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All students attending a school in the Colleton County School District must follow the district dress code.

The dress code has these general guidelines:

The clothing will not be so extreme or inappropriate for the school setting as to disrupt the educational process, as determined by the administration;

Hair styles, hair colors or hair adornments will not be so extreme or inappropriate for the school setting as to disrupt the educational process as determined by the administration;

Clothing, jewelry or clothing items will not display emblems related to alcohol, illegal or abusive substances, gangs, violence, sex or obscenities. ;

Ups and downs deemed distracting, revealing, overly suggestive or otherwise disruptive will not be permitted. Clothing will ensure modesty when the student is seated or engaged in school activities;

Sweatpants, running shorts, spandex or cargo pants are not permitted;

Tights, leggings, jegging style pants cannot be worn as stockings;

Shirts and blouses should cover the shoulders and should not be too tight or too baggy to be revealing or a safety hazard;

The wearing of accessories or clothing which could constitute a threat to oneself or to others is not allowed. This includes heavy chains that are not made as jewelry, fish hooks, multiple rings (welded rings resembling brass knuckles or rings that can be used as a weapon), studded / spiked bracelets or necklaces, chains nose / lips to ears, etc. to be allowed;

Body piercings and / or body arts which disturb the order of the school or constitute a distraction for the learning environment will not be permitted;

Students may not wear large pendants, large lockets or large dangling earrings, or any other distracting or dangerous jewelry.


Kindergarten to Grade 8: Students must wear a collared shirt in an approved color of navy, white, light blue, light pink, gray, light yellow or a school sponsored t-shirt.

Grades 9 to 12: Shirts must be collared and must be an approved shirt color (white, navy, gray) or school sponsored t-shirt.

Shirts, vests, sweaters and sweatshirts are called “tops”. Tops can be sold in white or approved solid clors.

Students will wear plain shirts with a collar or school sponsored T-shirts.

Shirts may have school approved / manufactured logos.

Shirts should not exceed one size larger than necessary, as determined by the school administrator.

White or approved color t-shirts or turtleneck shirts, with long or short sleeves, may be worn under the shirts.


All socks must be khaki, black or navy.

Denim jeans without holes or tears are allowed.

Stockings must be free of graphics and embroidery. With the exception of small labels, backgrounds cannot have badges, words, or images.

Shorts, skirts, skorts and jumpers will measure no less than 2.5 inches above the knee when standing.

Cargo style pants or shorts are not allowed.

Clothing will not exceed one size larger than necessary as determined by the school administrator.

Loose or dropped pants or shorts are not permitted.

Low waist clothing is not permitted.

The stockings will be worn at the natural waist and properly adjusted to prevent sagging.

Belts will be worked in pants, skirts, skorts or shorts with belt loops. Exceptions can be made for preschool or kindergarten students depending on the needs of the administration. Belts should be buckled and slipped through buckles. Belt loops should not be oversized, computerized, or have handwriting considered offensive.

Shoes, sneakers and boots

Shoes must be worn at all times.

The laces of the shoes and sneakers will match the color of the shoe and will be tied.

Flip-flops, plastic shoes, slippers and shoes with stilettos are not allowed.

Heelies style shoes with wheels in the holes are not allowed.

Coats, jackets, vests, sweaters and sweatshirts

Coats and jackets should not exceed one size larger than necessary.

No hood is allowed.

Students may wear vests, sweaters, or sweatshirts that are no larger or smaller in size, as the school administrator deems appropriate.

Headwear is not allowed.

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