November 25, 2022

Five independent bookstores to follow on Instagram – PRINT Magazine

With the release of Steven Heller’s new book, Growing Up Underground: A Memoir of Counterculture New York, and the announcement of PRINT’s new book club, it makes sense that I’m sharing Instagram accounts related to the books this week. Each of the five accounts listed below is a bookstore that shares the latest. From great book cover designs to book recommendations, each one is worth following, even if your nose isn’t where it belongs: in a book.

Foyles Bookstore | @foylesforbooks

Foyles is a bookshop with stores located across London. After failing their civil service exams, the store was first opened in 1903 by brothers William and Gilbert Foyle, who began selling their unwanted textbooks. Apparently the bookstore telegramed Hitler, asking him to buy the books he was burning in the 1930s, but to no avail. Now, the bookstore’s Instagram account is packed with lists of recommendations, book cover contests, and often a rundown of recently read and liked books.

Critical Bookstore | @reviewbookshop

Review is a London-based independent online bookstore that has been around since 2005. Its aim is to financially support local and independent writers, shops and booksellers, and to enable consumers to do so without leaving their homes. Review’s Instagram feed shares monthly bestsellers, book reviews and, of course, great book cover designs. While it’s always nice to shop for a cause, there’s something especially satisfying about supporting the arts.

Strand Bookstore, NYC | @strandbookstore

The Strand is world famous for being New York’s largest independent bookstore, and it’s an exemplary store. Their Instagram account builds on the legacy by sharing insights, recommendations, and constant inspiration. From adorable book-related comics to information about banned books, The Strand’s account will instantly immerse you in a visual and educational feast.

Tattered Cover Bookstore | @tatteredcoverbookstore

When I lived in Denver for part of my high school years, the Tattered Cover Book Store was a weekend oasis. This account is a must-have for anyone in town, as they constantly share in-store happenings, but even if you don’t live in Colorado, their book recommendations and reviews are exciting for any book lover. United States | @bookshop_org

This online bookstore aims to connect readers to independent booksellers around the world, and every purchase helps independent bookstores financially. Indeed, since 2020, the site has raised more than $22 million for these independent shops. Their Instagram account shares book recommendations, different options for bookstores to support, new releases, and many other inspirational literary articles.