IN The man who dresses like Michael Myers is back [VIDEOS]

Every October, a man from Decatur, Indiana dresses up as Michael Myers, and every video his wife shoots will have you laughing out loud.

Everyone has their own way of getting into the Halloween spirit. Some decorate their homes, others spend days watching horror movies. A man from Decatur, Indiana takes it one step further. He dresses as one of the most iconic horror movie villains of all time, Michael Myers from Halloween.

As you know it, Halloween kills comes out on October 15th, which makes this year even more exciting for this man and everyone else Halloween Fans.

So what makes this guy dressed as Michael Myers so special? It’s really the interaction between him and his wife. Throughout October, this man goes out into town disguised as Michael Myers while his wife spots him and films what he does while telling him to come home and begging him to stop embarrassing him. Here is an example of a recent video:

This guy stays 100% in his character the entire time he’s outside dressed as Michael … minus all the violent side. He’s a much nicer Michael Myers, but that still doesn’t mean his wife isn’t pissed off. Another recent video shows him serving ice cream at a local ice cream shop.

I don’t know how this guy (whose real name is Evan) does it without laughing. He’s totally committed, and his wife probably wants him to be engaged.

One of my favorite videos I’ve seen is when he meets another horror movie icon, Jason Vorhees. In this video, they become best friends in some of the funniest ways.

They constantly post his antics on Decatur’s Michael Myers Facebook page. You never know what he will do next. This page is definitely worth following to see what he’s been up to and what he’s going to do.

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