November 25, 2022

My Three Book Clubs: Drama Beats Comedy as Monologues Bomb | Books

Not all of the books I read in the last month were the bombshell. In fact, I probably would have booed one of them off the stage. But with more normal book club gatherings, books were only a small part of the festivities. I look forward to a summer of book clubs where we can share food, drink and closer neighborhoods.

“When the stars darken”

What I thought • In her latest novel, McLain draws inspiration from actual cases of kidnapping of several girls in northern California in the 1990s and, as she lets you know in the author’s note at the end of the novel, also from her own experiences as a host family. child who has suffered sexual abuse.

Anna Hart is a detective specializing in missing children. A foster child with a traumatic past, Anna is obsessed with her work and uses her experiences and passion to help locate missing children and their captors. After suffering a family tragedy, she leaves San Francisco for Mendocino, California, the only place where Anna found safety as a child. There, exhausted and broken, she finds herself drawn into the case of a missing teenager in the small coastal community.

After reading McLain’s 2011 bestseller, “The Paris Wife,” a fictional tale of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, Hadley Richardson, the author shows his ability to cross genres from historical fiction to a detective story. / character-driven mystery.