Great-grandmother tries on wedding dresses for the first time and finally finds her dream dress at Birmingham David’s Bridal

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WLS) – When we return, the 94-year-old great-grandmother … who finally says yes to the dress.

Birmingham’s great-grandmother, Alabama recently made a long-standing wish come true.

The 94-year-old married the love of her life almost 70 years ago, but there was something she wasn’t allowed to do until now.

Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker was watching the elaborate wedding scene in the movie “Coming to America” ​​when her granddaughter heard her whisper that she still wanted to try on a wedding dress.

That’s when Tucker’s granddaughter met up with other cousins ​​and made it happen!

The family made an appointment at David’s Bridal, giving Tucker a chance to finally say yes to the dress!

Tucker got married in the south in 1952. She said that at the time black women weren’t allowed in bridal shops, so she was wearing a blue dress someone lent her.

When asked what she thought of her special day, she replied that she did not want to take the dress off. She also expressed how grateful she is for the efforts of her grandchildren.

Tucker has four children, 11 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and a great-great-grandchild.

Now they plan to have a reception.

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