Montana Quit Line Offers New Resources For People Who Want To Quit Smoking

HELENA – State public health officials have announced new and updated resources to help Montanians quit using tobacco products. The Montana Tobacco Quit Line is available to assist residents of the state seeking to quit any form of tobacco, whether it is cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, or a combination of these. .

“With new and updated programs, you can move away from finding the program, coaching style and medications that best suit your needs,” says Jennifer Floch, cessation specialist for Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program (MTUPP). “The Quit Line has helped over 100,000 Montana residents and can help you too. “

Below are the new additions to the Quit Line, according to their press release.

FREE Chantix is ​​available now (while supplies last)
The dropout line resumed in January 2021 offering free Chantix to Montanans who register and complete their first coaching call. While supplies last, participants may receive up to three months of Chantix on prescription from a doctor. The Quit line also offers eight weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum or lozenges) as well as three months of discounted bupropion.

NEW Online Chat
In addition to telephone coaching, the Quit Line now offers an online chat for all Montanais. Online chat is live coaching via website chat. Start chatting with a coach by going to, clicking Live Chat at the bottom of the page and typing “chat with a coach” or typing “chat with a coach” in the pop-up dialog that says “How can we help you today? Those who sign up for coaching through chat are eligible for free and discounted stop medication.

NEW program for young adults
The Quit Line also now offers the Young Adult Program for Montanais aged 18-24. The program has all the advantages of the general Quit Line, but includes a new feature: send SMS live with a coach. To access the texting feature, young adults text 36072 and automated interactive text messages will start arriving. At any time during automated texting, a young adult can send a “coach” text message if they wish to interact with a live coach. The coaches in this program are specially trained to work with young adults and help them quit smoking while meeting challenges unique to their lives.

“With these program improvements, the stop line can reach more Montanais looking to stop in their own way,” said Floch. “Now Montanais can quit smoking by Internet, phone, chat or SMS. “

Quit Now Montana Pregnancy Program, Increased Rewards
The Quit Now Montana Pregnancy Program offers pregnant callers nine free coaching sessions with a dedicated female coach and increased cash incentives with each completed coaching call. Pregnant women will receive $ 20 for each coaching call completed during pregnancy and $ 30 for each coaching call completed after childbirth.

Updated Features of the Native American Commercial Smoking Cessation Line
MTUPP also announced a new dedicated phone number for the American Indian Commercial Tobacco Stop Line: 1-855-5AI-QUIT.

In addition to a new dedicated number, there is also a brand new website for the American Indian Commercial Tobacco Cessation Line. Visit to discover the new site. Native American coaches talk about the culture and help tribe members quit commercial tobacco while honoring their traditional tobacco habits.

Montana residents who use the Quit Line have a 36% quit rate, which is significantly higher than people who try to quit on their own (4-7%). For more information on the Quit Line programs and benefits, visit [] and click on “Leave your way”.

For more information on these resources, call or visit the following websites:

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