Paris Fury seamstress who transformed stunning dresses days before Tyson’s fight in Vegas

The seamstress behind the last-minute adjustments to Paris Fury’s fight nightgown worn to cheer on husband Tyson in Las Vegas has spoken of her “pride” in being a part of the look.

Paris Fury’s sparkling cobalt blue dress has been described as “absolutely stunning” as she watched Tyson beat Deontay Wilder last weekend to defend her WBC heavyweight title.

The widely photographed garment was purchased from Cinders Party Dress UK in Hale Village, Liverpool and fitted by Karen Storm, 59, of Lancaster.

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The remaining mother of six took to Instagram to share the “agonizing time” leading up to Tyson’s fight.

Paris wrote: “I know going out in Vegas sounds incredibly glamorous, but being a ‘boxing woman’ on match day is a weird mix of being surrounded by a huge buzz and feeling totally sick – that is. so hard to watch your husband go through this – but i know being in the ring is what Tyson loves.

“Choosing an outfit for the ring and getting ready is always a big part for me, usually a mix of high street and something a bit special is my usual look – I brought quite a few options with me so that I can decide the day.

“The bottom line is that I’m there to support Tyson and one of the things I do is eat the same breakfast as him on the morning of the fight so he doesn’t have to see me eat a sandwich. bacon while he’s got his porridge! “

Lancaster Seamstress, Karen, who currently works for Lancaster City Laundry, made her dress choice a little easier.

The bodycon mermaid dress in cobalt blue with head-to-toe sparkle detailing was presented to Karen on Sunday, October 3, alongside another emerald green one-shoulder fitted dress with silver beading across the right chest.

She had until Tuesday, October 5 to make sure that Paris “could walk without having to look down” to Vegas, where the fight took place on October 9.

Karen told LancsLive: “I don’t make the dresses, I just make them fit. I do it for brides and I’m a dressmaker, that’s what I do.

“For Paris, I did it so that she could walk without having to look down, and I put some fabric behind to make her stand out more so that nothing gets in her way. I made two, but she chose blue of course. It’s beautiful, we always said blue. “

As a seamstress, clients will bring Karen clothes that need to be adjusted. She can adjust clothes, but she can also do curtains and just about anything.

Karen said: “My car used to say ‘Buttons to Bridal’ because that’s exactly what I do.”

Karen has lived in the Lancaster area her entire life and currently lives in Heysham, she said she had been a dressmaker for as long as she can remember and started practicing the trade as a child.

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Karen said, “I used to sew buttons on my grandmother’s tablecloth, and I went the next week and she took them off, and I just sewed them up.”

She continued to master her skills in different factories. She now works for herself at Karen’s Clothing Alterations and is currently based at Lancaster City Laundry, but expects to move into her own store soon.

In making the adjustments, Karen said that “it takes a long time” while saying it took “most of the morning” to complete the Paris adjustments.

Karen said: “She didn’t give me very long to do it, she called me on Sunday and she needed it for Tuesday.”

Karen completed all of the adjustments in time for the trip to Vegas and said, “She could have gone anywhere, but because I worked for her before she was happy with the job I did, she came back. I think they “are fantastic, you will see them in the local chippy or at the market, they are really good.”

With so much admiration in response to the cut of the breathtaking Paris dress, Karen said she felt proud of herself and told Lancs Live:

She added: “I felt like she had to have blue, we kept saying it had to be blue.”

Karen also shared photos of the Paris fittings and the dress redesign process on Facebook, where she said she “had a fab time” with all the fittings taking place in the Fury family home overlooking the Bay of. Morecambe.

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