Love is more contagious: Kingston, Ont. catchy man t-shirt slogan

KINGSTON, ONT. – Kingston man tries to get specific message out to boost morale during pandemic: “Love is more contagious than COVID-19.”

Ken Foster created t-shirts with the slogan and sold them, with the net proceeds going to food banks across Canada and the United States. He says over $ 1,500 was raised in Kingston, alone.

“The phrase actually arose from the idea that if a virus can take over the world in a year, then why can’t something like love?” Foster said in an interview with CTV News Ottawa.

The design he created shows people standing six feet apart, but still together, against the backdrop of the night sky, to symbolize that it’s always darkest before dawn.

“It’s supposed to be a celebration,” Foster said. “The six figures here represent six of my friends. My wife, I and two other couples. And it’s just a symbol of what we were doing together before the pandemic. “

It was created as a way to bring people together, while remaining physically distant, according to Foster.

“It’s just a way of reaching out and saying we’re all going through this together,” he explained. “And if we do it in a peaceful and loving way and look for ways to support each other, we will be able to come out of it better than when we were there. Let’s hope that. Crossed fingers.”

This message resonated with many and has become a popular saying for some in the city.

Dr Kieran Moore, the local medical officer of health, wore the t-shirt to receive his own first dose of the vaccine. Local MP Mark Gerretson also wore it.

Donna Campbell had hers delivered on Saturday, she said she was happy to wear it for a shot later today.

“I love the colors. I love the design. And I like what it represents, ”she said. “I think it shows a great message that we all share, that we are all in the same boat.”

Kingston resident Chris Dann said the big draw for him was that the money would go to charity. He and his family said they appreciated the post.

“We haven’t beaten him yet,” he said of COVID-19. “The idea of ​​one love on COVID really resonated with us.”

Guy and Anne Aubin say they hope to see many people wearing the slogan.

“We’re going to wear them as soon as we open,” Anne said.

Aubins Shirts

Foster works in marketing, but joked that he turned into a full-time t-shirt because the product took off. While he said he didn’t expect it to turn out the way he did, he’s glad it did.

“It was just me reaching out and saying thank you, especially nurses, doctors and PSWs.”

You can buy a shirt online here.

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