QB Bo Nix turns expectations into a t-shirt business, and for a good cause

A Heisman dark horse candidate? It’s a tale that Auburn’s quarterback Bo Nix heard more than once during his tenure as Auburn’s quarterback, though it looks like Nix is ​​now taking that meme, if you will, and making a good cause out of it.

Nix, in an Instagram post, revealed he sells t-shirts with the phrase “Focus. Have fun.” – a reference to the Nix hype that has made its way onto the internet more than once. And the proceeds will go to a pair of charitable causes, according to Nix.

You can see Nix’s explanation for yourself below:

“I wanted to take a few minutes and address a very serious rumor: I’m focused. And I’m having fun, “Nix wrote.” That phrase took on a life of its own, and you’re all having fun with it. It’s awesome!For me, this year is about continuing to improve myself in the field every day and living my faith in it. So I thought we were going to repurchase the meme. From now until the Georgia game, I partnered with Breaking T to deliver the “Focused. Have fun. ”T-shirt. Every dollar I earn with this shirt will go to two places.

The first place I donate is the Let’s Deal with ALS gofundme Nick brahms started helping our teammate, Luke Deal. Luke is a great player and a better guy. Her dad has ALS and we’re trying to make the House of Deals more accessible. Because the Auburn family is tight-knit, I know you’ll want to help our brother.

The second place I donate is at Mercy Deliverance Ministries. MDM is addressing food insecurity by bringing healthy food to people who live in food deserts here in Alabama. Food insecurity can lead to health problems and contributes to cycles of generational poverty.

So get your ‘Concentrate. Enjoy.’ shirt and wear it with pride knowing that this year you are making a difference in the lives of your neighbors. And if you take a photo with your shirt on, post it to your Insta Story, and tag me, I’ll share some of those photos. Remember, the jersey is only available until the Georgia game, so head over to BreakingT.com/BoNix now and get yours. Thanks for helping me stay focused on the things that matter and having fun while we do it. The link to buy a shirt is in my bio. Everyone have a good weekend! War eagle! “

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