May 25, 2022

If you joined all book clubs this is what you would read

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Book clubs. They are no longer reserved for small neighborhood gatherings. With the advent of the Internet, the book club has become a unifier across state and country borders. Book clubbers all over the world can come together and read the same book, discussing their thoughts at length in online forums, virtual meetings, apps, and more.

If you’ve ever bought a book and noticed a giant, giant “O” sticker slapped across the middle of its cover, then you know celebrity book clubs are all the rage. There was a time when it really seemed like Oprah’s Book Club was the only game in town. But it was another time. It’s 2021 and everyone has a book club.

Afraid of getting FOMO? Don’t want to miss a single book club choice? I totally understand. And summer is a great time to reinvest in your reading and set yourself a (potentially unrealistic) reading goal. Want to set yourself a lofty goal to read all the books from all the big book clubs? Dark. I believe in you.

Here’s your guide to everything you need to read if you want to keep up with all the book clubs this month. Buckle up and let’s move on to some marathon reading sessions.

All the books in the book club: what you are going to read

Welcome to July! Many book clubs are in full swing and new books have been announced for the month. Here’s what the top book clubs are reading this month.

Last month, Oprah’s Book Club announced that its latest pick is The softness of the water by Nathan Harris. This one is 368 pages long.

As of this writing, Reese Witherspoon has yet to announce her July pick, but her summer 2021 YA novel has already been announced, and it’s Tokyo forever by Emiko Jean. This book will add 336 more pages to your reading load.

Did you know that Goop now has a book club? Well, they do. Gwyneth Paltrow delves into the world of book clubs, and the book she picked out this month is The sight was exhausting by Mikaella Clements and Onjuli Datta. Add 336 more pages with this book.

The Good Morning America Book Club has announced that its July Book Club pick will be The personal librarian by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray. They call this a cross between Bridgerton and Succession. Is this an exact description? You’ll have to read the 352 pages of this book to find out.

Then we have the Stephen Curry Book Club. For July, he chose Butterfly by Yusra Mardini. Good news, readers, this one is only 288 pages long!

We have a few newcomers to the book club game this summer. Everyone’s favorite book lover, LeVar Burton, has finally created his own book club. And for July he reads Fire this time by Jesmyn Ward. If you want to read with him, it will be another 226 pages.

Speaking of Jesmyn Ward, the author has also started her own book club. July is Ward’s second month in the Book Club game, and for that month she chose The last one turns off the lights by Stéphanie Soileau. This will be 256 pages added to your reading list.

Last but not least, we could not leave out Roxane Gay’s new book club. Like Ward, this is Gay’s second month running his book club through Literati. And for July, you and your new reading friend Roxane Gay are going to read The five wounds by Kirstin Valdez Quadé. This will be your longest read at 432 pages.

How Much You’ll Need To Read: A Breakdown

If you want to get through these books, you’ll have to go your own way and be realistic about it. If you start reading just 50 pages a day, you’ll quickly be overwhelmed. So you will need to set a goal for each day so that all of these readings are completed by the end of July.

I know. The month is already well underway. And you might need a few days to put the books together. Let’s just say you have a total of 15 days to do all of this reading. If you are one of those people who likes to read multiple books at once, you can just divide them into pages. All these books represent a total of 2,594 pages. So if you break that down into 15 days, that makes 172.9333 pages per day. Quite doable.

Oh, do you want a day-to-day program? Here is.

I like a good schedule, don’t I? So for your convenience, I’ve put together a little reading program to help keep you on track to completing all of those books by the end of the month. Especially if you are more interested in reading one book at a time. Here is!

Day 1 : The five wounds pages 1–173
Day 2: The five wounds pages 174–348
Day 3: The five wounds pages 349 – end

Day 3, continued: Tokyo forever pages 1–90
Day 4: Tokyo forever pages 91-264
Day 5: Tokyo forever pages 265 – end

Day 5, continued: The softness of the water pages 1–102
Day 6: The softness of the water pages 103-276
Day 7: The softness of the water pages 277 – end

Day 7, continued: The sight was exhausting pages 1–82
Day 8: The sight was exhausting pages 83–256
Day 9: The sight was exhausting pages 257 – end

Day 9, continued: Fire this time pages 1–94
Day 10: Fire this time pages 95 – end

Day 10, continued: The personal librarian pages 1–42
Day 11: The personal librarian pages 43-216
Day 12: The personal librarian pages 217 – end

Day 12, continued: Butterfly pages 1–137
Day 13: Butterfly pages 138 – end

Day 13, continued: The last one turns off the lights pages 1–23
Day 14: The last one turns off the lights pages 24-197
Day 15: The last one turns off the lights pages 198 – end

But I need more books!

Isn’t that enough reading for you in this second half of July? Here’s a handy list of 15 other book clubs you can join online right now. And while you’re planning some big plans to join an online book club group, here are some tips for signing up and what to do once you’re there. Happy reading, reading clubbers! This is to never have FOMO again!