October 6, 2022

Joshua Whitehead pulls back the curtain on a new book, Making Love With the Land

Making Love with the Earth was released on Tuesday.SWEETMOON PHOTOGRAPHY/The Canadian Press

After the critical success of his 2018 novel “Jonny Appleseed,” writer Joshua Whitehead found himself answering questions that mistook him for his protagonist.

Readers and reporters have stumbled upon his identity, sometimes calling him Jonny instead of Josh, Whitehead writes in his new book, “Making Love With the Land.”

They also assumed that the character’s biographical details were true of the author.

With the collection of 10 essays published this week, Whitehead says he wanted to clarify the difference between the two, offering insight into himself and the character of Jonny whose shameless homosexuality resonated with thousands of readers. after her novel won “Canada Reads” last year.

The essays explore Whitehead’s strangeness and indigenity, the trauma of colonialism, and the interplay between body, land, and text.

Whitehead describes his books as part of an expansive literary universe that defies traditional categorization, although he claims publishers categorize them into different genres “for sales and promotional reasons”.

“Making Love With The Earth” was released on Tuesday.

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