Wedding dresses

Harnessing security to retain consumers

Giving consumers exactly what they want is a primary goal for retailers across all industries, but accuracy and customer satisfaction are especially critical in the wedding industry. People preparing for weddings tend to have detailed visions of what they want and why, and meeting these clients where they are is …

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Wedding dress to wear on cut day

Nine-year-old Amelia Brockhurst will wear her great-great-great-grandmother’s blue linen wedding gown this week at the annual Mid Canterbury (WI) Federation of Women’s Institutes Federation Cup day . The dress, which has a separate bodice and skirt, was worn by Sarah Ann Winifred Clark, 20, when she married William Hiley, at …

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‘[It] could ruin her marriage ‘

Aware Woman surprised by her boyfriend’s ‘demeaning’ flippant insult A couple is fighting for the other’s reckless behavior towards each other. The boyfriend explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A ******” forum. His girlfriend continues to ruin his kitchen knives by abusing them. One day he got frustrated …

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