October 6, 2022

Creatives called to volunteer for a book-making event

The organization behind BOOK Book Dash is a social impact publisher of free children’s books, and they’ll be back in Durban at the end of October.

Book Dash invites the creative community to register for its book-making event.

Book Dash, with the stated mission to “ensure that every child owns a hundred books by the age of five”, is back in Durban for the first time since 2015.

The Durban event will be held at Kloof at the TWIMS Kloof campus on October 29. Writers, illustrators, and designers are supported by Book Dash animators to complete the book-making process, which would typically take months from start to finish.

Each Book Dash day, creative volunteers split into ten teams to create African children’s books that anyone, anywhere can freely access, print and distribute. Each team is made up of a writer, an illustrator and a designer who have 12 hours to create their book. Creative volunteers must be able to attend the day in person.

Book Dash has published 176 books through this process since 2014, and the organization has printed and distributed more than two million books to South African children.

According to the Book Dash website, this event is ‘Comrades of Creativity’, and they would like Durban creatives to join them in their mission to create books.

Go to bookdash.org to know more.

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