June 26, 2022

My Three Book Clubs: Anxiety Caused By Mushrooms And Other Things Too | Books

Book club members also seemed to be more susceptible to fungi. One member said she spotted an orange mushroom shaped like a … well, her name is phallus rubicundus. Another member lamented that his yard was infested with this particular type of fungus. Yet another member, who said she couldn’t read parts of this book before bed, panicked after seeing a mushroom wandering around in the dark.

But that didn’t stop us from feasting on the host’s stuffed mushrooms. With the exception of the member who said, “I never liked mushrooms, and that only makes it stronger.” “

“Anxious people”

By Fredrik Backman

What I thought • How popular is Swedish author Fredrik Backman? Well known and popular enough that my three book clubs chose his latest – “Anxious People” – to discuss this year.

A master at creating irritating but ultimately likable, even adorable (see the cranky title in “A Man Called Ove”), Backman ably shows these skills in “Anxious People”. The novel about suicide, bank robbery, hostage-taking, mortgages, and a falling apart marriage, not to mention a lot of the characters, is a bit of a puzzle at first. A lot of these characters might seem like fools – but like I said, they really aren’t.