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The number of patients in Alberta hospitals was actually declining when Premier Jason Kenney introduced the latest COVID-19 lockdown restrictions last week, says Dr Gary Davidson, an emergency physician in Red Deer.

At an event hosted by Mountain View Freedom in central Alberta on September 18, Davidson addressed a rally of nearly 1,000 people.

Alberta Health Services say his claims are false.

Just before the lockdown announced by Kenney on September 15, Davidson said he noticed the number of hospital admissions was dropping.

He said he texted one of his political friends asking if the province was going into another lockdown.

The reason for his request stems from what Davidson had observed in his hospital and another in Alberta: the number of patients admitted tended to decline.

“As soon as they (the admission numbers) drop they put us in a lockdown so it looks like the lockdown fixed everything and they’ve done it every time and I know that because I see the numbers.” , he said in his speech, which was filmed and uploaded.

Davidson also said he texted a colleague at the University of Alberta hospital to review the admissions numbers and “in three days they tended to go down and my last shift , I had no patient for about three hours “.

“So the question is: are we in crisis in our hospitals? He asked.

According to Davidson, this “health care crisis” did not start with COVID-19 and admitted he had to be careful what he said.

Davidson said the problem started six years ago under the Notley government.

Less than two years after taking office, he alleged the government had started to cut nursing positions in his Red Deer emergency department. The staff shortage was covered by the local newspaper in October 2017, exposing hospital bed shortages across the province and in other provinces.

Due to staff shortages at the time, his department was asked to redirect patients to other, smaller hospitals, he said.

“We are the host hospital for the central zone. We can’t do this. We can’t send Lacombe a heart attack. They send them to us. But that’s what we were doing because we had no staff, ”he said.

Davidson claimed his department had 55 beds at the time and at 11:30 p.m. they were forced to close 17 beds because there wasn’t enough money or staff to keep them open. This is what led to long wait times in the emergency room.

“It has nothing to do with COVID. It has been going on for six years and it was created. We have a crisis because we have no staff, because our staff have resigned because they are exhausted. They are not depleted by COVID, ”he said.

He claimed on Friday night that he was working with a head nurse who has worked at his hospital for 30 years.

“She quit last night. She was crying, “he said.

Davidson quoted the nurse as saying, “I’m done. A colleague of yours called me a mess of skin because I am not vaccinated.

“So this is someone who worked there for over 18 months unvaccinated, fearless, on the front line and walked out of there last night,” Davidson said.

Davidson also claimed to have received a text from a person “who is in the know” alleging that 425 ICU and intensive care staff have quit across the province.

“I lost at least 30 in my department, and not to COVID,” he said.

Davidson said Alberta has 8,000 hospital beds and each intensive care unit is able to quickly double its capacity when needed. He also said that since 2009 the province has 2,500 ventilators but “nobody knows where they are”.

When it was joined for comment by the Western standard, Alberta Health Services said Davison’s claims were false.

“AHS is aware of a video circulating on social media involving claims from an emergency department doctor regarding COVID-19 and hospital capacity,” officials said in a statement.

“Much of the information provided in this video is false. This doctor’s opinions do not accurately reflect the COVID-19 pandemic, the response to the African horse sickness pandemic, or the situation at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Center.

“Plus, they’re doing the incredible work our frontline teams do every day a disservice. This person does not hold a managerial position at AHS, ”the statement read.

“It is disappointing that someone is spreading misinformation about COVID-19 in this way. “

Melanie Risdon is a reporter for the Western Standard
[email protected]

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