590 and comes with the option of a “modesty panel” – a detail Georgia didn’t go after during her glamorous appearance.

She opted for natural makeup and a slick ponytail, posing with her left leg well exposed alongside her boyfriend from the Gold Coast Suns who didn’t let the fact that he was in a moon boot the prevent stepping on the mat.

White dresses appeared to be a theme of the night, with Olivia May, partner of Port Adelaide’s Ollie Wines, sporting one that featured cutouts across her chest and a sheer skirt on Sunday night.

Hawthorn star Jaeger O’Meara’s girlfriend Tory Packer, 27, also opted for a white dress.

The dress featured a corset with racy cutouts that flaunted her fitted figure, while her flowing skirt hinted at one leg.

Nicky Simpson, wife of West Coast Eagles coach Adam Simpson, also opted for white, wearing a simple tight dress for the occasion.

While AFL commentator Abbey Holmes wore a white one-shoulder dress by Cappellazzo Couture, designed by fashion stylist Lana Wilkinson.

Other flagship outfits included swimsuit model Codi Galvin, partner of Fremantle Dockers player Luke Ryan, who wore a stunning black strapless dress to the annual event.

Brooke Parker, girlfriend of Dom Sheed of the West Coast Eagles, made a statement in a one-shoulder red dress with a flowing Greek design.

Carlton’s Patrick Cripps helped Monique Fontana with her giant train on the red carpet.

Former politician Julie Bishop, 65, also attended the Sports Nights Party wearing a glamorous black dress with see-through details. She teamed the look with metallic heels and sparkly earrings, posing alongside her longtime partner, David Panton, 60.

Other WAGs opted for rather unique designs, including Lauren O’Shannassy, ​​wife of retired Fremantle star Matthew Pavlich, who wore a printed pink dress with a bow tie.

Richmond star Shai Bolton’s partner Hasina Baluch chose a trendy silk dress in a bronze hue, pairing it with dark makeup to match.

Not everyone was able to make their mark on the red carpet, however, with two women accidentally wearing the same bow dress.

WAGS Rebecca Demlakian and Sarah Cumming arrived on the Brownlow Medal red carpet wearing exactly the same dress, with some calling the fashion faux pas “awkward.”

Their black dresses with white bows on the shoulders were almost identical, aside from the fact that Rebecca’s skirt swept the floor while Sarah had hers pulled up to sit on her ankles.

The couple were all smiles despite the unfortunate sartorial incident, posing alongside their star partners from the AFL.

Rebecca, the fiancee of Stephen Coniglio of the Giants, wore her dark hair back, a few loose strands framing her face. While Sarah wore her blonde locks for the occasion, posing alongside her husband Stuart Dew.

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