Peloton instructor Emma Lovewell launches comfy jeans

There I was, sitting in my office chair, taking the SmartFit Quiz for Emma Lovewell’s new waistless denim collection with fashion tech company Sene Studio. But I might as well have been sitting on my Peloton bike, about to hit “start” on one of Emma’s toughest rides – that’s how worried I was. Why the doubt? Well, first of all, these jeans were supposed to magically fit my body when they got to my door, based on my answers to a few questions that didn’t require me to disclose my size. usual or use a tape measure.

“I always thought that buying personalized clothes would be out of reach, unavailable or too expensive.”

As a short person with athletic legs, I almost always have to have my pants altered or altered myself as they are tight in some places and loose in others. (I know I’m not the only one who finds issues with the standard size system.) But I also don’t generally like the way ripped jeans or anything that is slightly washed out on my figure. These two qualities make up Emma’s entire lineup as she is a huge fan of ’90s trends (if she’s one of your favorite Peloton instructors, you probably know that and sign up frequently for her weekly class on the subject. from the 90s). I hadn’t worn boyfriend jeans since college either, and yet, of the six styles available, the loose silhouette was the one that appealed to me the most. Intrigued by the science behind Sene x Emma and how awesome Emma is in jeans, I went there and processed my order.

Two weeks later, the most comfortable, perfectly fitted jeans I have ever worn in my life were mine. Seriously, these are more luxurious than some sweatpants I own, and I swear on #TeamLovewell I’m not exaggerating. They stop at my ankle, allowing a shoe moment under the hem, and they’re roomy but not saggy; light and distressed but structured enough that I didn’t feel like they were straining and emphasizing every line of my body.

But how did Emma, ​​an extraordinary lifestyle and wellness athlete and Peloton athlete, come to grips with the task of building such impeccable denim? The former fashion model knew that Sene co-founders Ray Li and Mark Zheng were the people who helped her get the job done because, as a team, they value quality fabrics, representation and a system. production that minimizes waste. By making unique pieces, the business isn’t reaching out to the masses, and Sene’s Japanese factory recycles its dye water for environmental purposes – Emma even told me it’s clean enough to drink.

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