Mother-daughter duo reusing wedding dresses

WINSTON-SALEM, NC – Sadly, a wedding dress can end up in the back of a closet, but one woman goes to great lengths to preserve that memory in a very special way.

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  • Mom and daughter duo create timeless pieces from wedding dress materials
  • They turn dresses into wedding dresses, home decorations and holiday pieces
  • Unbox The Dress’s new headquarters are in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Grace Rojeck and her mom founded their business Unwrap the dress in 2018. It’s a business where they take your worn out wedding dress and turn the fabric into new gifts. It’s something she did with her mother’s wedding dress.

“We’ve seen so many people across the country after the big day keep their wedding dresses because they feel emotionally attached to their dress, but they don’t really need it after they get married. I sewed and we started to play. around with “OK, what can we do with this wonderful fabric and lace, as a way to honor your family and your history and pass it on to the next generation,” Rojeck said. , just nice items that you can enjoy. “

And they listen to the brides they serve exactly what they want to do with the fabric to create something special. She says two sisters came with a special request to surprise their mother whose house burned down.

“Some of the things that were left in a closet: pictures and mom’s wedding dress. So there was a lot of smoke damage that we had to work around, but we were able to take some of the basic pieces of the dress that were still tactfully and make a beautiful ornament and a guardian angel dress that the girls gave their mother for Mother’s Day, ”Rojeck said.

They have now settled in Winston-Salem where they moved six months ago to create a full production headquarters. They have a team of 10 people who work to bring the designs to life, creating timeless pieces to be passed on for generations.

“Being able to recreate for them that magic that lasts even longer and has more uses is really nice,” Sewer Taylor Newell said.

Since the pandemic, they have gone virtual and are working with clients across the country.

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