November 25, 2022

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Lean Kitchen will soon bring healthy meals to Schererville.

Adriana and Justin Skains and Eric and Christy Miller bring the first Lean Kitchen franchise to Schererville.

“We are a new healthy fast food franchise in the area. All of our meals are fresh and never frozen,” said Adriana Skains. “All of our ingredients and nutritional information is listed on all of our meals. We’ve partnered with many local area gyms to bring delicious, healthy meals to the Northwest Indiana region.”

The restaurant plans to open in a few weeks at 730 West Lincoln Hwy. in Schererville. It occupies the former Kowloon space next to Dollar General on Cline Commons on US 30.

“We know the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle is food. In addition to meals, we will have a variety of nutritional supplements to help our customers achieve all of their goals,” she said. . “We are excited to bring this new franchise to the region.”

It will offer around 25-30 different meal options at any one time, including plant-based options. People can pre-order online or grab meals from restaurant coolers and take them home or heat them up if they want to dine out.

Meal options will include wraps, teriyaki and rice, garden burgers, salads and stuffed peppers. It will have lots of different varieties of chicken or seafood with rice, as well as protein muffins, protein doughnuts, and protein powders. It will focus on takeout orders and people will be able to place orders before picking them up.

“We’ll cook everything in-house,” Eric Skains said. “It’s a concept of meal prep where the meals are basically proportioned. All the nutritional information is on our labels: calories, fat, carbohydrates and allergies. We will have gluten-free items, low-carb items and a variety of items.”

The Missouri-based chain caters to people with a variety of health and fitness goals.

“Some people want to lose weight. Others want to gain weight and build muscle,” he said. “If they’re new, we can sit down with them and tell them what they should eat.”

The Skains looked at several healthy fast food franchise options before deciding Lean Kitchen was the tastiest.

“We were lucky enough to meet several of the franchises and the taste of the flood just blew our minds,” he said. “We went to headquarters in St. Joseph, Missouri, about an hour north of Kansas City. The food was phenomenal. Nothing fried, no heavy grease, no open flames.”

The old Kowloon space was bigger than they needed, but they liked the location.

“We live in Schererville and are quite active in Schererville and we wanted to stay in Schererville,” he said. “It’s visible and easy to get to at the main intersection of Cline Avenue and US 30. There are gyms across the street.”

It is a 4,000 square foot restaurant with approximately six fixed tables and more outdoor seating planned. It now has eight employees and still hires a few part-time workers.

The owners hope to open more locations in northwest Indiana in the future.

“We plan to expand with Schererville as the main hub with a commercial kitchen,” he said. “The others would be retail-only locations with meals and supplements. The next location would be Valparaiso, hopefully. We’d like to open four to five in northwest Indiana.”

They plan to partner with gyms like F45 and running promoters like Hometown Happenings to reach an audience of fitness and health enthusiasts.

“Anyone who loves healthy and tasty food should give us a try,” she said. “We basically cook people’s meals for them. Some people cook large quantities so they can eat healthy food every day, but chicken, rice and broccoli get old and boring. We do that for you and offer a lot more of variety.”

The restaurant plans to open on May 16 and take pre-orders on May 9.

Lean Kitchen will be open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday.

For more information, call 219-227-8477, visit, or find the company on Facebook or Instagram.