Industry leaders continue the jeans makeover journey

In July 2019, the Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative launched The Jeans Redesign, a project that brought together 80 industry experts on a set of guidelines for creating denim jeans aligned with circular economy principles. .

Today, two years after its launch, the Foundation publishes ‘The Jeans Redesign: Insights from the first two years.The report reveals not only the successes, but also the obstacles, solutions and innovation gaps faced by participants in creating jeans that are more used, made to be remade and made from safe and secure inputs. recycled or renewable. The knowledge gained will go a long way to inform bold actions to create more products in this way.

To date, The Jeans Redesign participants have brought more than half a million pairs of circular jeans to market, meeting minimum requirements for durability, traceability and recyclability, while using safe materials and processes. . 80% of participants released redesigned fabrics or jeans despite the impacts of Covid-19. Although the number of circular jeans is only a small fraction of the total market, the project has demonstrated that it is possible to create circular jeans today.

Jeans Redesign’s guidelines are designed as a “minimum bar” and are regularly reviewed by the Foundation alongside 80 denim experts. Last updated in 2021 to be aligned with the Foundation’s vision of a circular economy for fashion, all participants are now working on these new guidelines, including 28 new participants who we are delighted to have on board and to join the project today. This brings the total number of people involved in the creation of redesigned jeans to 94, including brands such as Chloe, Levi’s and Marks & Spencer.

Read the latest report and see the participants here.

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