Mom transforms wedding dresses to help parents who have lost their children

A team of people work tirelessly to help grieving parents come to terms with the loss of a child.

The pain and emptiness that comes with losing a child may never heal, but Wirral Wings employees have helped hundreds of families in unique ways.

The association uses wedding dresses and other items of sentimental value for a family and transforms them into funeral clothing for babies.

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Rachel Seager set up Wirral Wings in 2019 and told ECHO that they are now helping a variety of people – even procuring wedding dresses for a woman who wanted to marry her partner after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She said: “I just asked people on Facebook if anyone had a wedding dress of a particular size and we ended up taking her 25 different dresses to try on so she could marry her true love before her. death.”

Rachel Seager’s wedding dress that launched Wirral Wings

The charity started with Rachel’s beloved designer wedding dress she was reluctant to donate after her marriage broke up.

She said: “It was this gorgeous blush satin dress, and I didn’t really want to give it to charity, I felt like I was imparting bad karma if someone else wore it for their own. marriage and I didn’t want to burn it down as some have suggested. “

When Rachel, of Rock Ferry, saw that some charities were making clothes for stillborn babies out of wedding dresses, she knew that was what she wanted for her dress.

She said: “But they were all based in London or the south and I wanted my dress to fit babies here.

“So I thought I was good at business and organization, but I can’t sew or do something like that – so I posted a message on Facebook and within an hour I had a team.”

Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings - a charity that helps people who have lost a child
Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings – a charity that helps people who have lost a child

Rachel, 42, continues to be blown away by the support and hard work of the Wirral Wings team, she said much of their motivation comes from their own personal losses.

The mom of six (Delenn, 23, Paris, 17, Velvet, 15, Eden, 13, Kenya, 12 and Obi, three) said: “These are the most amazing women I have. have never met, they just want to help as many people as they can.

“A lot of this is because they don’t want other people to feel the same pain as them, which unfortunately we find there is still a stigma around baby loss today. .

Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings - a charity that helps people who have lost a child
Clothing made for deceased babies by the team at Wirral Wings – a charity that helps people who have lost a child

“I feel like during the lockdown it was worse than usual with a lot of women who lost babies during this time feeling isolated and lonely.

“Some people sent messages in the wee hours of the morning – which is a warning sign in itself – and they said they couldn’t talk about their grief and were told things like” you are young “,” you will get over it and have more “.

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“And that’s really not acceptable. As long as you know you’re pregnant and this baby becomes your child and a lot of parents just want them recognized.

“They want us to recognize that their baby existed.

“We need to break down this stigma around losing babies and people need to ask grieving parents if they want to talk because 99% of them will want to talk about their baby.

“Even if you don’t know what to say, listen, this is so important.”

Rachel also said that while the work is worth it for all the wonderful comments, sometimes people’s stories can really hit home.

She said: “Sometimes it really hits the whole team.

Clothing made for deceased babies by the Wirral Wings team
Clothing made for deceased babies by the Wirral Wings team

“We’re all good at picking ourselves up, but some of their stories are so heartbreaking.

“But the number of messages we get saying ‘thank you’, and sometimes just a thank you for acknowledging that their baby existed.

“We have comments on Facebook from women who say they wish a service like ours existed when they lost their child years ago when they were just given their babies in a plastic box. without a birth certificate and were told to get over it.

“We have contacted women like this in the past and prepared special gifts for them – one of them even said it helped her finally tell her other children about the brother they had never heard of. talk and she then hosted a memorial service for him.

“You cannot underestimate how much people need this time to deal with their loss and grief.”

She added: “We are now getting requests of all kinds and we are trying to help as best we can.

“We have no limit, anyone suffering from the loss of a child at any age, or any loss, if we can help, we will.”

Learn more about Wirral Wings via their Facebook page here.

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