November 25, 2022

Comics stores offer free MAUS copies after school ban

After Maus was banned by the McMinn County School District, retailers opted to give away free copies of the award-winning graphic novel.

According to Art Spiegelman Maus was banned by the McMinn County School District, retailers opted to give away free copies of the award-winning graphic novel. The book chronicles the Holocaust through mice, with experiences based on the life of Spiegelman’s father.

Last week, Maus made headlines when the Tennessee school district decided it would not be read by students in the classroom, citing “foul language” and “graphic depictions of the Holocaust.” The graphic novel is known for being one of the few books in the medium to be taught in classrooms. Occurring the same week as National Holocaust Remembrance Day, news of MausThe program’s exclusion sparked outrage, with comic book readers calling the development censorship.


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As reported by WBIR, in response to MausIn a recent ban, comic book store Nirvana Comics in Knoxville, Tennessee, announced that it would be giving away free copies of Spiegelman’s graphic novel. If a student enrolled in the school district contacts the store’s social media accounts, he said he’ll donate a copy while it’s in stock. Preparing to run out of supplies, they ordered an extra shipment to ensure that any student who wanted to read Maus would have the opportunity. Nirvana Comics also turned to crowdfunding as a way to maintain its supply, as the book had already sold out online after it was banned.

The owner of a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based comic book store called “Comics Conspiracy” also gave away free copies of Maus to families in McMinn County. In one Tweeter which has since gone viral, wrote Ryan Higgins, “As I have offered with other banned comics before, I will be donating up to 100 copies of The Complete Maus to any family in the McMinn County area of ​​Tennessee. Just send me your address by DM!” After posting the message, the tweet exploded with over 10,000 likes and several thousand retweets.

Other industry pros took to Twitter to get Maus into the hands of as many interested readers as possible, including screenwriter Gary Whitta (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and artist Mitch Gerads (Mister Miracle). In one TweeterWhitta said he gave an estimate of 25 copies of Maus, citing the McMinn County School Board ban as fascism. Similarly, Gérard offered in a Tweeter make a donation Maus to residents of McMinn County, writing, “Children, you are the future, not these old swamps. Do not tolerate it. Due to the heated backlash against the McMinn County School Board, more students may be reading Maus than if the ban had never taken place.

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Source: WBIR, Ryan Higgins, Gary Whitta, Mitch Gerads

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