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The gem merchant Jean Claude Michelou (photo), who founded In colour magazine and served as editor for 17 years, died of COVID-19 on May 3, according to LinkedIn Publish of the International Association of Colored Gemstones (ICA).

A graduate of the London School of International Business, Michelou started in the industry of selling emeralds in Colombia in 1977.

“I was a young executive in an American multinational”, he declared in August 2020 online seminar, “And I traveled to Colombia a lot, and I really fell in love with emeralds and a Colombian girl. And I did, I just decided I had to quit my job and had to live in Colombia.

“And that was right at the turn of the legalization of the emerald industry.… [Our] the offices were always full.

He didn’t really study gemology, he admitted, until eight years after starting the business.

“I was interested in other stones,” he says. “I started going to Asia to sell my emeralds. To be able to sell [emeralds in Bangkok], you should be able to take sapphires and rubies as part of the payments. “

In 2001, he co-founded the Colombian-based gemstone company Imperial Colors. In 2018, he moved to Bangkok.

He has been active in the gemstone industry, serving on the ICA Board of Directors for 18 years and as Vice President for 10 years.

But he perhaps made his biggest mark in 2004 by founding the ICA’s flagship publication, In colour, which is now published by Befindan Media. In February online seminar, he recalled that there was a need for a gemstone-focused magazine, because Colored stone the magazine disappeared.

“I had the idea of ​​turning the gazette we had into a magazine,” Michelou said. “There was a void. And I said, “Why don’t we fill the void?”… I tried to do it, and I did.

During the webinar, he spoke with pride about maintaining the quality of the publication and giving many emerging jewelry and jewelry writers their first signings.

He has also been a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the World Bank and various government agencies on the development of marketing standards for the gemstone industry.

“He was known in our community [for working] with passion and tireless throughout his life to support the colorful gemstone industry, ”said ICA President Clement Sabbagh in the LinkedIn post.

Daughter Zoe paid tribute to her father on Facebook: “Your lesson and experiences in life and / or professionally have helped us all to this day and continue to help us. You were a passionate man who lived his life to the fullest and feared nothing, you got to the bottom of things and always tried to do things right your way.

At the time of publication, there was no information on the survivors.

(Photo courtesy of the International Colored Gemstone Association)

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