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Bold and almost science fiction New Riverside Main BuildingThe opening is scheduled for June 26 and hosted its first event this week. On the other hand, it was a very simple event.

Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson,and Writer Susan Straight, Was summoned to the boardroom on Wednesday May 26 to talk about his childhood memories from his previous library. The two city graduates attended the library as girls a few years after it opened in 1963.

  • From left to right, Riverside Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson, writer Susan Straight and moderator Susan Toscano are working on a virtual fundraiser for the Riverside Library Foundation at the new main library in downtown Riverside on Wednesday May 26 2021. Talk about the old main library. (Photo by Wachala Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise / SCNG)

“From our sister city, Sendai, we’re heading straight to a beautiful bridge pond,” said Straight, 60. From an adult’s point of view, the building was more practical than the old gracious Carnegie Library, but she said, felt truly magical to us.

Rock Dawson, 56, agreed.

“It was very exotic when I was a kid. It was like going to Disneyland or the library, ”said Rock Dawson. She said the prospects made her “envious”.

Library, electronic ticket tour? It was the story of a high level nerd.

Their conversation was broadcast live to a virtual audience. Riverside Public Library Foundation This raised approximately $ 8,000 for library support. Six library staff and Foundation volunteers were in the room for a chat moderated by Foundation President Susan Toscano.

Yours was really there too. On this occasion, I wrote a t-shirt with public library lawyer Ray Bradbury and talked about advanced nerds. Straight was very happy and later requested a photo with me. Gave me.

We were in a small conference room called the Carnegie Room. Its name owes its name to the old Carnegie Library, located on the corner of downtown from 1903 to 1963. Currently, the China Pavilion is located there.

The two wooden tables in the room are one of four tables rescued from Carnegie. And both lamps were about 9 feet tall, with a globe that mimicked stained glass and glowed outside the stairs at Carnegie’s entrance. The shelves lined with classic children’s literature enhance the cozy effect.

Riverside’s new main library in the city center will be found on Thursday, January 21, 2021. Almost complete, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, authorities are uncertain when it will be open to the public. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise / SCNG)

Contrast with the appearance of the library. It is a two-story white oval with windows aligned almost its entire length. The whole structure is raised to a height of 9 meters on two pedestals, as if the library were changing its oil.

Some people love it and others hate it – I fall into the likes and dislikes category – but either way, this $ 43 million modernist blast is eye-catching.

As always, there are only human librarians in the library who can help you find books and answers, and no robot that provides better service.

The 1960s library, loved by Rock Dawson and Straight, was built a short distance from Carnegie and is now in the process of being converted into a library. Chika Museum..

During the conversation, Rock Dawson recalled writing his name on the first book card. Straight said she got it when she was three. Her favorite childhood books include “Blueberries for Monkeys” and “Snowy Day” (Straight), and “Owl Moon” and “Dog”. Includes “Team” (Rock Dawson).

Both are still avid readers. “I always read three or four books at the same time,” said the mayor, who recently read “Euphoria” by Lilly King and “Team of Rivals” by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

“Reading is my job,” Straight said, explaining that some books are read to provide reviews and back cover texts, while others are read purely for fun. Recent favorites are “Secret of Happiness” by Joan Silver and “Unsettled Ground” by Claire Fuller.

Do you know that the mayor likes to write? She won’t publish. As long as she doesn’t touch the newspaper column, she and I can do well. Straight, of course, a highly regarded novelist, author of memoirs and more recently, “In the land of women.” Is the author.

With a fun twist, the names of 60 people who signed up to watch the live broadcast were put into a bowl, and Straight promised to use the name that won his next novel, Mecca, which will be released in 2022. Is currently in the editing phase and Straight is ready to rename the appropriate character.

Rock Dawson pulled out the slip and read it.

“He’s the one I know,” she said. “Bill Densmore.”

“I’m already thinking,” Straight said almost instantly. “William Densmore is a very good classic car driver. I think it’s the 1964 Impala.

If Densmore is reading this, you shouldn’t be obsessed with your image of holding the wheel. A few minutes later the recording was over and the farewell was said, so the straight had already been mentally corrected.

“He doesn’t have a car. He has a horse, ”she offered. “And he lives in Norco.

And it was Wednesday. As you read this column, Densemore characters can rollerblade in Rialto.

More by the river

I spent the whole day in downtown Riverside on Wednesday. Interviews, ceremonies, lunches, library tours, above events and dinner.

There have been some minor milestones. A woman waved to me during a ceremony near the statue of Ahn Changho in a downtown shopping center.

When I introduced myself, Charlotte Mackenzie was the first Press Enterprise reader to tell me that he recognized me in the paper. I am deeply grateful to her and her husband, Bob, for making me feel official on behalf of the Council on International Relations. It was only 11 months.

After Ron Loveridge spoke, I introduced myself to the former mayor, and soon after I was taken to City Hall to meet with Lock Dawson. We both have a fun conversation.

Take a look, Loveridge was given the abbreviated nickname MayorLuv by my Press-Enterprise predecessor, Dan Bernstein. I’m not a nickname guy, but for the sake of continuity I’m going to continue the tradition with Patricia Rock Dawson, at least today.

Or, now that I think of it, it’s the infamous PLD.

Buri fly

May was a bad month for Pomona. the first one, New classification of the state’s population Cities were in the top 10 in terms of changing numbers, but were in the negative column due to the loss of 1.7% of the population. And on Thursday, the temperature list on the Los Angeles Times weather page lowered Pomona / Fairplex in favor. from Compton. Yep, just a day after the LA County Fair. Season change from September to May … because of the time!

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