Mystery of the missing wedding dress

Zulma Roa Casillas rang the bell at David’s Bridal, but after coronavirus postponed the ceremony, the paid dress could not be found.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – A wedding should be a day when the bride shines and a big part of the ceremony is the dress. A San Antonio bride’s dress went missing after her big day had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Zulma Roa Casillas thought she was ringing the start of a new life when she rang the bell at David’s bride signaling that she found her wedding dress.

“It was a happy moment because it was the dress I had seen on the Internet and wanted: strapless, tight, mermaid style, for the beach, white,” she says. “When we finally found it at the store, we celebrated it.”

“It was the first dress I tried on,” she says. “Then we tried two more, and I definitely said, ‘No, this is the first.’ I was so moved. I cried. I thought of my mother because my mother is not alive. When I tried it I thought of it.

Zulma and her husband Dennis had a civil ceremony in December 2019. She ordered the dress from David’s Bridal for a beach wedding with friends and family in the Turks and Caicos Islands in July 2020. But then:

“That’s when COVID happened,” she says.

“They closed the store,” Dennis said.

Her dress was no longer available when she picked it up four months before their postponed ceremony in July.

“I was crying with happiness and now I am crying because we don’t have a dress,” Zulma said.

Dennis said he was told the dress was missing because no one claimed it and the money could not be refunded. He said they were never told the dress was ready to be picked up because a store clerk wrote down the wrong phone number.

“All the phone calls they made for us to pick up this dress were going to an unknown person,” he said.

Zulma found herself without a key part of her big day.

“It doesn’t totally ruin him,” she said. “Yes, obviously there is a deep sadness, but, well, the most important thing is that I will be there with my husband, my friends, my family.

She just had no idea what she was going to wear and no money for a new dress. A witness wants to know how a fully paid dress was no longer available.

David’s Bridal is a wedding staple for many couples. At the national level, the chain has a C rating with the Better Business Bureau and one out of five stars for customer reviews. The company is also not accredited with the BBB. The BBB said there were 12 complaints from Texas last year. Still, the business was responsive when Eyewitness Wants To Know called about Zulma’s missing dress.

David’s Bridal sent in a new dress, the same one she originally ordered, and it arrived within a week.

“Yes. It’s my dress,” Zulma said as she opened the box. “My long-awaited dress after so long not seeing it. After waiting a whole year for the dress and finally it’s in my hands. I love it. Thank you! Thank you for sharing this happiness with me.

David’s Bridal sent KENS 5 this statement:

“When it comes to abandoned merchandise, our policy is to reach out in multiple ways, multiple times, and keep the dress on hand for a year to make sure every bride has access to her dress. When an issue like Zulma’s wedding dress arises, we go beyond just saying sorry and we make a point of adding to her magical day, whether it’s giving her an alternative dress or having her. original dream dress is ready to use! On any given day, David’s Bridal has around 300K dresses ready to ship, so we can quickly find the best solution right away. The David’s Bridal team are so happy that Zulma was able to get the dress of her dreams and wish her a magical experience in her wedding plans!

“It was so important to me, and it was the last thing missing to make my marriage come true. It was the thing that was missing and the most important piece for the bride, ”Zulma said.

A pandemic and missing dress made it difficult for the couple to make it down the aisle easily; they’re just glad the tide turned in time for their beach ceremony.

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