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SSix weeks before Darko “Dougie” Desic surrendered to Dee Why Police, he shared his dilemma with one of the few companions he trusted in his adopted country. The 64-year-old had spent 29 years on the run after one of Australia’s most daring prison escapes.

The dilapidated house he called home – so dilapidated he and his roommates placed an umbrella over the outhouse – had been sold as property prices in Sydney Northern Beaches peaked during the pandemic, making Desic homeless.

After three decades of living in plain sight in the suburb of Avalon, Desic has decided to go to confession to a companion. For understandable reasons, the unlikely priest who goes to confession wishes to remain anonymous.

“Two years ago, I invited Dougie over for Christmas lunch,” his companion said. “I bought him a present, a new guitar. He had picked up an elder from the council clean-up and had learned to play on his own. So I bought him a voucher. Two weeks later he came back with a song he said he wrote for me.

“Dougie said he’s never been invited for a Christmas or a birthday in 30 years. He also said it was the first gift he had received since his father gave him a plastic Daffy Duck when he was a child in Croatia.

Darko Desic later revealed that he escaped from Grafton Prison in 1992 and has lived under the radar ever since.

Darko Desic surrendered to police nearly 30 years after escaping from Grafton Prison, telling a friend, “I committed the crime, so I’m going to deal with it.” Photograph: New South Wales Police

The reason he walked or took a bus for each job? Because he couldn’t apply for a driver’s license.

Why had he pulled out his teeth with pliers? Because he had never been able to register for Medicare. Or Centrelink, a bank account, credit card, local RSL membership, passport, or anything that implied proof of identity and membership in contemporary society.

“The six weeks before Dougie surrendered were terrible,” said his companion, who offered him a spare room for a few weeks. “’Dougie, you’re 64,’ I said. “We have to come up with a survival plan. “

“But Dougie said, ‘Dude, I committed the crime, so I’ll take care of it.’ Around many cups of tea he said, “All I can do now is be honest. I’m going to turn myself over to the police, but I don’t want anyone in trouble for knowing me.”

Desic left his temporary accommodation to live in the tramp camps in the thick bush above the sand dunes of Avalon so as not to involve his companion. Before leaving, he practiced staying in his room for hours.

“I need to get used to a small space again,” he told his companion. “I have been there once and it is a difficult thing to do.”

The day before his surrender – Sunday, September 12 – the journeyman said he would drive Desic to Dee Why police station.

“I offered to offer him a last meal of freedom, but I could see in his eyes that his decision was made.

“There were a few tears when I dropped him off at the main Avalon bus stop. But he insisted that none of his friends should be blamed for his misdeeds.

A parable of this global pandemic

When Darko Desic appeared in Sydney Central Criminal Court from a police cell in Surry Hills on September 14, his extraordinary secret life made headlines not only in Australia but around the world.

Why did a fugitive who made such a daring prison escape and escaped recapture for three decades – living in one of Sydney’s most picturesque and expensive suburbs – suddenly decide to surrender?

His story seemed like a parable of this global pandemic, Covid-19 claiming another victim. After 29 years of keeping their heads down, moving from one paid job to another, barely staying above the poverty line, living in a series of dilapidated shared excavations and never letting people s ‘get too close to him for fear of revealing his past, he seemed Darko Desic had reached the end of his tether.

sign saying "free doggy"
The revelation that a prison escapee lived in Avalon divided the community. Some think a criminal shouldn’t be backed, while others say Desic should get a second chance. Photograph: Steve Meacham / The Guardian

Being locked up was better than being unemployed and homeless in lockdown. As a police source told AAP: “He surrendered to have a roof over his head. ”

The power of the Desic saga has sparked arguments from publishers and filmmakers. After being sentenced to three and a half years for cultivating marijuana, he was afraid of being deported at the end of his sentence to his homeland. Yugoslavia was collapsing into a civil war which is now considered the last genocide in Europe. He then made the decision to escape from prison.

When news broke in Avalon on September 15 that the fugitive who had been accused by detectives of “escaping legal custody” was a local, dismay reigned.

“Does anyone here know Dougie?” Shouted an enterprising Channel Seven reporter inside the town’s Miter 10, assuming that as a handyman he would have visited the local hardware store often. As it turned out, few in Avalon knew him – which is exactly what he wanted.

And although he is a self-taught and highly esteemed stonemason specializing in fireplaces and walls, Desic has never been able to afford his own tools for his livelihood and the occasional wad of $ 200 a day.

Since 2015, Rob Hornibrooke, fencer and deck builder, lived next door to Desic. “We would chat from time to time, but he was rather reclusive. He helped one of our tenants move out and was very nice to her.

The community of Avalon is divided. Some people think that “he is a criminal – why support him?

Others say he should get a second chance – illustrated by a hand painted sign on Avalon Road.

It reads: “Free Dougie”.

“I don’t deserve this support”

Avalon businessman Peter Higgins, co-founder of Mortgage Choice, was at Avalon Beach “on this beautiful Sunday” when Desic visited.

Like most local adults, Higgins did not venture into the native forests on the dune ridge where the escapee spent his last two nights at liberty.

Higgins, 61, heard about Desic’s plight alongside his daughter, Belle – a psychotherapist like his mother, Rebecca.

“Belle said, ‘Dad, why don’t we start a Go Fund Me campaign to help this guy? We have a voice, he doesn’t.

Her the target was initially $ 30,000, but with $ 26,000 already raised, she increased the stake to $ 50,000.

Originally, the funding was to cover legal fees and the eventual reintegration of Desic into the community of Avalon.

However, Higgins was able to use his business contacts to secure the pro bono services of a leading criminal enterprise, McGirr & Associates. Principal Paul McGirr and his partner Simon Long visited the prisoner at the Silverwater Correctional Complex for an hour last Tuesday.

“He had no idea of ​​the community support behind him,” says Long. “He was completely upset and humiliated to the point of saying, ‘I don’t deserve this support.’

“Darko told us that he had always tried to be honest and hardworking since his escape from prison, but that he always kept people at bay for obvious reasons.

“He was very worried about the interest of the media. Apparently he had told friends that he knew his story would end up in the headlines. He worried about it. But at the same time, he wanted people to know both why he had escaped from prison and why he had surrendered, ”Long said.

On September 28, Darko Desic will again appear via audio-visual link from his cell in Silverwater Prison.

His legal team is hoping to persuade the court to downgrade “escape from detention” – which can result in a maximum jail term of up to 10 years – to a non-custodial sentence doing meaningful work in his adopted community.

Anthony Desic, 29, had no idea his cousin was still in Australia until he saw the news last week and thought, “Wait, it’s Darko. He’s supposed to be in Croatia!

Desic was sponsored by Anthony’s father Nikola Desic to come to Australia in 1975 from what was then Yugoslavia. Both had grown up in Jablanac, an Adriatic port now part of the Croatian Republic.

Young Darko was an engineer, working on ferries from Dubrovnik and Split on the Dalmatian coast to Venice. Then he was drafted into the Yugoslav army.

“But then he deserted,” said the companion he confided in, “came to Australia and knew he could never be deported there as a deserter once Yugoslavia descended into the Balkan wars. “

Nikola Desic, his uncle, becomes his mentor. “They worked on the same farm in Argents Hill, near Nambucca, NSW, and helped each other a lot,” says Anthony, Nikola’s son.

Anthony is too young to remember Desic’s visit to his father when he escaped prison using, it seems, a pair of bolt cutters. “But Dad had only good things to say about him, saying he had a warm heart, worked hard, and helped people whenever he could.

“He also told me that Darko visited him after the prison break and told me that he was going back to Croatia. This was the last time we heard it.

“I never met him,” Higgins says, “but I’m pretty sure he never knew the police stopped looking for him, or that he was granted Australian citizenship in 2015.

“The community support for him has been incredible. Locals gave him a house, a job and at least $ 26,000 to get back on his feet. No longer a family that wants to reconnect.

“I look forward to the day when he can walk the streets of Avalon with his head held high, shoulders back, and able to say, ‘This is who I am!

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]]> 0 Carole Middleton rocks daughter Kate’s favorite denim style and we’re in awe Sat, 25 Sep 2021 16:43:12 +0000

Laura Sutcliffe

Carole middleton just featured in a fabulous new interview with the Daily mail, and looks stunning in the accompanying photographs.

READ: Alizée, wife of James Middleton, wore her stepmother Carole’s wedding dress – see photo

Looking much younger than her 66 years old, the mother of the duchess of cambridge sports a classic and modern outfit, including a crisp white ruffled shirt, brown ankle boots and a pair of cropped jeans. In another shot, she’s wearing a light blue denim shirt, the same jeans, navy blue pumps and holding a bunch of balloons. Gorgeous.

Loading the player …

WATCH: Kate Middleton’s all-white look

Commenting on her youthful appearance, Carole told the post: “I spend a lot of time with young people which can help keep anyone young! maybe you get older. I love hearing about fashion, sport and design trends. “

MORE: 11 Famous Moms Of The Brides Who Looked Amazing At Their Daughter’s Wedding

Speaking of denim, Prince William’s wife Kate is often seen in cropped jeans, always wearing them very well. In fact, in June, the mother-of-three was pictured getting her COVID-19 vaccine, wearing a cute £ 65 pair from & Other Stories, known as the ‘favorite cut cropped’ which sold out as soon as she wore them.


Kate Middleton wears cropped jeans often

We wonder if Carole took tips from her daughter? After all, the pair love the same labels.


The Duchess wore a goat dress in 2017, and her mother wore a similar style

In 2018, Carole, a mother of three, appeared in an interview with the Telegraph and wore not one, but two almost exact dresses that were once worn by the royal, although she insisted at the time that they were not entirely “the same”.

READ: Carole Middleton Launches Fancy Dress Line Her Royal Grandchildren Will Love

The dresses in question were a burgundy and red design from Kate’s go-to UK label, GOAT. Both were knee-deep, with high collars and long sleeves with ruffled cuffs that looked a lot like the one the Duchess wore in November and December 2017. Both ladies wore tights and boots with the dresses. Great minds think alike!

The selection of HELLO! is editorial and independently chosen – we only feature articles that our editors like and approve. HELLO! may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. To find out more visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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James Middleton’s current wife initially thought he was a waiter Sat, 25 Sep 2021 15:31:53 +0000

Pool / Max MombyGetty Images

Kate Middleton’s younger brother, James Middleton, married Alizée Thevenet earlier this month in a ceremony in a beautiful French village on the French Riviera. It sounds like fairytale romances: Prince William, Kate and their children were in attendance, as were the rest of Middleton’s team, of course, and the couple had their dogs, Ella and Mabel, playing the role. of bridesmaids. This last part is important, because without the help of James’ dog Ella, he might never have met his wife.

This story, which comes from royal expert Zoe Forsey on the podcast, Pod Save the Queen (and caught by Express) is a truly classic encounter. In 2018, James and Alizee were both at the same “posh private members club” in London, according to Forsey, and James had taken Ella with him. Although she was a good bitch at first, sitting at James’s feet she got up for a drink of water and “got distracted” by a woman in the corner of the bar, so she went. say hello doggy style. The woman, of course, was Thevenet.

But here’s the best part: When James went to apologize for the puppy’s intrusion, according to Forsey, “Alizee actually thought he was a waiter and just ordered a drink.” Obviously, the mistake was fixed and the couple got engaged in 2019.

This month’s wedding has been a long time coming as the couple have had to postpone their wedding several times due to pandemic containment. Thevenet wore his stepmother Carole’s wedding dress to her own wedding, story Hi! Magazine, “It always bothered me that wedding dresses were only worn once and so it was amazing to give a second life to such a beautiful dress.”

Is it sweet?

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WATCH NOW: A BIG DEAL – T-shirt fundraiser organized for Darlene Cepel | Local Sat, 25 Sep 2021 12:00:00 +0000

Community members were interested in Darlene t-shirts and Mueller said she quickly found herself getting a bunch of order requests. Lindhorst, who manufactures the T-shirts, took care of the ordering process.

“Renee said they were going to have memorials at Sammy’s house and that was so Darlene. That’s exactly what she would do,” said Nahorny, who founded the organization in 2012 following the diagnosis of cancer of her son, Sammy. Sammy’s Superheroes helps fund childhood cancer research.

“She was always the first to volunteer, to help, to donate.”

As of Friday morning, Lindhorst said, 72 T-shirts had been sold. T-shirts can be ordered from

The last Taco Run of the year at Parkway Plaza, which will take place on September 30, will be dedicated to Darlene’s memory. The kwElite office is located on Parkway Plaza and Mueller owns the building. During events, attendees have the chance to take advantage of the walking trails near the plaza and may receive a free homemade taco.

“We’re going to try really hard to have shirts ready to be picked up that night as well,” Lindhorst said.

Darlene’s husband Tom said he thanked the Columbus community for supporting Sammy’s in honor of Darlene’s memory. He also thanked Lindhorst for printing the T-shirts, Mueller for coordinating efforts and the kwElite team and Sammy’s families, friends and neighbors for their love and support.

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Marks and Spencer ‘nails it’ with a £ 40 ‘anything but ordinary’ floral midi dress Sat, 25 Sep 2021 11:00:00 +0000

Marks and Spencer shoppers were wowed by a floral midi dress after spotting it online.

Street giant Marks and Spencer has an army of fans on its social media, eager to keep up with all of its latest stock and product launches.

The retailer is known and loved for its wide range of trendy clothing, housewares and accessories, as well as its wide range of food, beverages and household essentials.

READ MORE:Matalan buyers praise the ‘beautiful color’ of the ‘beautiful’ £ 25 jacket

Marks and Spencer ‘insider’ Sam Briones caused an Instagram sensation after sharing a photo of herself wearing the brand’s high-neck floral midi tea dress.

The dress, which costs £ 39.50, features an all-over floral print and comes in a classic fit in a trendy midi length. The dress features a high neckline and empire line bodice, along with ruffled cuffs on the long sleeves and a subtle zip and button closure at the back.

Captioning a carousel of images showcasing the dress, Sam wrote, “This dress from the #anythingbutordinary collection this season is another cute option as we move into the cooler temperatures. Holly Willoughby also wore this dress during the recent press conference and loved it!

“The dresses are really great because you can pair them with boots and layer them with a sweater or cardigan. Yet another midi dress that is a bit longer on me as I’m only 5’2 and I am wearing it. I especially love the elastic cuffs with this dress.

“I was immediately drawn to these boots when the first one appeared online and they certainly don’t disappoint !! I love their color and the fact that they are patent. The block heel provides comfort to this Chelsea style, which is great for me as I don’t wear heels often. “

The dress proved popular among Marks and Spencer fans, racking up hundreds of likes. Buyers shared their thoughts in the comments section.

Pat said, “M&S you are anything but ordinary these days. Nice clothes.”

Jennifer said: “Hubbie just bought me these boots for my birthday.”

Helen said: “Such a beautiful look on you”.

Lorraine commented: “Marks and Spencers are doing well this season… so many great things in store right now….”

Alison said: “She looks fabulous! I love this dress too, especially the buttons and details on the back. It’s so comfortable to wear too.”

Lisa tagged a friend and added: “this one looks cool!”

You can purchase the dress from the Marks and Spencer website by clicking here.

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Chief Discussion: Native American Voting Rights Law Needed to Protect Our Sacred Right to Vote | New Sat, 25 Sep 2021 07:45:00 +0000

The cornerstone of our democracy is the right to vote. However, for most of our country’s history, Native Americans have been denied this right. The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 granted citizenship to all Native Americans born in the United States, but even after this law, states could restrict the voting rights of native people. It wasn’t until 1962 that Utah became the last state to grant indigenous people the right to vote. For much of the 20th century, until the reform of Indian federal laws in the 1970s, the Cherokees were not allowed to elect the chiefs of their own tribe.

To this day, barriers prevent Indian Country from having our voices fully heard and our votes count. Many Native Americans live in remote rural areas with poor road conditions and no easy way to reach remote polling stations. Many tribal lands have limited access to post offices and non-traditional postal addresses, making it extremely difficult to register to vote or send a ballot. In some cases, the lack of Indigenous language translation during the voting process prevents our Indigenous speaking citizens from voting and further endangers our languages.

Fortunately, new legislation recently introduced in Congress can solve many of these problems. The Native American Voting Rights Act (NAVRA), co-sponsored in the House by Rep. Tom Cole, R-OK, and Rep. Sharice Davids, D-KS, would go a long way in ensuring equal access to the vote across the Indian country.

This bipartisan legislation gives tribes the right to decide where and how many polling stations are located on tribal lands, as well as to require tribal consent before any state or constituency limits our access to voting. This would ensure that tribal ID cards are allowed as an ID to vote, which is already the case in Oklahoma. Additionally, he establishes a Native American Voting Task Force to address the unique issues facing voters on tribal lands.

For too long, these decisions have been made by people who do not understand the history and challenges facing tribal communities. Basically, NAVRA strengthens tribal sovereignty and self-determination on how to ensure that everyone on tribal lands has access to the sacred right to vote.

As the Chief Chief of the Cherokee Nation, I urge Congress to pass this legislation quickly. Our government relations team, led by Cherokee Nation delegate to Congress Kim Teehee, is working with members of Congress to push through this law and ensure that Indigenous voices are heard in every election.

At Cherokee Nation, we work diligently to ensure that Cherokee citizens are registered to vote in elections at all levels and to provide education on candidates and issues. The Cherokee Vote program has registered nearly 14,000 voters since 2013.

We are also proud of our efforts to facilitate voting within our own electoral system. No excuse for postal voting is universally available to Cherokee voters. Last year, I signed a law removing the notary requirements for postal voting. Unlike many states, we do not deny voters the right to vote who commit crimes and carry out their criminal sentences. So, as we urge Congress and states to make it easier to vote, we’ve already set a high standard.

We will not have true democracy until every adult citizen has universal and easy access to the vote. Throughout history our votes have been denied or suppressed, but we would not be silenced. Today we continue to fight for our rights, until everyone in the Indian country can vote freely.

Chuck Hoskin Jr. is the Senior Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

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Nettie Jean Elliott Sat, 25 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000


Nettie Jean Elliott, 69, of North Pekin, Ill., Died at 8:15 a.m. on Monday, September 20, 2021 at her home.

Born April 14, 1952 in Greenfield to John Roger and Nettie Louise (Beavens) Riddle, she married John D. Elliott, Jr. on June 16, 1978. He died on March 19, 2013. She was also predeceased by his parents. ; her stepfather, Lawrence Sanford; one daughter-in-law, Vicki Bryant; one brother, John Wayne Riddle and his son-in-law, Ryan Ashby.

The survivors are two daughters, Tamera (Ian) Kemp of Tampa, Florida and Kim Ashby of North Pekin, Ill .; four grandchildren, Michael Ashby, Connor Ballard, Ella Kemp and Leann (Adam) Bryant; two great-grandchildren, Skylar and Jayden, one sister, Tina (John) Badgley of Greenfield and two brothers, Tom (Mona) Riddle and David Riddle, both of Greenfield. She also leaves behind her nieces and nephews, Katie, Nathan, Sarah, Jordyn, John, Josh, Dominic, Steve, Zane, Maggie and Brock.

She last worked as a screen printer for Indiana Knitwear. She also had her cosmetology license and used to do hair styling.

Nettie loved to create and work on puzzles. She loved listening to music and spending a vacation near the beach. She also enjoyed day trips by motorbike and went to Daytona Bike Week.

Her laugh was distinctive and she was full of honesty and hard truths. Nettie was loyal to her family and friends and would stand up for the people she loved. She was a loving Mamaw to her grandchildren.

A memorial service celebrating his life will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, October 1, 2021 at Greenfield Church of Christ, 1380 South State Street in Greenfield. Chaplain Greg Isaacs will officiate. The family will receive friends and a fellowship meal will follow the church service. Cremation has been granted. Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes & Crematory in Beijing, Illinois helps the family get organized.

Memorial contributions can be made at East Peoria Church of Christ, 520 Arnold Street, East Peoria, IL 61611.

To express your condolences online, visit

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WATCH: 2021 Ryder Cup fans dress up as Vikings, Abraham Lincoln, cowboys and more at Whistling Straits Fri, 24 Sep 2021 21:00:55 +0000
Ryder Cup 2021 Vikings of the United States

The 43rd Ryder Cup between the US and Europe kicked off on Friday and, as usual, fans brought intense passion with matching outfits. American fans flooded the Whistling Strait with red, white and blue while Europeans wore their fair share of blue and yellow to represent the continent’s flag.

A fan disguised as former US President Abraham Lincoln while another wore a Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Robinson uniform, two nods to the tournament’s return to America for the first time since 2016. The Americans’ victory in this Ryder Cup is their only victory in the last five meetings with the Europeans. Another fan keen to show off his American pride wore a mask of a bald eagle, the country’s national bird.

The American Marshals, a fan group created during the 2008 Ryder Cup at Valhalla Golf Club, wore red, white and blue Viking outfits to honor the location of their first tournament. According to the Marshals website, they’ve worn American-inspired Viking outfits to every Ryder Cup since 2008.

On the European side, some fans dressed in yellow and blue overalls that looked straight out of a Super Mario game. Americans responded with star and stripe tracksuits, cowboy hats, and temporary American flag tattoos on their faces.

Ryder Cup fans have long brought silliness and fun to planning their outfit for the tournament, and players have started to do the same. On Thursday, Rory McIlroy and his European teammates wore plastic cheese heads to appease the litany of Wisconsin fans – most of whom they suspect are also Green Bay Packers fans – at Whistling Straits.

This might be a good strategy considering how powerful the American fans are.

The Ryder Cup takes place Friday through Sunday at the Whistling Straits Golf Course in Kohler, Wisc. Fans can watch on Golf Channel and NBC or stream on fuboTV (try free) and

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Exclusive Look at Jinjara Mitchell’s Custom Wedding Dress Process Fri, 24 Sep 2021 20:03:45 +0000

By now, we’re sure you’ve seen the gorgeous beach wedding of Jinjara Mitchell and Jordan Connor. The acting duo said “yes” to family, friends and loved ones on September 4, 2021, at the Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino, British Columbia. From the decor to the beach to the wedding vows, everything was just perfect for their big day. Plus, and one of our favorite details of the whole wedding, was fashion. Jordan donned a black Lazio tuxedo from Suitsupply, but the real star of the breakout was Jinjara, who wore a custom ball gown designed by famous bridal brand, Anne Barge.

Courtesy of Anne Barge

If you’re like us, you probably can’t forget how gorgeous and ethereal Jinjara’s dress was – and for those wondering how she created her dress, get ready because you’re in luck! We chatted with Jinjara and Shawne Jacobs, Creative Director and Owner of Anne Barge, about everything that went into creating this personalized wedding masterpiece.

For Jinjara, choosing to work with Shawne was a natural decision. “I chose to work with Anne Barge because their dresses capture a certain timeless aspect of wedding dresses that I really love. Their dresses are beautifully designed and have that feminine quality that I really wanted too,” shares the actress. . “I have always dreamed of wearing a dreamy, fluid and feminine dress, and I could never have imagined working with another [designer]. ”

After an initial visit to the designer’s boutique in New York, before the pandemic, Jinjara and Shawne immediately began the process of designing a unique and timeless look. “I first got in touch with Anne Barge via email, and from there I went to their store in New York with my sister, where we tried on some of their dresses and pieced together different aspects. from my favorite dresses to create my own unique wedding dress, ”reveals Mitchell.

Courtesy of Anne Barge / Design by Tiana Crispino

My dress was more beautiful than the one I imagined in my head!


The designer and actress agree that visiting the salon was an integral part of the whole process. “We love meeting the bride to ask her several key questions: Where are you getting married? What type of marriage are you planning? In what season are you getting married and where? How many guests will be present?“said Shawne. “All of these details play into the decision of the dress. [And Jinjara] wanted a formal dress but not too formal. ”

Brides, take note! From the start, Jinjara communicated her expectations and desires for the perfect dress, and her clear vision paid off! After a few virtual follow-up and fitting appointments, Anne Barge’s team delivered a unique and breathtaking look. “My dress was more beautiful than the one I imagined in my head!” the bride gushes.

Some of my favorite moments are when I ask a bride to try something for me. It might not be what she thinks she wants at all, but the moment she tries it her eyes light up.


In addition to effortless teamwork and concise communication, Jinjara and Shawne had fun throughout the sartorial journey. They also entered the process of being open-minded and enthusiastic about creating a dreamy look, which Shawne believes all brides should embrace when finding or designing the perfect wedding dress.

“Keep an open mind while shopping. Some of my favorite moments are when I ask a bride to try something for me. It might not be what she thinks she wants at all, but the moment she tries it on, her eyes light up, “says Creative Director Anne Barge. “Don’t be afraid to try new shapes and shapes on your search.”

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Bo Nix works to ‘redeem the meme’ with new t-shirt for charity | Auburn University sports news Fri, 24 Sep 2021 18:47:00 +0000

Auburn Tigers quarterback Bo Nix (10) during the Penn State University Auburn Tigers and Nittany Lions game at Beaver Stadium in College Park, Pa. On September 18, 2021.

Greg McWilliams / For OA News

The word around Bo Nix this season has taken on a life of its own.

Now the Auburn quarterback plans to make good use of the buzz.

Nix presented a new licensed t-shirt on Friday with the intention of donating the profits, leaning on a gag that has spread on social media this year.

Nix’s new shirt reads’ Focused. Have fun ”, and is signed with his signature – and he said the proceeds will go to fundraising for Luke Deal’s father who is battling ALS, and to Mercy Deliverance Ministries which aims to tackle insecurity. food in Alabama.

The jersey is available on from now until the Auburn-Georgia game on October 9.

Click here to see Nix’s post featuring the shirt.

The words on the shirt lean over the “This is the year” gag that has followed Nix from preseason camp. If you haven’t seen it, the gag order is to copy and paste some cheesy, cliched blurb on Nix and spam it into replies and comments on articles on Nix.

“This is the year. Bo Nix has improved so much under this new offense. He is focused. He’s having fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a dark horse for the Heisman.

Nix decided to turn the gag into something even bigger.

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