New trustee at Jean Lelièvre LIT for Montreal and its surroundings

An accountant by training and licensed professional in insolvency and restructuring, Mr. Gagné has spent the past 25 years practicing his skills in small to very large organizations. His career has led him to improve the financial performance of companies, develop business partnerships and deploy new commercial services.

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in management accounting (BMA) and his CIRP and LIT certifications, he has a global vision of the financial consolidation of insolvency, both at the commercial and consumer level. This unique expertise is accompanied by a keen interest in business development and is in line with the vision and mission of Jean Lelièvre LIT.

You are invited to contact Mr. Pierre Gagné by dialing 438 507-5672 from Montreal to discuss your situation with him or to meet him personally at our office.


Jean Lelièvre FIDUCIAIRE operates in Quebec for almost 7 years. Jean Lelièvre has worked in the financial world for more than 30 years and holds, in addition to the title of Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT), those of CPA, CA and auditor.

The economic upheavals of the COVID-19 pandemic and the adoption of health measures have taken a heavy toll on the financial health of our businesses. At a time when entrepreneurs need more than ever to believe in their financial future, it is imperative to turn around and restructure our companies and to have a real accessible and professional coach who can make the difference.

It is in the perspective of contributing to a wind of renewal, pro-action and dynamism that Jean Lelièvre FIDUCIAIRE has the privilege of being able to act positively in this context in order to propel the recovery of the financial and operational performance of many SMEs, self-employed workers and consumers

This news is directly in line with Jean Lelièvre FIDUCIAIRE’s business development strategy and the new brand image throughout Quebec. WE ARE YOUR ALLY!

SOURCE Jean Lelièvre Syndic

For more information: Yanina Wilson, [email protected]

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