New app helps New Yorkers befriend their neighbors

If you’ve ever faked a phone call to avoid a snag on the front door, peeked through your door to make sure the coast is clear to take out the trash, or if you’ve just suffered from countless annoying interactions in the elevator of your building, this new app is for you.

A roof, created by New Yorkers Selin Sonmez and Nikolaos Georgantas, aims to help create virtual communities within apartment buildings. Because you know that no one actually posts on the municipal Facebook group.

Created out of a pandemic desire to fight loneliness, especially at home, OneRoof helps neighbors chat, meet and make friends with their roommates and neighbors, on their own terms, in a safe way. and socially. Whether you are in quarantine or just shy, you can download the app to meet like-minded people who share your address, to meet you for doggy style outings, walks around the neighborhood or to help each other with groceries or just share a cup of milk at the last minute.

“During my 40s last year, like most others in New York City, Niko, my co-founder, and I felt trapped, isolated and alone,” Sonmez said. “Yet there were 130 other neighbors who lived in our apartment building, also sharing similar feelings, which we never met! I lived in New York for 10 years and never met a single neighbor, because interactions between neighbors rarely go beyond a simple nod. the elevator, especially in urban areas. ” So, the co-founders built a platform to connect with others in their building, which ultimately led to “forming amazing interactions, friendships, and a support system,” Sonmez said.

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OneRoof is like NextDoor meets BumbleBFF, and also allows users to meet people in buildings they plan to move into in the near future. The whole concept is to make it easier to make friends as an adult, build community and trust our neighbors. Each building has its own code and neighbors can start an internal building conversation in the app if it has not yet started.

Already, New Yorkers are using the app as the creators intended. According to Sonmez, uses in over 40 residential buildings use OneRoof to chat with each other, host happy hours, do yoga sessions, buy, sell, barter things, host board game nights, and more. “They exchange information around their building, discuss the hottest new spot, come up with solutions to everyday tasks and save each other’s packages,” Sonmez said. “We’re also seeing a lot of user activity around pets, whether it’s setting up dates to play with puppies, wondering about walking a dog, feeding the cats, or just hanging out to play with puppies. share pretty photos to make you smile. We designed OneRoof to connect neighbors of common interests and create fun and resourceful communities of residents to have healthier, more connected city lives. “

For New Yorkers who are considering moving (why?), The app will also be available in more cities, to network and meet new potential neighbors, and you know, see why New Yorkers are better neighbors.

OneRoof is free to download and available in iOS and Android add-ons.

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