Dallas Moore Celebrates Everyday Gospel in “Blue Jean Jesus”

Dallas Moore delivers a dose of praise in his new video for “Blue Jean Jesus”. The singer-songwriter greets those who see life a little differently while enlightening everyone, and he took inspiration from a friend of his.

Moore’s “Blue Jean Jesus” video stars actor, comedian and MC Jack Schit as a preacher around the corner delivering his gospel message to all who wander – sometimes with great suspicion and suspicion. The video, which will air exclusively via Taste of Country on Friday (November 19), will remind almost all viewers of someone they’ve seen in real life and maybe given a big spot, but Moore’s song protests that the man with the message means no harm.

“Was he just a crazy idiot hanging out down the street / Or did he have the answers to this life for you and me / Or was it just a hippie string on grass and wine / Well they l ‘called Blue Jean Jesus and he was a friend of mine “, he sings in the choir.

“I wrote ‘Blue Jean Jesus’ based on a guy people called Weird Harold in my hometown of Cincinnati, and this video is a humorous version of my many dating experiences with him,” Moore explains to Taste of Country. preach the gospel from around the corner to anyone passing by or sometimes to an imaginary audience that only he can see in his mind. He was always pushed back or told to go ahead, but he had never hurt anyone, and he was indeed a friend of mine. I think we’ve all encountered a version of Weird Harold somewhere in our lives.

Dean Miller produced and directed the video for “Blue Jean Jesus,” which also includes appearances by Moore’s wife Jenna Danielle Moore and daughter Victory Lee Moore.

“Blue Jean Jesus” appears on Moore’s current album, The rain, which he published in April. Moore and his band recorded in just two days at OmniSound Studios in Nashville.

“These sessions were the most relaxed and enjoyable of my career,” says Moore. “We had a lot of laughs and smiles as the songs took shape and came to life organically and we got most of them in one or two takes, which gave everything a live feel – that I always wanted to capture in the studio. I think this album is my most focused and completed to date and another step in my journey as I launch the box a little further down the road.

Since those sessions, Moore and his band have lost longtime guitarist Chuck “Lucky Chucky” Morpurgo, who died in November 2021 of cancer.

The rain is currently available through Moore’s official website, with various special packages offering a number of extras. For more information on Dallas Moore, follow him via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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