October 6, 2022

Peach blossom, be a triangle and more

Bookstagramming has spawned online clubs that choose a theme, discuss literature, and suggest interesting titles. We curate a suggested reading list from these book clubs to help you improve your bookshelf.

Peach Blossom By Melissa Fu | Spoonful of pages

Peach Blossom Spring

“’In every misfortune there is a blessing, and in every blessing the seeds of misfortune. And so on, until the end of time. Peach Blossom Spring, a debut novel by Melissa Fu, revolves around a mother-son duo and their struggles during the Japanese occupation of China. A must-read for history geeks (like me) who love untold stories and fascinating information, not to mention this book’s compelling story and strong female protagonist.

I Kissed Shara Wheeler By Casey McQuiston | Chai Books And The Moon

I kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey
I kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey

“I love her writing and the diverse characters she brings to life through her books. Her other two books were my favorites: Red White & Royal Blue and One Last Stop. The stories of Henry/Alex and August /Jane were like warm hugs on a cold day, and they will stay with me forever. Red White & Royal Blue is also going to be adapted for Amazon Studios starring Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine as Alex and Henry. C This is one of my favorite quotes from I Kissed Shara Wheeler: “She feels like the spine of a book about to crack and spill all the guts of the love story.”

The Blue Book: A Writer’s Diary By Amitava Kumar | Books and tea

Amitava Kumar's Blue Book
Amitava Kumar’s Blue Book

“If there’s one book you must read this year, it’s The Blue Book by Amitava Kumar. A meditative journey by a writer through his paintings that reflect the pandemic-ridden world we are now getting used to, lives lost and homes uprooted, and how in the midst of it all, art binds us together. Amitava beautifully shared vignettes, anecdotes, and stories about her own life, her writings, and the myriad ways literature acts as a catalyst to challenge and empower those in need. The Blue Book, in indescribable ways, offers a kaleidoscopic view of the world before us.

Be a Triangle By Lilly Singh | Vidhya A.Thakkar

Be a Triangle by Lilly Singh
Be a Triangle by Lilly Singh

“From being comfortable in your own skin to fighting your own battles, Be a Triangle by Lilly Singh is about her journey. The candor and honesty in her writing style and the fun, engaging illustrations really make magic. It’s a simple, no-frills guidebook, filled with fun. She shares her journey, the obstacles she faced, and how changing habits helped her find her happiness. This book contains many lessons that can transform our lives and help witness change A short 91-page must-read book.

Time is a mother By Ocean Vuong | Read a day club

Time is a Mother by Ocean Vuong
Time is a Mother by Ocean Vuong

“What if it wasn’t the accident that made us, but the debris?” A poignant and sublime collection of poetry, which was my first reading of Ocean Vuong, tackles the very paradoxes of love, grief, relationships and the notion of an all-permitting Self. Poetry soothes as much as it ignites not only a love of words and what they mean, but also an intense desire to feel it all at once, at the cost of shattering into smaller fragments. Time Is A Mother has a very similar effect. Vuong writes about life as it unfolds here and now, which is for most readers, both alone and aware, the kind of writing that is about more than life itself.

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