Fortnite Balenciaga: This plain white shirt with Fortnite written on it costs $ 1000

If you convert US dollars into Fortnite’s highest possible V-bucks bundle (13,500 V-bucks for $ 80), you’ll need 168,750 V-bucks to purchase that new T-shirt that says “Fortnite” .

Balenciaga, the luxury fashion house founded in Spain and currently located in Paris, has announced a new collaboration with Fortnite creator Epic Games to create a range of actual shirts, jackets and hats that cost more than you or me in a week.

What about that baseball cap? It costs $ 395, but it says “Fortnite” on the front and “Retail Row” in multiple languages.

(Image credit: Balenciaga / Epic Games)

Or maybe that white hoodie for $ 725, if you wanted to play the world’s most dangerous version of “don’t spill the spaghetti on your laundry”.

(Image credit: Balenciaga / Epic Games)

Maybe you need a collared shirt for this weekend. Your potential love interest will surely be surprised that you not only have $ 995 to blow on a button, but also pronounce Retail Row as “Corso Commercio”.

(Image credit: Balenciaga / Epic Games)

Of course, you want to have something warm on hand in case you need to wrap yourself up in your parents’ downhill ski resort. This $ 1,300 denim jacket will look great with your oversized snow pants.

(Image credit: Balenciaga / Epic Games)

All of Balenciaga’s Fortnite items will go on sale tomorrow online and in select stores.

If you’re more of a farmer, you might be able to get Fortnite’s new Balenciaga-inspired skins in the game. Epic will be selling four outfits (see below) inspired by various designs that Balenciaga has created over the years. These will arrive in the Fortnite Item Shop at 8 p.m. ET today.

(Image credit: Balenciaga / Epic Games)

In-game items also include new backpack back cosmetics inspired by Balenciaga bags. In real life, a bag like this would set you back $ 900.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

There are also several new pickaxe styles based on Balenciaga’s Speed ​​shoes, new weapon skins, a glider featuring the logo, as well as a new emote.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Funny enough, this isn’t the first time Epic and Balenciaga have met. The fashion house used Epic’s Unreal Engine earlier this year to make a virtual showcase of his latest articles, which is the exact kind of fusion of tech and boutique products C suites drool over endlessly, if my previous corporate writing gigs covering virtual reality have taught me Something.

Remember, friends: eat the rich.

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