November 25, 2022

Filipino Instagram Book Clubs Remind Us What is Reading? Fundamental

The library is (virtually) open, thanks to these Filipino Instagram book clubs.

Lockdown: Year 2, definitely gave people enough time to adjust to this alien way of life. One of the many coping mechanisms used to make lockdown more exciting is diving into hobbies. From discovering new passions to rediscovering past loves, hobbies can definitely get a person out of their own head and bring a sense of freshness to confinement.

The love of reading is one of the common hobbies that has been discovered and revived by many people. The thrill of opening a new or old book (and sniffing its pages) has gripped more than one person. This love of reading has captivated people so much that online book clubs have started popping up all over Instagram.

Communities of people who love the thrill of reading have come together to create virtual book clubs to encourage and support fellow readers. Born out of the pandemic, accounts such as The book corner, Book___ish and the Twenty-something book club to offer current and future book lovers the chance to meet their next favorite book, and a community of welcoming and open readers to discuss those books with.

By choosing Instagram as a book club platform, each account has developed its own brand and aesthetic for its content. Katya Lichauco, from Book___ishalso explains how she sees “the limited number of characters on Instagram as a fun challenge […] trying to say more with less.

the Twenty-something book club drawn from their own experiences as people in their twenties who frequently use Instagram, hoping that creating an account here would allow them to connect with their target demographic.

(LR) Via Book___ish, The Book Nook and Twenty-Something Book Club on Instagram

The creators of The book corner and Katya Lichauco both started their accounts with the intention of documenting their respective reading journeys, both garnering larger audiences than expected.

The book corner described their account originally starting “as a kind of journal to document the books we read”, they added “but it eventually grew and reached other people too. The IG book community is so wonderful”

The creators of the Twenty-something book club have decided to bring their literature-centric Telegram chats to Instagram. Inspired by other Instagram book clubs such as Reese’s Book Club and book of the monththese 20-somethings hoped to open up their exciting discussions to more participants.

Each account is packed with book recommendations, reviews, an open and safe environment to chat and explore different perspectives, and so much more! All of this is available to Instagram users across the country, without having to set foot outside.

Do you feel stuck at home? Try reading a book. Are you starting to feel “pandemic fatigue” or are you tired of the monotony of your daily routine? Try reading a book. Need to distract yourself after sending that risky text? Try reading a book. As the Twenty-something book club says, “One of the best things about reading is that it’s a way of living in someone else’s reality or transporting yourself into another person’s life, even just for a moment. .”

The book corner sees their account creation as a “silver lining” during the time of the pandemic. Katya Lichauco says she’s ‘always been a voracious reader, but the pandemic has really amplified that more – now I’m a reader too Bookseller! I have a book permanently attached to one of my hands.

The pandemic has forced people around the world into self-isolation, although thanks to these book clubs it is now possible to band together and bond with all types of people around the wonders of books. Reading not only provides magical and moving stories, but also a community of like-minded people who support and encourage each other in their (sometimes intense) reading habits.

On days when hours feel like years, wander through worlds where COVID-19 doesn’t exist, explore the depths of other people’s imaginations, and experience the unique sense of pain when you fall in love with fictional characters. Once you’ve done all of that, leave it all on Instagram. Go wild and rave with people you love and with people you haven’t even met (in person) yet.

Because what is reading? FUNDAMENTAL!

Reading is fundamental

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