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An inevitable side event of every international tournament is which team has the best kit – and this summer’s European Championships are certainly no different.

While the subject is inherently divisive and open to individual interpretation, we have tried to get to the bottom of it by finding something quantifiable.

The list below is based on the largest number of sales of shirts on Kitbag sports retail site.

Sports retailer Musette offer their customers the opportunity to save 40% on all EURO 2020 purchases.

Discounts are available on products such as the England Home Kit, as well as other popular items. Shirts from Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands were among the first bestsellers.

To take advantage of it, go to and use the CONTROL code on departure.

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1. England

England Home Stadium Shirt 2020-22

It’s no surprise, of course, to see the England shirt at the top of the list – and with over 60% of EURO shirt sales on Kitbag, that’s by far too.

The classic, sleek Three Lions kit has received a lot of praise, but sales will inevitably come from loyalty to the team as much as design.

The supply for the England shirt is said to be running out – and demand is only expected to increase the longer Gareth Southgate’s side remain in the tournament.

2. Italy

Italy Home Shirt 2019-21

Elsewhere, Italy – which impressed many with its early performances in the competition – comes in second. Their shirts represent a 7% share.

3. France

France Stadium Home Shirt 2020-21

France, favorite of bookmakers, comes in 3rd position with 5.99% market share. Whoever beats Didier Deschamps’ team will surely imagine themselves against all that the tournament has to offer.

4. Germany

Germany Home Shirt 2019-21

Germany hardly ever have a bad kit – and this effort is certainly no different. They have a 5.29% market share but could face an uphill battle to stay in the competition after losing to France on Matchday 1.

5. Portugal

Portugal Home Stadium Shirt 2020-21

Portugal won EURO 2016 despite winning only one of their matches in 90 minutes. Their home shirts are simplistic in design, although this is their shirt outside they wore in their most talked about opener against Hungary. Portugal’s shirt sales account for a share of 4.61%.

6. The Netherlands

Netherlands Home Stadium Shirt 2020-21

It doesn’t look like an international tournament without a sea of ​​orange after the Netherlands. Manager Frank De Boer will see that the tournament has a way to reestablish their position in the game – and while there may be question marks over their credentials as serious contenders, you can never blame the jersey that ‘they wear. Their sales represent a share of 2.93%.

7. Belgium

Belgium Home Shirt 2019-21

Belgium’s influence in the Premier League over the past decade is clear – and with a striker like Romelu Lukaku and a midfielder like Kevin De Bruyne, Roberto Martinez’s side are certainly capable of beating anyone. who that day.

Despite their distribution in much of the English league, the “brushstroke” design of their jersey, made by Adidas, represents a rather modest share of 1.49%.

8. Denmark

Denmark Home Shirt – 2020-22

It may be surprising to see Denmark ranking in this list above, for example Spain. But this effort from Hummel – the only jersey they’ve designed for EURO 2020 – is undeniably enjoyable. They represent a share of 1.46%.

9. Croatia

Croatia Home Match Shirt 2020-21

The nation watched England take on Croatia on Matchday 1, starting their campaign successfully with a Raheem Sterling goal to zero. , to wear their all black. The 1.11% share of sales they currently hold may well increase once it makes its first release.

10. Spain

Spain Home Shirt 2019-21

Seeing Spain’s ranking on this list is somewhat indicative of its current position among the traditional favorites in the competition.

Once back-to-back European Championship winners – with a World Cup stuck in their midst – Spain increasingly looks like a team in transition. As we have seen time and time again in football, anything can happen in tournament football.

Jersey sales in Spain represent 1.07% of all EURO 2020 sales.

Click here to purchase the EURO 2020 range from Kitbag.

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Hailey Bieber’s Rixo dress gave us the shopping itch, so here are 12 more we love Fri, 18 Jun 2021 21:00:20 +0000

Consistently featured on the best dressed lists, Hailey Bieber has proven to be a very reliable source of outfit inspiration. As fond of bright colors and contrasting prints as she is simple in denim and muted neutrals, she could wear a trash bag and still look chic. No doubt it would have the Regina George effect and we would all have followed suit trying (and probably failing) to emanate her style.

Currently on vacation with her best friend Kendall Jenner, Hailey has once again impressed with her off-duty wardrobe. Coming out of many throaty summer dresses, it’s this black and red number that particularly appeals to us.

We’ve been fans of Rixo for quite some time, so while it didn’t take Hails spotting in any of their gúnas to convince us, it definitely encouraged us to browse their website for a few more summer options. .

Unsurprisingly, the one above is almost sold out on the Rixo site (there was only there are three left last time I checked!), so here are 12 more we love.

MIKAELA – CORAL AZALEA BLOOM halter mini dress, € 290
JENNIFER – GINGHAM ROSE MIX NAVY CREAM short-sleeved mid-length dress, € 363
MAEVE – DITSY GREEN MEADOW Midaxi Dress with Spagetti Straps, € 326
ELLEN – Shirt dress with collar and lace trim MINI POLKA DOTS, € 351
KAYLA – YELLOW LINE FLORAL CREAM mini dress with pleated flounce, € 277
VALERIE – SEA LIFE PASTEL open back midi dress, € 363
LAUREN – AZALEA BLOOM ROSE midi dress, € 339
PEPPER midi dress – MONO SEA LIFE CORAL keyhole, 363 €
MINNIE – Midaxi wrap dress SPRING MEADOW, € 388
CHERIE – AZALEA BLOOM PINK Midaxi Dress, € 406

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The Knightsbridge Shop where you can get an amazing personal style wedding dress for just £ 300 Fri, 18 Jun 2021 15:24:08 +0000

Planning a wedding is notoriously expensive, and the dress alone can add thousands of dollars to the bill.

While the perfect wedding dress is a staple of the dream day, spending a month’s salary or more on something you will only wear once can sting a bit for some brides.

However, a store in Knightsbridge has created the perfect solution to the wedding dress problem.

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The bridal boutique also offers designer clothes like Chanel, Dolce Missoni and Susannah.

In a first for London charity shops, the Octavia Foundation The Knightsbridge branch has launched a wedding dress boutique, offering new and used wedding dresses donated by famous bridal designers and members of the public.

The Bridal Department offers a personal styling service for high-quality second-hand wedding dresses from top designers, some of which have never even been worn, and they all cost a fraction of the price of a dress from a store. of conventional marriage.

At Octavia, brides-to-be will benefit from expert advice and the exceptional service you expect from a bridal shop, while also having the ability to browse high-quality dresses, vintage heirlooms and accessories in one space. private and decorated.

This means that you will still enjoy the full experience of buying a wedding dress, but also the added benefits of helping the environment and the community by buying more consciously.

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Benefits of buying pre-owned wedding dresses

While a charity store might not be your first choice for buying a wedding dress, there are huge benefits to buying second-hand clothes – even for one of the most important dresses in your store. life.

Of course, saving money is a huge draw: some of the dresses in the Octavia boutique offer savings of almost £ 1,000 based on retail prices.

For example, one dress was selling for £ 1,300 but is on sale at Octavia for just £ 450, and another was originally priced at £ 900 but is selling for £ 300.

Octavia Bridal Shop
The dress worn by this model was originally priced at £ 900, but Octavia is selling it for just £ 300

Besides being more affordable, second-hand shopping also has huge social and environmental benefits.

Every penny of profit raised through Octavia Retail goes directly into their work in the community, which includes inspiring confidence-building projects for young people, employment and training support for local residents, and community programs. friendship for older and isolated members of the community.

Surprisingly, the fashion industry is in fact the second biggest polluter in the world – beaten only by the oil industry – and 10,000 clothes are sent to the landfill every five minutes.

While fast fashion and rapidly changing trends are the main culprits of this level of pollution, a wedding dress that will only be worn once is probably one of the most unsustainable pieces you can buy.

It is estimated that a single wedding dress uses 9,000 liters of water in its production, and cheaper wedding dresses are often made of plastic-based materials that are shipped around the world and can be made in factories. with poor working conditions, resulting in a huge carbon footprint for a garment that will only be worn for a few hours.

Octavia Bridal Shop
A beautiful one-of-a-kind wedding dress could be yours for a fraction of the price, while also helping the community and the environment with mindful shopping.

Buying a second-hand wedding dress is an easy and fun way to make a wedding more lasting and find something unique and unique for the big day.

While finding that a perfect wedding dress is essential for many brides, there is no reason not to consider giving new life to a pre-loved or vintage item – especially when designer brands from bride such as Jenny Packham, Ulrich Encler and Jesus Peiro can be purchased at a fraction of the retail price.

Of course, you can always have the dresses altered to better suit you and your personal style, giving you a lot more freedom to create the wedding dress of your dreams.

Andrew Adair, head of retail at Octavia, said: “Finally, we are breaking out of the restrictions and being able to reunite with our loved ones for pre-lockdown style nuptials.

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“The opening of our bridal boutique couldn’t be better placed to support brides-to-be, offering them the chance to enjoy the magical experience of a bridal boutique in our flagship store.

“With their keen eyes, our stylists are excellent fashion matchmakers and have a knack for determining what will suit the tastes and needs of each client.

“For those who have searched unsuccessfully online, our store might be the perfect place to discover the perfect ‘borrowed’ something and pick up a unique dress for a fraction of its original price.

Plus, every purchase will go towards our life changing work with local communities, allowing brides to help their handbag, the planet and the community at the same time.

Appointments can be made by calling Octavia’s Brompton Road store on 020 7581 7987, Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Marvel’s Hellfire gala gives Jean Gray a PERFECT new costume Fri, 18 Jun 2021 13:41:17 +0000

At the Hellfire gala, Jean Gray wears a perfect look designed by Russell Dauterman that would be a perfect basis for a new X-Men costume.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for VC’s X-Men # 21, Nick Dragotta, Russell Dauterman, Lucas Werneck, Sara Pichelli, Frank Martin, Matthew Wilson, Sunny Gho, Nolan Woodard and Clayton Cowles, on sale now .

Over the years, Jean Gray has undergone several different costume changes. While she has had a lot of iconic looks, her different looks weren’t always united by one common design choice. However, the Hellfire Gala gave Jean an outfit that mixes the best aspects of his high-profile costumes into a Russell Dauterman-designed costume that ranks among his best.

Since the years 2019 House of X # 1, by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz, Jean reverted to her Marvel Girl outfit from the ’60s and early’ 70s. There is some appeal to this costume, given the nostalgia for the early X-Men. Plus, Jean wore her Marvel Girl costume in the 1980s. Strange X-Men # 137, by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, when she was tried by the Shi’ar Empire for the crimes of the Black Phoenix. Jean donned his Marvel Girl costume in an effort to reject the destructive power of the Phoenix. In this way, the Marvel Girl costume is important to Jean’s independence from the Phoenix, and her return echoes her recent rejection of the Phoenix Force.

While Jean’s Hellfire Gala outfit recalls aspects of this Marvel Girl costume, it modernizes it and gives Jean a striking Krakoan update that matches his status as one of Marvel’s most important mutant leaders.

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Jean Gray Hellfire Gala

The Hellfire Gala outfit has the same yellow / green color scheme as Jean’s Marvel Girl costume, without the old-fashioned miniskirt or yellow boots. At the same time, this color scheme matches Jean’s traditional Phoenix costume. solidify green as the main color of his costume without the baggage associated with the Phoenix Force.

The predominantly green outfit complements Jean’s red hair perfectly, making the color really pop. The fingerless gloves add an extra touch of style, and the gold accents around the outfit contrast well with the green of the jumpsuit. Likewise, the yellow dress goes well with Jean’s green outfit, and it would be perfect while Jean uses his telekinesis to fly.

Between this golden trim and its cape, this costume also makes yellow its secondary costume color. From her very first X-Men uniform designed by Jack Kirby to the yellow Phoenix symbol of her cosmic costume designed by Dave Cockrum to her look from the Jim Lee era, this choice makes Jean’s look one-piece with many of her previous looks, and it pairs well with Wolverine, Cyclops, and the other X-Men who generally incorporate some degree of yellow into their appearance.

The floating helmet “x” also highlights the power of Jean and the emerging mutant culture of Krakoa. This helmet accentuates Jean’s ability for telekinesis, bringing his appearance into the Krakoan era. Jean’s tiara ties her nicely to the mutant culture, emphasizing her “royal” presence in Krakoan society. Jean’s telepathic facilitation of the X-Men election not only showcases the unique nature of Krakoan society, but also reinforces its importance within that culture. Overall, Jean’s Hellfire Gala look would be a great new costume. A large detail added to the center of Jean’s outfit is a gold “x”. It’s a nice touch, highlighting Jean’s loyalty not only to the Mutants, but to the X-Men.

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Jean Gray Hellfire Gala costume

As a leading mutant, Jean deserves an outfit unique to Krakoan like her Hellfire Gala look. Plus, this tiara fits Jean’s’ 90s helmet, which was much more confined.

Combining features from Jean’s Marvel Girl, Phoenix, and ’90s costumes, this Hellfire Gala outfit would be a perfect base for a new field outfit. The look should probably be made a bit more practical by adding material to the open back, turning heels into practical shoes, and shortening the dress to a standard length cape, just to make jeans more mobile. Still, those would be minor adjustments to an otherwise perfect look for Jean.

As a founding member of the team and leader of the new X-Men line, Jean Gray needs a look that matches his life after the Phoenix, not one that is simply reminiscent of his life before. With this chic look that recalls her past without imitating it, Jean’s Hellfire Gala outfit is too good to hang up in the closet after an event.

KEEP READING: X-Men Leaves Gen X Veteran Bitter About New Team

Superman: How the Man of Steel lost his mighty ’90s mule

About the Author

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Jail after man attacked Thredbo boss as he dressed as Chewbacca Fri, 18 Jun 2021 10:03:49 +0000

A man was jailed for more than two years for beating the boss of Thredbo ski resort after being kicked off the slopes for bizarre behavior while disguised as a Star Wars character.

Almost four years ago, Keith Wass took to the slopes dressed as Chewbacca and he was a crowd favorite before two parents complained about his bizarre behavior.

Thredbo CEO Jordan Rodgers told Wass he was kicked off the slopes, the resort boss was then knocked out with a snowboard, requiring surgery to remove part of a tooth from his cheek.

Almost four years ago, Keith Wass took to the slopes dressed as Chewbacca and he was a crowd favorite before two parents complained about his bizarre behavior. (9News)

In a victim impact statement, Rodgers said the attack changed him forever.

“I get anxious every time Star Wars is mentioned… I always look over my shoulder, imagining someone might be coming from behind.”

Wass identifies as a “pastafarian” and the colander he wore on his head in court is a symbol of satirism Church of the flying spaghetti monster.
Chewbacca attack
Keith Wass identifies as a “pastafarian” and the colander he wore on his head in court is a symbol of the satirical church of the flying spaghetti monster. (9News)

It was agreed in court that he was suffering from mental health issues, but the judge refused to accept this as an excuse for the attack.

Wass was sentenced to a maximum term of two years and four months behind bars.

He refused to do community service, which effectively excluded him from a suspended sentence.

He will be eligible for parole in October next year.

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No shoes, no shirts and no real boards Fri, 18 Jun 2021 03:20:02 +0000

Locals Surf School hosts the 3rd annual Foam Top Frenzy

Anyone lucky enough to witness Shannon Riley and Dave Humphries walking the Rockaway Beach promenade last weekend could spot them several feet away, with a dragon above their heads. Luckily the dragon was just an inflatable and they were heading to another group of surfers looking to ride abstract boards for charity and community building.

The 3rd Annual Foam Top Frenzy hosted by Locals Surf School just off Beach 69th Street meant a lot to those who remember the last time they attended the event many years ago. Surfers who took part in the frenzy were only allowed to ride real, working boards. It only meant foam trays, alternative boards, and craft boards.

Participants competed for the chance to win three awards and titles for best alt. Craft, Best Wave and Best Wipeout. The event was also sponsored by HyperFlex Wetsuits and JUNE SHINE CO. Proceeds from donations suggested to participate were to benefit Surfrider, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and enjoying the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through activism.

The event lasted from approximately 10 a.m. to almost 2 p.m. with the announcement of the winners of each award category. Lois Klossner took home the award for best wave, J Scott Klossner with best wipeout and the duo of Riley and Humphries took home best alt. Arts and crafts. Paul J Schmidt with Paul Surf won 1st place with his foam board, posing with the first local foam board. In addition to the larger rewards, Locals Surf School was also able to distribute sponsored material to other surfers who participated. One lucky surfer even brought home a large portable futon.

Mike Kololyan of Locals Surf School oversaw the competition. Photos by Anthony Medina

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Do you fund bullies? Thu, 17 Jun 2021 21:29:25 +0000

Hunt of Vénéssa

Venessa Hunt is the Managing Director of ThinkPremiumDigital.

We’ve long talked about brand safety and ad fraud as legitimate issues for Australian brands investing in digital media. But there is a bigger concern that needs to be addressed; one we don’t seem to be talking about and it’s about time we did.

Australian brands’ love affair with digital advertising shows little sign of slowing down with IAB and PwC’s online advertising spend report revealing digital advertising spending to hit $ 9.5 billion. dollars in 2020. Of this amount, $ 2.9 billion was spent in the fourth quarter, an increase of 20.3% over same quarter in 2019.

It is now well established that digital advertising is not without its challenges, with genuine concerns about ad fraud and brand safety plaguing the channel.

While it’s important for advertisers to get what they pay for and not risk damaging their brand, these concerns pale in comparison to a larger issue in the digital ecosystem: in fact, there is parts of the Internet that are increasingly dangerous for everyone.

Not all digital is bad. But there are corners of the online world that are causing serious damage.

Speaking during budget estimates earlier this month, Online Safety Commissioner Julie Inman-Grant shared a number of shocking statistics.

In 2020, reports of illegal and harmful online content reached a new high with more than 21,000 reports made. And, alarmingly, the trend continues into 2021. In the first four months of the year, reports were 53% ahead of the same period last year. Two-thirds of these reports concern child pornography.

As horrible as it is, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Reports of cyberbullying among youth also increased by 34% in the first quarter of 2021. Complaints of cyberbullying among adults have now overtaken cyberbullying. In the first quarter of the year, these reports doubled. And 70% of all reports to the Online Safety Commissioner are initiated by women and girls.

There are several reasons why you should be concerned about this. The first and most obvious is that you could one day fall victim to it. Otherwise you, someone you know and love.

What is harder for us to deal with is that our industry’s work could blatantly or inadvertently fund the terrifying digital attack brought on by some bad actors in space. After all, it’s widely believed that if content isn’t behind a pay wall, it’s ad-supported.

A lot of online content is essential for a functioning and happy society, such as information, news, health and safety, entertainment and sport. Some of them, however, are downright harmful and even worse, we know that.

Studies show some platforms increase self-harm rates, suicide and body image problems. Yet we still spend our advertising dollars there.

In his statement, Inman-Grant revealed that the large-scale attacks in which fake social accounts were created and used are of particular concern. In one troubling case, an online assault lasted for several months and saw over 60 different fake social accounts used. As soon as the fake profiles were deleted, new ones appeared and the abuse continued.

Of course, none of this would have been possible if the advertising industry hadn’t helped fund these areas of harm.

Now more than ever, as an industry, we need to honestly discuss our responsibility to Australians – especially our future generations – to review our spending with the places where these online violations occur, or, at a minimum, ask for more to be done to stop it.

With targeted marketing in the spotlight, agencies and advertisers need to think about the sustainability of their ad spend and its current and future impact.

It’s time we asked ourselves what our advertising dollars are actually funding.

Know where your money is going. Support platforms that genuinely care about the health and safety of their users and adhere to regulatory and social responsibilities.

Let’s start the conversation

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Mom transforms wedding dresses to help parents who have lost their children Thu, 17 Jun 2021 15:45:07 +0000

A team of people work tirelessly to help grieving parents come to terms with the loss of a child.

The pain and emptiness that comes with losing a child may never heal, but Wirral Wings employees have helped hundreds of families in unique ways.

The association uses wedding dresses and other items of sentimental value for a family and transforms them into funeral clothing for babies.

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Rachel Seager set up Wirral Wings in 2019 and told ECHO that they are now helping a variety of people – even procuring wedding dresses for a woman who wanted to marry her partner after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She said: “I just asked people on Facebook if anyone had a wedding dress of a particular size and we ended up taking her 25 different dresses to try on so she could marry her true love before her. death.”

Rachel Seager’s wedding dress that launched Wirral Wings

The charity started with Rachel’s beloved designer wedding dress she was reluctant to donate after her marriage broke up.

She said: “It was this gorgeous blush satin dress, and I didn’t really want to give it to charity, I felt like I was imparting bad karma if someone else wore it for their own. marriage and I didn’t want to burn it down as some have suggested. “

When Rachel, of Rock Ferry, saw that some charities were making clothes for stillborn babies out of wedding dresses, she knew that was what she wanted for her dress.

She said: “But they were all based in London or the south and I wanted my dress to fit babies here.

“So I thought I was good at business and organization, but I can’t sew or do something like that – so I posted a message on Facebook and within an hour I had a team.”

Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings - a charity that helps people who have lost a child
Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings – a charity that helps people who have lost a child

Rachel, 42, continues to be blown away by the support and hard work of the Wirral Wings team, she said much of their motivation comes from their own personal losses.

The mom of six (Delenn, 23, Paris, 17, Velvet, 15, Eden, 13, Kenya, 12 and Obi, three) said: “These are the most amazing women I have. have never met, they just want to help as many people as they can.

“A lot of this is because they don’t want other people to feel the same pain as them, which unfortunately we find there is still a stigma around baby loss today. .

Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings - a charity that helps people who have lost a child
Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings – a charity that helps people who have lost a child

“I feel like during the lockdown it was worse than usual with a lot of women who lost babies during this time feeling isolated and lonely.

“Some people sent messages in the wee hours of the morning – which is a warning sign in itself – and they said they couldn’t talk about their grief and were told things like” you are young “,” you will get over it and have more “.

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“And that’s really not acceptable. As long as you know you’re pregnant and this baby becomes your child and a lot of parents just want them recognized.

“They want us to recognize that their baby existed.

“We need to break down this stigma around losing babies and people need to ask grieving parents if they want to talk because 99% of them will want to talk about their baby.

“Even if you don’t know what to say, listen, this is so important.”

Rachel also said that while the work is worth it for all the wonderful comments, sometimes people’s stories can really hit home.

She said: “Sometimes it really hits the whole team.

Clothing made for deceased babies by the Wirral Wings team
Clothing made for deceased babies by the Wirral Wings team

“We’re all good at picking ourselves up, but some of their stories are so heartbreaking.

“But the number of messages we get saying ‘thank you’, and sometimes just a thank you for acknowledging that their baby existed.

“We have comments on Facebook from women who say they wish a service like ours existed when they lost their child years ago when they were just given their babies in a plastic box. without a birth certificate and were told to get over it.

“We have contacted women like this in the past and prepared special gifts for them – one of them even said it helped her finally tell her other children about the brother they had never heard of. talk and she then hosted a memorial service for him.

“You cannot underestimate how much people need this time to deal with their loss and grief.”

She added: “We are now getting requests of all kinds and we are trying to help as best we can.

“We have no limit, anyone suffering from the loss of a child at any age, or any loss, if we can help, we will.”

Learn more about Wirral Wings via their Facebook page here.

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Dua Lipa looks so ’90s in a corset top, drop-waist jeans and chunky sneakers – Footwear News Thu, 17 Jun 2021 12:36:57 +0000

Dua Lipa gave ’90s trends a chance this week by partying with friends at Nice Guy Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Also joined by her beau Anwar Hadid, the “New Rules” musician was spotted leaving the event in the early hours of Thursday morning. Her evening outfit is inspired by retro-chic trends with a corseted, lace-up tank top and the looser, low-rise jeans. To continue the vintage appeal, the Dua Lipa set also included a mini Burberry crossbody bag and pearl choker necklace.

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid party at Nice Guy restaurant with friends in West Hollywood, California on June 17.

CREDIT: Group of photographers / MEGA

dua lipa, tank top, jeans, lace sneakers, necklace, party, anwar hadid, date, the

A close-up view of Dua Lipa’s sneakers.

CREDIT: Group of photographers / MEGA

As if the outfit didn’t contain enough styles from the 1990s, the “Levitating” musician added one latest shoe trend. Her chunky “daddy’s shoes” featured pops of candy pink and patent black on a white mesh upper and a single heel.

The wild style comes from Balenciaga’s collaboration with Pander, highlighting a hanging heel design and chunky outsole. The sneakers sell for $ 1,250 at Saks in a yellow colourway with the pink style of Dua Lipa only available for resale on sites like StockX priced at over $ 1,600.

dua lipa, tank top, jeans, lace sneakers, necklace, party, anwar hadid, date, lav

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid party at Nice Guy restaurant with friends in West Hollywood, California on June 17.

CREDIT: Group of photographers / MEGA

dua lipa, tank top, jeans, lace sneakers, necklace, party, anwar hadid, date, the

A close-up view of Dua Lipa’s sneakers.

CREDIT: Group of photographers / MEGA

balenciaga, pander, sneakers, pink

Balenciaga x Pander sneakers.

CREDIT: Courtesy of StockX

Beyond an award-winning musical career, Dua Lipa quite often plunges her toes into the world of fashion. From sitting in the rows of the big catwalks during Fashion Month to selecting daring duds for red carpet appearances, she keeps things regularly exciting. The “Don’t Start Now” singer has previously appeared in campaigns for YSL Beauty and Fragrance, Adidas and Pepe Jeans among others.

Its sets and style are attributed to the famous stylist Lorenzo Posocco; Dua Lipa is Posocco’s main clientele, but he has also worked with Troye Sivan and Alex Demie in the past.

Most recently, Dua Lipa signed as a Puma Ambassador with a multi-year contract, as she is the face of his female company. Through her new title, the musician will aim to “help inspire women around the world” through global efforts and “important inclusive initiatives close to her heart,” according to the company.

Click through the gallery to check out Dua Lipa’s most daring street style over the years.

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Cover-ups that can be used as dresses: 21 choices Thu, 17 Jun 2021 09:37:47 +0000

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Okay, but seriously: why are cover-ups so chic? We feel disappointed every time we think we see a pretty dress, only to realize that it is, in fact, a cover-up. But let’s stop here. Why are we disappointed? Who says we can’t wear these camouflages like dresses on days without a beach?

Some may need a slip or an extra layer, but ultimately there are plenty of stylish blankets that can double as cute summer dresses. They will also be pleasant and light for very hot days. In the idea? Check out 21 of our favorite picks!

Button covers

1. Our absolute favorite: We immediately fell in love with the oversized design, patch pockets and babydoll silhouette of this comfy Bsubseach dress!

2. We also like: Inspired by the classic work shirt, this other Bsubseach dress perfectly combines sophistication and carefree pleasure!

3. We cannot forget: We can’t decide what we love most about it Akalnny’s cover-up: stripes, collar, buttons or ruffled sleeves!

Crochet cover-ups

4. Our absolute favorite: It’s easy to see why Amazon shoppers love this Jeasona’s cover-up. Just put a little slip underneath!

5. We also like: Wear this stand-up collar Ailunsnika dress on a jumpsuit maybe even on a long bodysuit / unitard!

6. We cannot forget: We could quite imagine this short sleeve CUPSHE camouflage with a denim jacket and sneakers!

Caftan Cover-Ups

7. Our absolute favorite: The colors and pattern of this Caftan Bsubseach deserve to be exhibited. This tassel tie detail is just the icing on the cake!

8. We also like: This chiffon Eddoyee CaftanThe beautiful blue and orange design of is like a serious work of art!

9. We cannot forget: If you like something simpler, Bsubseach also makes this pretty striped kaftan in a calming mix of white, black and gray!

Tie-Dye Blankets

10. Our absolute favorite: This tank dress JSQTYSL keeps things beachside with its adorable fringe trim, but can also be dressed up for brunch!

11. We also like: This Halife blanket looks so comfortable, and the ties that hang down from the neckline give We heart eyes!

12. We cannot forget: The turquoise and purple tie-dye on this sakkas dress it almost looks like fireworks!

Floral cover-ups

13. Our absolute favorite: This chiffon ADOME dress is a pure sensation that will soon become a wardrobe staple!

14. We also like: This fluid Back From Bali Dress has an adorable illustrated floral design all over!

15. We cannot forget: We’re obviously obsessed with the tassel trim in this bestseller Cache Yincro. Put on biker shorts if they’re too short!

Ruffled blankets

16. Our absolute favorite: The ruffle details are what makes this otherwise simple The concealment of Ekouaer and make it a must!

17. We also like: This nightie dress AI’MAGE could even be dressed in heels!

18. We cannot forget: Take things off the shoulder with this bell sleeve ZANZEA dress!

Simple cover-ups

19. Our absolute favorite: This MISFAY tank dress is about as minimal as it gets while still keeping things stylish. It also has pockets!

20. We also like: We like it Columbia dress because it wicks away moisture and cools for the beach, but trendy enough for every other day too!

21. We cannot forget: With just a small tie tied at the hem, this Becca tank dress by Rebecca Virtue find kindness in simplicity!

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