November 25, 2022

National Book Reading Day: Bookstores in Gainesville

There is nothing quite like walking into a bookstore and soaking up the stories that are waiting on the shelves. Today, September 6 is National Book Reading Day.

National Book Reading Day provides an opportunity for book lovers to support the literary community, celebrate authors and writers, and support local stores nearby.

To celebrate this day in Gainesville, head to these local bookstores to find the book club‘s next reading.

West Book Gallery

New and used books are tucked away on the shelves of Book Gallery West, located at 4121 NW 16th Blvd. This bookstore is a 15-minute drive from the heart of the UF campus, located in the Millhopper shopping center. Book Gallery West has been in operation since 1983 and houses over 20,000 items in its inventory. The shop also sells gifts and collectibles.

Books of the third house

This bookstore has curated a collection of independently published books and highlights the voices of marginalized authors and stories. With around 300 books in store, its inventory is designed so customers can browse without feeling overwhelmed, according to its website. The bookstore was founded by Kiren Valjee and established with the aim of creating a safe space for reading and learning. When many of Valjee’s favorite local bookstores closed, he wanted to create a space where people could connect. Third House Books also offers online ordering, where customers can order specific titles on request and have them mailed to their homes. Third House Books is located at 400 NW 10th Ave. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, its storefront is currently closed until further notice.

Benjamin Garner, a 20-year-old English boy from UF, said he found Third House Books interesting.

“They have a lot of unique books that you won’t really find in a lot of generic bookstores,” he said. “They cover a lot of different local artists and I actually bought a few books of poetry.”

Books of Eden

Although it is only an online bookstore, Eden Books offers a selection of exclusively romantic books and strives to create a supportive and inclusive community of Gainesville. Founder and CEO Robyn Crawford said she started the company when romance author Kristi Weber’s book “The Wild” was banned from major sales platforms. With the help of Crawford’s contacts at UF’s College of Business, she connected with the Collaboratory for Women at the UF Innovation Hub to launch Eden Books. After a kickstarter campaign in 2018, Eden Books was launched in March 2019.

“People definitely look to romance because by the end of the book they know they’re going to have a happy future and that they’re going to have that uplifting, satisfying ending,” Crawford said. “And with no end in sight, in our current reality, we need that hope.”

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Mega games and comics

For Marvel, DC, and gaming enthusiasts, Mega Gaming and Comics specializes in comics and all things gaming. . While not your typical bookstore, this mega comic book store has hundreds of graphic novels, different types of comics, collectible cards, and more. . Located at 4000W Newberry Road, Mega Gaming and Comics offers its customers a wide selection of reading materials and collectibles, perfect for fanatics of comics and graphic novels and for those who wish to broaden their reading horizons. .

Sarah Desforges and Jared Bienlien visit Mega Gaming & Comics in Gainesville, Florida on September 5, 2020.

The Comic Book Show at Mega Gaming & Comics in Gainesville Florida on Saturday 5, 2020.

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Michelle Holder

Michelle Holder is a second year journalism student at UF Entrepreneurship Minor and a Metro reporter at The Alligator. She is from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. In her spare time, she enjoys going to cafes and reading.