‘Men in ANC T-shirts’ attack Cope leader’s home

Intimidation of ‘opponents’ by people allegedly linked to the ANC surfaced again after a small group of young people wearing ANC T-shirts attacked the home of mayoral candidate Cope Ekurhuleni , Ndzipo Kalipa.

The three men in their 30s have been arrested and are scheduled to appear in Palm Ridge Magistrates’ Court today.

Kalipa, a former chief whip of Cope in the Gauteng legislature, was announced as the party’s mayoral candidate after his return from the ANC to the party.

He is known to have spoken out on the lack of service delivery by government departments in Ekurhuleni and Gauteng.

He brought criminal charges after men wearing ANC T-shirts entered his yard in Thokoza and cut his fiber and landline cables.

Kalipa, who was not at home at the time, claimed that when her two daughters confronted the men about what they were doing, they told them it was an “ANC project. “.

He was the ANC branch executive committee for Ward 56 in Ekurhuleni before joining Cope, who recruited him as a mayoral candidate. It is understood that this did not please some members of the ANC.

Previously, he was provincial treasurer of the Communist Party SA, provincial executive of Sanco, member of the central committee of Cosatu and then head of the Transvaal of the Union of Food Workers and Allies.

Cope suffered most of the intimidation from ANC members after its launch in 2008, when ANC members defected to the new party.

His campaigns and rallies leading up to the 2009 elections were list protests disrupted across the country by ANC members.

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Cope was seen as a threat to the ruling party, especially after winning 30 seats in the 2009 election, making it the second largest opposition party after the Democratic Alliance.

His parliamentary representation declined dramatically due to endless leadership feuds between Cope President Mosiuoa Lekota and his then deputy Mbhazima Shilowa.

Failed to organize grassroots structures, it was overtaken as the third largest party by the Economic Freedom Fighters in 2014.

The ANC in Ekurhuleni could not be reached for comment.

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