May 25, 2022

NBA star Stephen Curry talks about book clubs and investing in reading subscription service Literati

One of the most famous international athletes, Stephen “Steph” Curry is a point guard for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and is considered one of the major faces of basketball today. A seven-time NBA All-Star, Curry won three NBA championships and was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player twice. ESPN ranked Curry the 13th best basketball player of all time, and he is often recognized as a scoring leader. Many basketball experts consider him the best shooter in NBA history.

Off the court, Curry spends his time with his wife, cookbook author and Food Network personality Ayesha Curry, and their three children, while building an investment portfolio under his brand, SC30. It aims to support startup founders who are tackling unsolved problems and finding solutions that the world desperately needs.

This includes launching its own book club alongside an investment in Literati, a children’s book subscription service that recently expanded into adult book offerings. Literati aims to promote lifelong learning through thoughtful book curation and discussion, and Curry is there for that.

Steph Curry

Why he invested, in his own words

Literati ensures that everyone falls in love with books and reading. There are so many stories the world needs to know, and finding new books with different perspectives is an important part of the human experience. I love that people can connect and grow together through reading.

Literati approached my team to be part of the Literati expansion [from children’s books] in book clubs for adult readers. Not only did I want to join and run a book club with Literati, but I also wanted to become an investor. I was so impressed with the company’s vision and mission.

The company values ​​align so strongly with mine as an entrepreneur and a father. When deciding where to invest, we intend to prioritize investments that can change lives for the better. We want to help make a meaningful impact. I’m proud to be part of a company that strives to inspire a love of learning and life. Also, Literati’s philanthropic efforts really touched my team. They donate hundreds of thousands of books to underserved communities.

It was all an amazing experience. Literati is well on its way to truly reinventing the way children and adults experience books. From a business perspective, Literati is proving to be a successful investment. On a more personal note, I’m proud to be in business with a company that is reinventing the way we consume books. It’s an opportunity to think creatively about how to leverage my entire platform, find alignment with mission and brand impact. It unlocks the future by changing people’s lives for generations to come. We are so excited for the future.

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